Friday, September 22, 2023

Sea Glass Bottle Bag

Whenever we are on holiday, I harvest the beach for driftwood, shells, interesting stones, ceramic chips, and sea glass. I have gathered a nice collection during the years, which I plan to put to use soon and have a couple of projects already drafted.

This year I thought I would enlarge it even more, only to be baffled by the sparsity of shells and sea glass on the beach. Especially the latter. My husband jokingly remarked that we visited calm, quiet and secluded beaches fit for the middle aged (!) and not where the wild parties are, hence no broken bottles to produce sea glass. Although I didn't collect a lot, I am pleased that the beaches were clean and not polluted. In the last picture you can see what I collected. There were mostly large chunks of white and green glass - sadly. Which brings me to my sea glass bottle.

I crocheted a snug casing for the bottle to secure it from being broken by the shells, as this bottle went into another shell (collecting) bag, which I am going to share in my next post.

Do you harvest the beaches on your holidays? What do you collect and for what purpose?

Friday, September 15, 2023

Beach Bag Rewamp

Several weeks ago I was given this jute bag to serve me for groceries shopping. But as it has a plastic nylon lining inside, I thought it might be better if I use it as a beach bag.
I also knew I had to do something to cover that logo, and my first idea was to make it a tropical setting using this pattern, but on the other hand I wanted something new and fresh, and decided to make it more "coastal" if I can use this term for these appliques. 
I was not wrong to use it a s a beach bag as it has been a real saver - the wet towels do not dampen it, and it is easy to clean when brought back from the beach.
It's quite spacious, and I can store everything I need for the beach in it. I pray it lasts for many more summers.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

My Office View Today

My "office view" cannot get better than this!
We are on holiday on the Sythonia peninsula in Greece. The weather has been balmy and divine - just what we needed to refresh and fill up our batteries.
I've been spending time at the beach soaking the sun, lots of swims, crochet and book reading. Wouldn't ask for anything more!
I also managed to take pictures of my latest (summer/beach) crochet projects while we are here, and the next posts will be about those projects.
In the photos you can see one of the best beaches here called the Tigania beach. Last year we were so impressed with it so we visited it again this year.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Crochet and AI




Will you look at these stunning bouquets?!! 
My jaw literally dropped when they appeared in my feed. Silly as I am, prior to reading the caption, I zoomed in to see what techniques the designer used to make them, thinking "oh, she mixed them with fabric flowers,... wait this doesn't look like knit or crochet,!", and then it dawned on me that it must be an AI image. And I was right. Because the caption was clear about that.
These wonderful images were created by a truly talented designer who runs the Sprinkle of AI on instagram.
Wouldn't it be nice to have them made in reality? 

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Summer Sale!

Happy Sunday crafty friends!
I am having a summer sale in my etsy and ravely shops, and everything is 25% off - including physical items. No code needed. The sale is up until September 1. 

There will also be a batch of boho rings and button brooches as the one above next week, so be on the lookout if you are interested.

Friday, August 18, 2023

Crochet That Looks Like Knitting

                                          Picture and socks made by Martina with batik yarn

I love the waistcoat crochet stitch, simply because it gives the piece a knitted look. I have never tried it though, but it is on my to-do list. 
One of my young customers sent me this picture of the socks she made using cotton batik yarn. She also sent me the link to the video for these crochet socks, so if you are intrigued, and would love to make them, check it out. 
I am also entertaining the idea of introducing a new thread of posts titled "My Customers are Talented People". My customers love sharing photos of the things they made using yarn bought from my shop and they are always featured on my yarn shop FB page.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Crochet for Men - free patterns roundup

 Vintage Golf Hat  



My Jacob loves sweaters. He loves hoodies too, and they are actually the first choice when he dresses for school, but when he wants to be smart he throws a sweater over a shirt. 
I have been toying with the idea of making him one and that's how I ended up perusing the internet for crochet pieces for men, and this is how this post was born. On the internet, mostly you'll find scarves, hats and socks, and occasionally a sweater - but all I have found regarding the latter is sweaters either for young boys or grown-up men. Nothing modern or hip for high-school boys. And that's the reason why I am tempted to design one myself. 
If you know of a sweater pattern for young adults, please share the link in the comments. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Happy Granny Square Day!

Happy Granny Square Day! 
This is my newest granny design I just made today to celebrate the day! It is quite big and I am going to use it for an interesting project that has been swirling in my head for a while.
This one came right off the hook and I didn't have any time (nor tools) to block it, so it looks a little bit wonky. 
I also wish I had organized a granny square party in my shop, but it had slipped my mind completely. Maybe next year!
Do you have/participate in any events to mark the day where you are? 

Monday, August 14, 2023

Sandy Shells Bag - pattern release

Happy Monday! I hope we all have a fully joyful and creative week! 
I am starting the week with my latest bag design. I love crocheting shells as they give not only an appealing texture, but also richness to the whole piece. 
For the bag's lining I used one of my vintage fabrics that I have been jealously holding onto, not wanting to waste it on a dull project, but I let it go in a heartbeat when I matched it with the crochet work. I believe I paired it perfectly.
The highlight is the covered button, and I loved how it turned out, so now I am making (covering) some more buttons with the same fabric to make a necklace!
Ok. I got distracted!
Back to the bag. The pattern with all its technicalities is listed in my shops: etsy, ravelry and lovecrafts.


Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Velvet Yarn & Crochet Toys


Social media are a mind-blowing thing. Not that I just became aware of the fact, but I get flabbergasted every time a trend blows out of proportions. 
So, one of the current crochet trends popular with young people and teenagers are these cute bears, bunnies and turtles. We might throw an octopus or a whale for good measure. 
I have several regular (customers) teenagers  who love to shop the velvet yarn for these toys and some of them earn their pocket money by selling these toys. 
One of them is Theodora, my most fervent and prolific customer. She can knock several of these toys in a day!! 
Out of the 4 velvet brands that I have in my shop, Alize Velluto and Ayda Baby Vellur seem to be the most popular. 
My experience with velvet yarn is very poor, but I started a baby blanket with it and  I love it so far. What about you? Have you ever worked with velvet yarn? Are there brands you prefer?
(Click on Theodora's IG profile to check out her toys. She has every single pattern designer tagged if you wish to peruse velvet crochet toys making)

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Off My Hook - A Corset Top

The amount of my WIPs is innumerable, yet I happily jump into a new project! Luckily, this was finished as it was a request from a dear friend's teenage daughter. 
The corset-like top is made with 100% cotton yarn in mint and dusty white for the border and ties, and the color combo appears amazing in real life!
Now my friend's daughter is a teenager, while my mannequin is an adult (M size), so I couldn't tie it up properly at the back to show you guys what it looks like from behind. 
It was so satisfying to work on this, so I am contemplating making an adult version  and writing the pattern for it. 

Monday, July 17, 2023

Jasmine Spa Set - crochet pattern release

Happy Monday world! 
Here's my newest design, which was an immensely fun project to put together. 
I named it Jasmine Spa Set, and it consists of 4 items: face scrubs, a body scrub, a headband and a soap bag. The face scrubs and the headband feature the jasmine stitch -hence the name. It’s an easy, very decorative and eye-pleasing stitch. 
The pattern is in my shops, where you can learn more about the technical details: etsy and ravelry

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Kid's Workshop - crocheting whales

When I opened my shop and studio, I started offering crochet / craft workshops both for kids and adults. Needless to say, the kids' workshops bring me lots of joy, as I get to experience that wonderful and magical creativity kids possess. 
In the last workshop I taught them how to crochet little cute whales and here they are. 
Must admit I had as much fun as they did!

Friday, June 30, 2023

For Emily Whenever - vintage crochet pieces

This is not a sponsored post!
It is posted for inspiration. 
I remember the first time I came upon Emily's second-hand crochet finds. My jaw literally dropped! Ever since then I am a fervent follower and admirer of her work.
Emily finds and restores crochet (and other) pieces, saving them from the landfill and giving them an opportunity to be loved and cherished again. 
She mostly works with sweaters and cardigans and each is a masterpiece, as you can see from this small selection here.
I am truly tempted to design something like this.I am sure I will wear it with love!

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Abbott Fuller Graves & I

A couple of days ago I came upon this picture on Instagram, and I cannot take it out of my head. It represents everything I've been yearning for, for quite a while now. A little cottage in the country with a big porch and an even bigger garden, surrounded by tons of flowers. Me sitting in a chair, crocheting and soaking up all the sounds and smells of nature.
A picture of peacefulness, tranquility,and comfort. A save haven for the mind and a balm for the soul!
Abbot Fuller Graves and I may not have many things in common - but the love of nature (flowers) is certainly a strong tie.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Restoring a Vintage Crochet Blanket

I took upon myself to salvage a vintage crochet blanket for a client. The blanket was bought at a thrift shop and those can harbor many hidden gems. The creator of this one was a genius in combining crochet and knitted samples and creating a unique blanket. 
The client has lots of cats and the kitties have managed to ruin it, playing on it. Someone tried to save it previously, but it kept tearing and wearing away.
At first I thought I could restore the squares by crocheting them in place, but the first obstacle was that I neither had the right yarn, nor the approximately close color of yarn, so I mainly used embroidery thread to close the holes, and then worked with black yarn to secure the whole bordering part of it. 
I am sad that in all the hubbub I forgot to take photos of it after I was finished. But what's most important is that it is saved and can be loved for many more years.

Summer Lariat - crochet pattern release

I've been itching to try my colorful yarn cakes in a project, and I think I found the perfect one.
Cue - my summer lariat!
The lariat is made in one go, and flowers are added after it is finished. There are 5 flower patterns that work fast and are just the cutest. 
This lariat can transform into a plenitude of things. 
Let me give you some ideas: 
* headbands
* bracelets
* belts
* garlands 
* curtain ties
* gift wrappers
Make it as long or short to serve your purpose. 
The pattern is in my shops: etsy, ravelry

Monday, June 12, 2023

Winding Yarn Cakes

Happy start of the week bloggers!
How is your Monday so far?
For me Monday turned out to be a yarn-winding day! 
I received a large shipment of cotton batik yarn in 1 kilo-skeins. There isn't much interest with buyers for large skeins, so I have to make them in small batches - preferably 50gr cakes. 
This is rather a tedious job, because I have a hand winder, and although winding goes fast, I am contemplating buying an electric yarn-winder. 
Nevertheless, all these colors brighten my mood, so wind-wind I'll go!