Saturday, October 31, 2009

Arm warmers

With the coming of autumn I decided to make some new arm warmers. We - (that's Eva and me) already have a pretty large collection of them, knit and no-sewn ones, because whenever Eva outgrows some of her tights, I use them to make warmers, or as I plan to show in the tute following, diaper covers or bracelets.
This tutorial shows a no-sew refashioning method to make yourself warmers.
You need a pair of tights (socks).

Cut off the feet.
Measure the length you want them to be.

And you are done!

(Of course, you can serge the edges if you want. )
If you have a baby or a toddler still wearing diapers you can use the panties to make a diaper cover. It can come in handy in harsh winters. You can embelish it.
I made ruffles at the back but because the material was a soft knit it didn't hang as it would be with another fabric such as jersey. And because we don't have diapering baby this cover is to be used for Lea - that's Eva's new baby doll.

I also made Eva fabric bracelets.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The medina cafe

This is it! Our sanctuary after a tiring but pleasant by all means stroll around the city. The Medina Cafe! A quiet and colourful piece of heaven.To us it seemed as if the cafe was taken out of one of the stories of Scheherazade.

Stone bedding covered with rugs and decorative pillows.

Cacti decorations along the walls

A special cascade part for those who would like to lie down and enjoy their coffee or tea (no alcohol was served here).

The tea that marked our trip! 

Here we are for the lovely mint tea we first discovered here. It is a mint tea in which they add mint syrup and a mint leaf for decoration. I can't describe how beautiful it is. Since home there is no such syrup to be found we bought two bottles of it in order to enable our friends and family a taste of Tunisia.

Enjoying the afternoon!

The day we took the pictures was some kind of a holiday and the whole city was tranquil and quiet. So was the cafe with the exception of a couple of tourists. This was a great chance for me to take pictures of it.

I hope we will have the chance to return here one day...

Monday, October 26, 2009

From Tunisia with love

Me and my husband celebrated our 10th anniversary on the ninth of October. And to crown the event we went on our second honeymoon to Tunisia. It was a wonderful journey and even more wonderful experience. We were truly enchanted by the surreal landscapes, the magnificent architecture, the delicious food and the beautiful music. During those two weeks we went on numerous excursions and trips around the country and we had a wonderful opportunity to really get to know the country and the people, their lifestyle, history, culture and tradition. Starting from today, there will several posts inspired by everything we experienced, enjoyed and learned.
We stayed at the African Queen Hotel in the city of Hammamet. The Mediterranean climate also makes this town desirable and visited all year round. Although being October, the weather was great - sunny and warm (about 25-30 degrees C). Great for traveling the country, sight-seeing and of course - the inevitable shopping.

The core of almost every city in Tunsia are the Medinas or the citadels where the old towns were located in the history and there are still people living in the Medinas.
The outside of the Medina is not as spectacular as it is inside. Inside there is a labyrinth of narrow alleys called souqs.

The inside walls of the medina are white (the walls are whitewashed) with characteristic blue windows framed with wrought iron lattices, 

tiled or wooden doorframes and heavily decorated doors.

The living quarters are in alleys intertwining with the ones with shops and although it sounds as if one might get lost - the Medina is quite easy for navigation.

The souqs are tourist-oriented and filled with many little shops selling souvenirs: from Berber fabric and ceramic dishes, to mosaics, typical souvenirs, leather bags and clothing and even spices. The shops are lively with vivid and vibrant colours attracting one's sight.

Haggling is also an inevitable part of conducting business in the Medina where the shops with fixed-price are almost non-existant.

We always ended our walks around Hammamet or the Medina in the Medina Cafe - which is a story for itself and I strongly believe that it deserves a post of its own.

Monday, October 12, 2009


My cutie was born on this day 4 years ago! My memories of his birth are so fresh and it feels as it was yesterday he arrived and brought us joy, laughter and indescribable love.
The party took place at the Coyote Ugly.

The children had fun. Those who wanted got their faces painted. Of course, Jakov being a Spider man wanted a web painted on his face.

Eva chose to be the Butterfly Princess.

Spider man and his Sad Clown girlfriend.
An unexpected visit by Tom!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby vest featured

This little cutie has been featured on DaWanda kids' corner! Check it out on DaWanda!
"I introduce to you Mr.Theodor Bear, a proud and irreplaceable member of our family. In absence of live baby models he offered to lend a hand (in this case his body) although not so willingly, afraid that his friends might find out and call him "sissy" so be careful where you mention this.
He grumbled a little that the colour does not suit his complexion but we assured him that he is the perfect bear for the job.
So dear Ladies and Gentlemen we proudly present to you Mr. T.Bear featuring this beautiful soft pink baby vest. It is suitable for babies ages 1-2. It is easy to slip on because it buttons up with straps. "

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Autumnal Poncho

I made myself this beautiful poncho with a bunch of flowers and leaves around the neckline. I am currently obsessed with these flowers (Are they going to replace my ruffling obsession - I wonder?) . Having made several fascinators, brooches and necklaces I just couldn't shake off the idea and decided on this decoration for the cape. And - I love it! It is perfect for this time of the year. And it really is a wonderful detail for the simple poncho.

And the fabric (a woolen bland) is also perfect for wearing. I am all set up on making a winter dress with the same fabric. But still have no clue about the design. Will let it cook for a while.

A day in the park

After a day of heavy rain today the clouds cleared, making way for the beautiful autumnal sun.
We headed to the nearby park and spend a couple of hours out in the fresh air. Autumn never ceases to surprise me with its palette of colours. This is the time when nature presents to us amazing transformations.
Varying from deep red to all shades of orange, yellow and green.
And the smell of the fallen leaves was so refreshing and rich! We all loved it there.
We saw a family of ducks which managed to hide successfully before I could turn on my camera. But I captured a squirrel. Ha!

The children collected some chestnuts for the autumnal home decoration, and played around the placid lake.

I wish for more days like this one...