Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Last of Summer

Our two weeks of summer holiday have come up to a close. We literally soaked up the last crumbles of summer. And every minute was worth cherishing.

I've made tons of breath-taking pictures, which I hope will help me endure the bleak winter ahead :)

My favorite activities on the beach, aside from swimming and beach-combing are reading books and crocheting; I read all the books I took with me and highly recommend "Home Before Dark" by Riley Sager if you are a thriller/horror lover - it kept me on my toes until the end. 
When packing for our holiday, I had second thoughts of taking my crochet with me. Shocking, I know! I never leave my crochet work even when we go away for the weekend, but this time I wanted to let my brain rest. Luckily, I decided against it and have already made a pattern for a crocheted sewing kit. 

Beach-combing was not as successful as I hoped it would be, because the places we visited had hardly any shells (due to the rocky/sandy bed), and the ones that had, cradled broken ones. I am already brainstorming a craft project with the shell remnants I brought back with me. 


Thursday, September 15, 2022

Frida Top in Gray

Here is the Frida top in gray with a different flower set-up. Unlike the first top where the flowers are arranged in such a way to make (certain parts of) the bust area inconspicuous, this flower arrangement requires a strapless bra top to be worn underneath.  
For this one I also used sport yarn, but changed the hook to a bigger size. 
The pink Frida is made with a 3 mm (UK11) (US 10/3), and this one is made with a 4 mm (UK 8/US F). With a simple change to a DK yarn (150gr for the top and leftover yarn for the flowers) and a 4 mm hook, a size M is achieved. 
The pattern: etsy, ravelry, lovecrafts


Tuesday, September 13, 2022

My Office For Now

Greetings dear blog friends!
This has been the view of my office for the past several days and will continue to be for the next week :)
We are in Greece, enjoying the last crumbles of summer. We are refreshing and thoroughly replenishing our bodies, minds and souls. 
It is amazing how vitamin sea can have and immense and powerful impact!
I hope you are all well!

Thursday, September 8, 2022

On My Hook - Crochet Folk Art

This past winter I wanted to delve more into folk art and make some Scandinavian inspired crochet decor, but I got carried away with everything life served me on my plate, and the idea did not sprout further from my drawing pad.
However, that little spark continued to smoulder and I finally got round to shape the designs. Normally, the flowers were the first I focused on, the other designs, which I am still wavering whether to include or not are still just drawings.
It seems I need more time to cook the designs in my head for a while.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Our Newest Dangling Earrings

I love dangling earrings, though I don't wear such often, and I've made the design of these to go with my Frida top
However, I didn't match the colors of the flowers to go with the top (God knows why), so we didn't include them with it. I think these would be a great addition, and my next project is to make them matching.
What project are you currently working on?