Saturday, October 31, 2009

Arm warmers

With the coming of autumn I decided to make some new arm warmers. We - (that's Eva and me) already have a pretty large collection of them, knit and no-sewn ones, because whenever Eva outgrows some of her tights, I use them to make warmers, or as I plan to show in the tute following, diaper covers or bracelets.
This tutorial shows a no-sew refashioning method to make yourself warmers.
You need a pair of tights (socks).

Cut off the feet.
Measure the length you want them to be.

And you are done!

(Of course, you can serge the edges if you want. )
If you have a baby or a toddler still wearing diapers you can use the panties to make a diaper cover. It can come in handy in harsh winters. You can embelish it.
I made ruffles at the back but because the material was a soft knit it didn't hang as it would be with another fabric such as jersey. And because we don't have diapering baby this cover is to be used for Lea - that's Eva's new baby doll.

I also made Eva fabric bracelets.

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