Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poble Español de Barcelona - Mourner's Corner

Poble Español is an architectural museum in Barcelona, located near the Fountains of Montjuïc. It is one of the biggest attractions of the city because of a single set featuring contemporary art, architecture,crafts and gastronomy  in a quiet, safe and peaceful environment.The museum consists of 117 full-scale buildings / houses, which recreate Iberian villages complete with streets, houses, parks, plazas,  restaurants and artisan workshops. 


It was my Wonderland. I fell madly in love with it!
We have today packed with activities so I cannot write a full post abut it; however I selected a beautiful, yet heartbreaking story to share with you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We are in Barcelona!

Hey guys! We are posting from Barcelona, Spain!

I cannot tell you how excited we are to be here again! We visited Barcelona back in 2012 when we cruised the Mediterranean but only had half a day or so,which certainly doesn't even scrape of what one has to see out of the city and I am extremely glad we have a week to get to know the city as we like to. 

We are traveling without the kids which gives our little adventure a completely different dimension. We decided to explore the city corners and get to know the city on foot, so averagely, we've been walking for 10-15 km every day, which is drop-dead exhausting but we are loving it!  

I don't have time to sort the pictures -we just upload them on the lap top to make space for new ones,so here are some snaps of "Out and About in Barcelona" from yours truly.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Park Güell. There are tons of people there, so last time we were there, we had to grow eyes on the back of our heads so that not to let Jacob out of our sights for even a second. So now, we are going to fully enjoy the wondrous park stress-less. Cannot wait!

Monday, April 25, 2016

5 Free and Fabulous Crochet Poncho Patterns

I haven't crocheted a single poncho in my life although it is an entertaining idea since I am keen on ponchos, so making one in the future is not excluded. I had one sewn actually what seems eons ago and wore it dearly for several years. You can see it here.

Now onto the patterns. They are all free. Enjoy!

Image by Coco Rose Diaries

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Celebrating Earth Day - Refashion & Repurpose Ideas

I missed it completely yesterday. Earth Day.

Although I had a t- shirt in the process of refashioning and planned to be posted specifically, however it is not yet done so to mark the day - I compiled several projects I've done over the years of how to refashion and repurpose things. I hope you like the selection.

Tablecloth into a tunic                                           Doily turned into a bag
I still have this tunic and it is as gorgeous as the day I made it. Lovely for some formal occasions although the fabric did not let an inch get loose. The doily bag is mostly used for decoration and I have some crochet necklaces stored there, but would surely wear it if the right opportunity presents itself.


I participated in Agy's Making Good Blog Train and saved this old, stained cardigan's life  by embroidering flowers. It looks fantastic and I hardly ever get to wear it because Eva claimed it her own.
Turning old jeans into bag, especially beach bags has always been my forte. This one is among the most beautifully embellished of all.

 A scarf I made inspired by the mori fashion. Had all the female members of my family drool at this :)

This is another scarf I made combining Eva's old skirt with my favourite woolen scarf.

This one's been quite easy and effective. Hate throwing belts that still have life into themselves.
Well, that is all folks. I hope you get inspired to repurpose and refashion.

Save the Earth!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

10 Fabulous Fabric Scraps Ideas


Whenever I do a textile project I am left with quite a lot of scraps which I am not eager to throw away. On the other hand they take so much space with their disproportionate sizes and shapes and storing them is a head-scratching job. Recently, decluttering and sorting through my fabric stash, I piled them up in a box, hoping to find the right project to use them for. I thought of fabric beads  and necklaces first {you know me}, but decided to check up on some fresh pinterest ideas. I narrowed the list to 10 awesome projects.

1. The cutest will have to be the Fabric Stamps above.

2. Next, using the scraps to make some adorable pillows


3. Fantastic toys:
4. Garlands and Buntings:
5. Dreamy Dream Catchers:
6. Warm and Colorful Birdhouses:

7. Upcycling wooden spoons: 
8. Fabric Scraps Magnets:
9. Fabric Scraps as Wall Art

10. Fabric Scraps Mobile 

Monday, April 18, 2016

New Kits in the Shop


All my last kits  sold out so I filled the shop with some new ones. The menagerie is quite unusual .

There is the Four Colored Flower Set (above) consisting of yellow, orange, red and green flowers and leaves.

Then there's this one in lovely shades of blue and purple.

And the granny set.

They are all here