Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Most Popular Posts of November


The past month has been immensely fruitful for the blog in sense of traffic and the rankings have changed rapidly and quite surprisingly. 

So if you are a new reader / follower, I have the most popular posts on the right-hand bar, but you have to scroll a bit down to see it. Maybe I should put it a little wee up?
A firm popularity and a mind-blowing first position for the past two months goes to the Frida Kahlo Brooch, my all time favourite!

My bohemian scarf, though quite new - posted just a week ago, pushed its way up :)

Then there are the African Violets Bracelet and the Flower Bookmarks, as well as the Vintage Bib Necklace fiercely featured by All Free Crochet. Thank you guys!!

My newest autumnal collection also hit the list and I must also include the Festive Bracelet post that is almost a year old, but I believe it will be a frequently searched post for the upcoming holidays because it makes for a fantastic Christmas gift. 

I did not include several of the most popular for one reason or the other, but as I said earlier, you can find them on my side bar. 

Now a question if you managed to read this far. Do you track your traffic for the most popular posts and how do you surge / boost it? 

Friday, November 29, 2019

Mix & Match: Burgundy Roses Necklace

I cannot believe that my last Mix & Match play was back in January! Not that my storage boxes are not overflowing; somehow I was so immersed in so m.a.n.y things to do, I just left crochet goodies piling up. 

I am contemplating a thorough cleanse and perhaps lots of mix 'n matches at the beginning of the new year, because {happy dance} I will be having a 2-week holiday to use as I please!!!

This is how I mixed and matched my burgundy goodies:

I gathered all the things I picked for this necklace - a sequin decorated bib, crochet flowers and leaves I was going to use, plus a tulle insert and a pearl bead I forgot to include in the picture. I sewed the tulle, leaves and flower in the upper left corner.

 Next, and this is my favourite step when working with flowers, I stacked them all up. 

I sewed that stacked flower onto the leaves and lastly added the metal chain.

And that's how I did it. 

Bye, bye!

I wish you a happy weekend ahead!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Crochet techniques: Loop Crochet



One of the stitches that really adds an interesting texture to a project is the loop stitch.

The loop stitch is easy to make ones you get the hang of it - it takes a bit of practice to make them all the same length. 


I explored it briefly last year, making a capelet and warmers, and this year I do hope to use it for some other projects as well. I am thinking a vest maybe and a bag. I'd really love to try that.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Crochet Square Scarf


No matter how we all wish for a tiny bit of cold, here - it's not scarf season yet! Yes, we are still wearing short sleeves  during the day and light jackets at night. And I was itchy to make something winter-y, so the weather did not stop me!

I saw this idea on pinterest of different patterned squares joined into a scarf and I thought this might be interesting to give a try. I made several squares with different patterns and almost all are the same width / length with the one in the center being the longest on purpose. I added some of the flowers I'd made for a baby blanket that never saw the day. Some hang from the edges and some join squares along the length of the scarf. 

I have some other ideas and if time is willing, there will be more like this, because I quite like how it turned out!


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Woodland Necklace


I am completely immersed in my woodland lovelies

This time I used them to make a necklace. But mind you! This is not an ordinary necklace. It is made for a girl that loves to wander through the woods and enjoy the gentle rustle of leaves under her feet and the soft whisper of the wind through the trees. The one that has her eyes glisten at the site of tiny toadstools peeking up and joyful critters' play. 

If you are that girl, your necklace awaits!

I used my beloved toadstools, an apple and an acorn along with leaves and flowers to bring to life a lovely and warm autumnal fairy tale. 


Monday, November 18, 2019

Woodland Coasters Pattern + Giveaway


Dear friends,

The amount of love and messages I received on my autumnal coasters was overwhelming to say the least. 
I was.blown.away. Thank you to all who shared their love - you made me a happy girl!

I rolled my sleeves and made a pattern, so if you are into these, you can make these unique autumnal fruits of nature.



The photo tutorial will show you how to make:

* toadstools                              * 4 types of flowers
* pumpkins                              * 3 types of leaves
* apples                                     * a round coaster
* acorns

The apples are the new addition to the original ones as well as a couple of the flowers. 

You can buy the pattern on etsy & ravelry.

UPDATE: winner is @morganellora.



Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Autumnal Jewelry Collection - Leaf Necklaces


My newest autumnal collection consists of simple leaf necklaces and earrings and a bit of a more playful pins which I will show in another post. I got hooked on this particular  leaf pattern and it fast became a dear favourite. 

Intertwining two different colored leafy strands resulted in a beautifully textured and eye catching necklace.



A couple of necklaces already left home before I had the chance of taking pictures and I am particularly sad I cannot show you the burgundy one which was extremely luxurious,  so I suppose I will be making another one like that soon.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday guys!

Have you started the week feeling exhausted? Well, I have. 
Had a pretty tightly packed weekend, working on my blog content for the upcoming weeks in the mornings and going to parties and hosting ones at home in the evenings, and although I am emotionally satisfied, I feel completely  drained out. Is this an oxymoron?

So I am skipping insta Monday today because I have no idea where I misplaced todays' post (one secret about me- I hate making drafts!)  so here's a glimpse of Skopje's central park in autumn!

Be well and enjoy your week ahead!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Vintage Bib Necklace - free pattern

I retired another pattern. I still do have the necklace and I am quite attached to it and wear it dearly. Still cannot believe I made it five years ago!! It feels as if I made it yesterday :)

Working with ecru has always been special to me maybe because it reminds me of my grandma - she made all her lace tablecloths with ecru. And it does give a piece a vintage feel. 

So, without further ado, here's the pattern:

Skill level: easy
Yarn and hook: For this project I used ecru crochet thread, size 30 (20 tex).
For the trim I used cotton yarn and 1.7/1.9 mm (B1-E4) hook. You can by all means also use light and medium crochet yarn. If you do, please consult the label of your yarn/thread regarding yarn sizes and hooks because the labels always give information about recommended hook sizes to use with particular yarn. For the mustard trim I used DK yarn.
If you need more information regarding yarn sizes, this could be very helpful ( as well as this one for the WPI: (
Used yarn: less than 20 grams (for flowers, necklace and leaves)
Used terms: chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), the “V” stitch.
Other materials: jump rings and metal chain 

Vintage Bib Necklace

Foundation and row 1: Ch18. Dc1 in 4th st from hook, then sk1 st and dc1 in the next. Next, ch2 and dc1 in the same st. We’ve just made a “V” stitch.  From here we are going to repeat  the same pattern for the whole row, which is: *skip 1, in the next stitch make 1 dc, chain2 and 1dc (both in the same stitch). Repeat from * to *. When you make the last double crochet set (“v”), skip 1 and end it with a single dc. Ch3 and turn work.


Row 2: (work turned with a 3-ch made which counts as the 1st dc) In the 2-chain space between the 2dc from the row below, dc2, chain 2 and dc3. In the next such space crochet *dc3, chain 2, dc3*. Repeat this pattern for all ch-spaces to the end. For the final set, remember to dc 3, chain 2, dc2 and make a 3-chain or to end the row.

Row 3: Ch4 and turn work. In the 2-ch space from the previous row make 6 dc. Repeat this for all the ch-spaces of this row. To end it chain 4 and join with the chain of the row below. 


The border pattern uses the last ecru row.
Row 1: sc1 all through the row.
Row 2: Ch3  and repeat the pattern from row 1 of the body (*skip 1, in the next stitch make 1 dc, chain2 and 1dc – all in the same stitch).


Row 3: Ch4 and make 6 dc in the 2-chain space. Repeat this pattern for all the ch-spaces across. In the last set, dc5 and ch 3 and then sl st in the ch below to end the row. Cut long tail, tie a knot and weave it through. 



Foundation: Chain 5 and join with 1st chain to make ring.
Round 1: sc 5 in ring
Round 2: *chain 4 and (in the same chain space), tr 2, chain 3 and make a sl st*.
Make another sl st into the next chain (space) and repeat the pattern from*to*. Make 5 petals.

Sew the flower onto the bib.
Add jump rings at the sides and attach a metal chain.
If you don’t like adding metal to it, crochet the ties. And that is it! Have fun with your new necklace!

For a downloadable copy of the pattern, go to my ravelry.  

Happy weekend!