Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Impromptu Crochet: Baby Headband

While on holiday I had to make an impromptu gift for a baby girl. 
Luckily, I always take lots of yarn with me, so I was able to whip up a headband and a pouch for storing it. I was quite short of this dusty white yarn, so the pouch turned out smaller than I would like, but it could nest the headband. 
The baby was quite taken with the flowers' vivid colors and her happy squeals were a lovely reward. 
While taking the pictures, I couldn't help but try it on my hand. I am sure this could be a fantastic bracelet as well.
The flowers are from my pattern here

Monday, September 25, 2023

Crochet Shell Bag

Last summer when shell-bags (and shell bikini tops) were all the rage, I got caught in the wave and jumped on the bandwagon. Made one side of it, got busy with other things (as it usually happens around here) and completely lost interest in it. It became a UFO. 
Now this summer, as I wanted to have a separate bag for my shells and sea-glass bottle, I took it out - but there was no way I would crochet the other side; besides I needed something smaller, so I decided to work with what I've got and simply just folded it, sew the sides and crocheted a small handle. 
It proved to be practical and usable this summer. 
P.S If you are into shells, I've got a pattern for some interesting ones.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Sea Glass Bottle Bag

Whenever we are on holiday, I harvest the beach for driftwood, shells, interesting stones, ceramic chips, and sea glass. I have gathered a nice collection during the years, which I plan to put to use soon and have a couple of projects already drafted.

This year I thought I would enlarge it even more, only to be baffled by the sparsity of shells and sea glass on the beach. Especially the latter. My husband jokingly remarked that we visited calm, quiet and secluded beaches fit for the middle aged (!) and not where the wild parties are, hence no broken bottles to produce sea glass. Although I didn't collect a lot, I am pleased that the beaches were clean and not polluted. In the last picture you can see what I collected. There were mostly large chunks of white and green glass - sadly. Which brings me to my sea glass bottle.

I crocheted a snug casing for the bottle to secure it from being broken by the shells, as this bottle went into another shell (collecting) bag, which I am going to share in my next post.

Do you harvest the beaches on your holidays? What do you collect and for what purpose?

Friday, September 15, 2023

Beach Bag Rewamp

Several weeks ago I was given this jute bag to serve me for groceries shopping. But as it has a plastic nylon lining inside, I thought it might be better if I use it as a beach bag.
I also knew I had to do something to cover that logo, and my first idea was to make it a tropical setting using this pattern, but on the other hand I wanted something new and fresh, and decided to make it more "coastal" if I can use this term for these appliques. 
I was not wrong to use it a s a beach bag as it has been a real saver - the wet towels do not dampen it, and it is easy to clean when brought back from the beach.
It's quite spacious, and I can store everything I need for the beach in it. I pray it lasts for many more summers.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

My Office View Today

My "office view" cannot get better than this!
We are on holiday on the Sythonia peninsula in Greece. The weather has been balmy and divine - just what we needed to refresh and fill up our batteries.
I've been spending time at the beach soaking the sun, lots of swims, crochet and book reading. Wouldn't ask for anything more!
I also managed to take pictures of my latest (summer/beach) crochet projects while we are here, and the next posts will be about those projects.
In the photos you can see one of the best beaches here called the Tigania beach. Last year we were so impressed with it so we visited it again this year.