Sunday, September 30, 2018

What I have pinned lately #14

Inspiration by Kenzo
This month, the internet has been literally bursting up with fabulous ideas and patterns. My pinterest boards are filling in nicely and this is my latest selection.
Nordic Crochet Sweater by Drops Design

Tea House Wrap  by Two of Wands

Inspiration by Valentino

More inspiration {and free or not) crochet on my board here.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Bohemian Baby Shawls {crochet pattern}

This Friday is reserved for a snippet of my boho baby collection.
I give you my newest baby shawls! {I cannot get enough as how cute baby clothes are! Can you?}
So, these were made using a granny stripe pattern and involve a joyful play with matching color combinations. The shawls are made with acrylic yarn from a local producer.
I  made them in 1 size: 0- 3 months. The good thing is that when they are overgrown, they can be worn as bandanas. Isn't that cute? Pattern here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fall Decorating Ideas

 Via Lolly Jane
Fall has a stunning palette of rich colors that give another dimension to home decorating reflecting all the beauty fall comes with. This year, the most popular décor in the online world has been the velvet pumpkins and they do give richness to the whole look.
See the collection on my original post here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Broken China Jewelry

Collage photos credit to Laura Beth Love
I have always been attracted to broken china jewelry - that comes from my vintage obsession and love of china.
As it happens, I do have a set of vintage china plates given to me as gifts, that I would hate, absolutely dread to see cracked, but in case of an unfortunate incident in the kitchen, well, I certainly wouldn't throw any away!
People really got creative with broken china and this is just a snippet of what I found browsing online:

Lovely teacup bracelets

Some lovely florals and if you are developing an itch to make some yourself, here's a video and a tutorial.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Porcelain Dolls Master - Fugi Naim

There was I, leisurely browsing pinterest for inspiration, when suddenly this image of these gorgeous porcelain ladies dressed in cups, jumps off in front of me and completely swipes me off my feet. And I stared in amazement, for I have never seen such porcelain beauties.

In the past, we had a glass factory in Skopje that made  unique, amazing, delicate glass and porcelain figurines and normally, almost every household had them, so these brought a rush of sweet childhood memories!

The artist, as I found out, is Fugi Naim. I found her online presentation and I am sharing it in full detail and originally as is:

My name is Fugi Naim. I am a mother of two, I live and work in a secluded and beautiful village in the Judean Hills on the outskirts of Jerusalem, Israel.
Art is my life and has been for as long as I can remember.
I have always dabbled in all kinds of art and crafts, creating, inventing and inspiring. What has always fascinated me the most were dolls and figurines.

As a child, I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s home with all kinds of collectible dolls and art pieces from around the world surrounding me. My favorite was their glass cabinet collection, which was packed with dolls, figurines and ornaments.

Over the years, I’ve created a large number of dolls in various styles, shapes and materials. About 3 years ago something wonderful happened, I received a ceramic oven as a gift. The moment I began working with clay, I knew I found my new creative home. A whole new and exciting world was opened to me, allowing my creativity to enter areas it never did before.

At first, I started making flat elements mainly for mosaic, than I began making parts of dolls, creating a complete doll was only a matter of time…

The first dolls I created were based on old dolls from my private collection. As time passed, I found rare old dolls which inspired me to bring them back to life in a new forms, recreating, inventing, adding my own unique touch and feel to each doll.

The idea behind my work is the use of existing dolls – old vintage dolls that are not being produced anymore today. I choose the doll and make a plaster mold of it, then I pour liquid clay into it. When it has hardened, I take the doll made of clay from the mold, then I sculpt and paint the doll, adding details to make it special and different – my own.
My creations, include burning the clay in high temperatures, drawing, painting and glazing. Together, they bring me to a state where I feel safe, complete and very creative.

I am sure these stunning figurines will steal your heart too! 

These days, my Etsy Shop allows me to focus on making dolls that are based on the adorable vintage Sun Rubber Co. dolls, a collection close to my heart.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Crochet Baby Bandanas

I have always wanted to make things for babies.
Especially after I became a mother, but then I was more concentrated on sewing clothes for my kids than knitting or crochet them something. Maybe because both my grans were alive and made all sorts of clothes for my kids I didn't go beyond the occasional winter scarf or hat.

But the spark was certainly there and it flames up once in a while, more consistently in recent years.
In the past I have made lots of blankets and baby clothes for friends and family who I know appreciate handmade gifts, but the spark was not satisfied. It wanted to grow bigger.
So I just let it have a go this year. And there IS a lot. These bandanas are actually among the last of baby clothes / accessories to be finished, but I am adding and adding more things to the collection that has significantly grown for the past 2 months and I am going to reveal it quite soon. Unless the spark consumes me all and I go nuts and the collection goes out of proportion.  But until that happens, here are these granny striped bandanas. Next I am going to show you some lovely shawls...


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Crochet Rose Ring - free pattern

This Wednesday is reserved for a lovely crochet ring.
Once in a while I like to return to simple crochet projects with a maximum pleasing effect and the crochet rose is one of them.
For this particular rose I used cotton thread (size 5) and a 1.5 mm crochet hook.
The pattern is very easy and works up fast:
Foundation & row 1: Ch 40 and dc 2 in the 7th st from hook. Sk 2 and in next st dc1, ch2 and dc1 ("V" st) all in the same st. Repeat pattern in bold to the end of the row.
Row 2: ch2 (counts as 1st hdc), turn work and in the ch space of the V hdc1, dc4, hdc2. Repeat this "petal" pattern (hdc2, dc4, hdc2) for all ch spaces.
Leave a long tail which you'll use to sew the rose.
When done, start rolling the rose tightly and pin if necessary to prevent it to unroll, thread the tail and sew the rose.
I glued it to an adjustable ring. And here it is! I couldn't stop myself with just one so I made a small set :)



Monday, September 17, 2018

Insta love: wovvven

Some people have magical hands. They take a skein of yarn and a handful of fibers and create amazing stories that feast  the eyes and caress the soul.
Wovvven - the weaver, the fiber whisperer.



Friday, September 14, 2018

Boho Bralette Teaser

In a week's time it'll be officially autumn, so I was thinking of adding sleeves to this top. I mean, seriously... by the time I am ready to publish this it will be freezing cold. Or so I think. But I am having faith in my beloved Australians because summer is heading their way :)
The story.
This is my first time I am writing a pattern for 2 sizes and for a top no less. Everything I've made for Eva is in size S (XS) and this particular one she is wearing is in size M. I hope I will have the pattern ready to be tested soon and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a minimum of errors. What's been eating me is that I am not sure if I have the measurements right for the M size and that makes my stomach twirl. But we'll find out about it really soon.
A blue bralette is also coming up nicely - and I am not sure how many tries I need to satisfy myself and calm (drown) the fears, but another one is one the way.
I have some interesting posts lined up for next week, so be sure to drop us a visit! Until then, be happy!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mix & Match: Peruvian Necklace

I have had this gorgeous textile ribbon for years, just a very short piece of if and it was a truly one of a kind piece of ribbon I have ever laid eyes on. The main body of it is made of thin and densely woven silk threads through which immensely soft and colorful, {felted} woolen fibers are inserted and intertwined. So I was quite reluctant to use it in a meaningless project and it stayed put for years.
But it happened that I have a crocheted bracelet that never saw the light of day and I decided to match those two. I used the bracelet as a foundation onto which I arranged the mix of whatnots.
Isn't this match perfect? I think they were made for each other.

The name for it came from that beautiful ribbon with velvet feel that reminded me of the gorgeous Peruvian textiles.
In the picture above you can see all the ingredients in the creation of the Peruvian Necklace: crochet roses, wooden beads, tassels and pom-pom along with the ribbon and the crochet piece.


Monday, September 10, 2018

Insta feel: Bohemian Decor

If you happen to walk by my street, you are welcome to go through that blue door and join us for a relaxing friends' reunion.

Out in one corner of the lawn we are having a heavenly brunch to tickle your palate after which you can retreat to one of the tents and work on your project - that is if you remembered to take your hook and yarn... 
...or have a cocktail in this amazing nook on the porch.

If you feel you'd be better off with a cup of tea, well what are you waiting for? Get inside and put that kettle on!
If you feel like taking a nap, we've got two guest rooms for you to choose from:
...or this!
We'll close the evening under the starry trees!
Bohemiandecor makes my dreams come true!