Monday, August 27, 2018

Insta love: Tulle Embroidery

Tulle embroidery is something I have been insanely attracted to lately and immensely tempted to try it. I cannot possibly imagine how such a fragile canvas can endure heavily stitched images and such work leaves me dumbfounded. 

For today I chose a couple of artists with spectacular embroideries on tulle. One of them is https://www.instagram.com/krista_decor who uses her tulle embroideries as appliques.

Below, works of linenandfredembroidery


  1. Tulle embroidery is a very interesting technique used for layering patterns. The examples you have shared makes me want to try it

    1. Truly tempting...
      I wonder if my tulle will break if I try this...???

  2. I too am besotted with tulle embroidery. I must attempt some. These designs showcased here are all stunning.


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