Friday, September 27, 2019

African Violets Bracelet - free crochet pattern


The African Violets Bracelet is one of my oldest patterns which I decided to retire and offer it for free.  


Skill level: easy

Yarn & hook: For this project I used sport yarn and 1.9 mm hook (B1/E4). For a greater and more impressive effect I recommend you use three colors / shades of yarn. 

Other: tapestry needle, scissors and fiber fill if you are making a crochet bead for the closure. 

Used terms: chain (ch), chain space (ch-space), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), picot. 

African Violets
Foundation and round 1: With color A, ch5 and join to make a ring. Make 4sc in ring. Next, "ch2 and sc in next chain". Repeat this pattern ("-") for all 4 sts. There will be 4 chains made (last pic).

Round 2: Ch3 and dc5 in the next ch-space. Next, "ch5 and dc5 in the next ch-space". Repeat this pattern ("-") for all 4 ch-spaces. When you come to the end, ch5 and sl st in the 3-ch you made in the beginning of round to end it. The finished round looks like a small granny.

Round 3: Insert color B in 1st of 5dc you made before and ch3. Then dc2 in the next stitch, dc1 in the next , dc2 in the next st and dc1 in the last. There will be a total of 7 st. Next, ch 5, skip the ch-space and repeat this pattern ("dc1 in 1st st, dc2 in the next st., dc1 in the next, dc2 in the next st, dc1 in the last one, ch5"). Repeat this pattern ("-") for the two remaining 'petals'. Ch5 and sl st to end round. 

Round 4: Insert color C in 1st dc of the dcs you've made before. Ch3 (for the next 3 petals you are going to change the 3-chain into a dc), dc2 in the next st, dc2 in the third st, dc1 in the 4th, dc2 in the next and dc1 in the last st (11). 

Now, making the next dc stitch will be kind of awkward but it makes all the diference for your violet. It is an elongated dc stitch. You are going to make the dc in the center just above the ring - it's below the chains you did in the beginning. 

Pull the yarn up. Note that the petal should be a little tilted - not completely distorted. Release tension and when you achieve the look you like for it - finish the dc. 

Next, ch4 then "dc1, dc2 in the next st, dc2 in the next, dc1 in the next, dc2 in the next st, dc2 in the next and dc1 in the last (11), ch4, make a long dc in the middle, ch4". Repeat the pattern ("-") for the other two petals. 

The Rose

 Foundation and round 1: Ch5 and join to make a ring. Sc6 in ring, Ch3 and sc in the next st. "Ch3 and again make a sc in the next chain". Repeat pattern ("-") for all 6 stitches. You have to have 6 such chains made. 

Round 2: The pattern you are going to work for all the petals (work in the same chain space): "ch2, make 4dcs, ch2, make a sl st to end it", next sl st in the next st and repeat the pattern ("-"). 

Round 3: Ch4 and make a sl st in the space between the two petals. That chain will actually come behind the petal. Make another 4-chain and sl st between 2 petals. Repeat until you have 6 such chains. The last picture shows the behind of the rose with the chains exposed. 

Round 4: Now we are going to fill those chains and make nice petals. Work this pattern: ch2, make 4 dcs, ch2, make a sl st to end it. Repeat this pattern for all other petals. Don't forget to start the second and remaining petals with a sl st. 


For the bracelet, ch43 and then sc1 in every stitch. Ch1 at the start of each row. It is approx. 6.7" / 17 cm long, which is quite comfortable for me because my wrists measure 5.09" / 15 cm in circumference. You should measure your wrist and make the foundation that works best for you. It is 1" / 2.5 cm in width, but this is also optional. You can make it wider - just continue making rows of scs. 

I like to add a bit of charm to my pieces, so on the upper side of the bracelet, I made a picot row. (How to make a picot: ch3 and sl st through the 1st of the chain, skip 1 st, st st in the next - 1 picot made.)

The loop: for the loop, ch9. Skip 2 stitches and join the chain with the main body with a sl st. Next, ch1, turn work and sc9 in the loop. End it with a sl st. 

The button: Ch4, join to make a ring. Sc4 in ring, continue by making 1 sc in the 1st st, 2sc in the second, 1 sc in the next, 2sc in the following (6). Then sc1 in every stitch for 1-2 rows. Measure if it fits the loop! Leave bead open, fill with fiberfill to make it puff and as such, sew it onto the bracelet. It is easier to sew on a button or a bead for this purpose, but again - measure to check if it fits the loop!
After that, position the flowers on the bracelet. Pin them so they stay put while you sew them onto the bracelet. Fasten them nicely. Enjoy your bracelet!


Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

You crocheted such pretty flowers Maya!

Alhana said...

They are very pretty, Maya! You are right, they look better with three contrasting shades. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern with us!

Kate said...

This is beautiful Maya - thank you for sharing!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Julie! Crochet flowers are my passion.

Maya Kuzman said...

I might make some more. Haven't made one in ages! Thank you on the sweet comment.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Kate!

Divya N said...

I love your violets, they are really pretty.

Kim said...

These flowers are so pretty, Maya. An inspired idea to make a bracelet with these pretties.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Divya!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Kim! I am thinking oversized yarn to make a table centerpiece :)

dawnmfh said...

I have just started the leave a flower to cheer someone up (not sure what it is called) these would be perfect and easy to make! Thanks I can't wait to get started.

Maya Kuzman said...

Glad to hear that Dawn! Have fun!

Mommy-of-4 said...

These are so gorgeous! I went to ravelry to download the pattern but it said it wasn't found. Is it not there anymore?

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you! I removed some of the patterns, but I think this one should be there. Will look into this.

Mommy-of-4 said...

Thank you so much!

Maya Kuzman said...

Yep, it is down. Sorry! Due to reasons I don't want to disclose openly, I have taken down most of my free patterns. So it is only available here on my blog...