Monday, December 26, 2022

The Best of TLT in 2022

We are counting the last days of 2022; a year filled with tons of wonderful crochet creations that sprang to life, and an equal measure of the ones yet to see the light of day. I'll add another successful tally mark on my crochet journey.

In numbers, there were 14 free and 17 paid patterns published, lots of tips, tricks and techniques shared. 
The highlights: my continuous collaboration as a crochet teacher with Rebecca Page and the invitation to design a summer necklace for the Homespun Magazine

Cannot wait to see what 2023 has in store for me!


Saturday, December 17, 2022

Mermaid's Dreamcatcher Necklace - pattern available

If you remember, back in June I had this design published in the summer crochet issue of Homespun Magazine, and the mandatory waiting period being over, I am now able to offer it as a pattern in my shops (etsy / ravelry).
The pattern comes in both UK and US crochet terminology. 
At the time, I also made the pink one above using sequins and pearl beads, and it is quite interesting how the same pattern can look so completely different by using different colors and altering the decorative notions. Don't you agree?


Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Open Sided Crochet Vest


Open side vests are obviously a thing now, so we simply had to make one. Eva insisted to make her a "plain" vest, meaning I was to use just half /double crochet stitches for it, but I knew she wanted to spare me from working on a more textured pattern. However, if I was to invest time and effort into a piece she so desperately wanted, I wouldn't let myself make her something plain. 
So, I used the "V" stitch for it, and we both agreed it was an interesting and playful pattern for this vest. 
Though, if you ask me, I would definitely make the next one as a regular vest. I was itching to sew the sides of this one :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Gorgeous Autumn Poncho Pattern Release

Finally! My poncho pattern is live.
My mom and aunt fell so madly in love with mine, so I had to make one for each of them. I used different color distribution for these two as I didn't want to make them look like uniforms. Mom and auntie are identical twins and I thought it would be weird for two 70-years young ladies to wear identical ponchos. 
Needless to say they were a hit with them.

Pattern: etsy / ravelry.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Mesh Shrug

Eva spent a romantic week with her boyfriend in Rome (Italy) and she wanted to have a mesh shrug for the trip, so I whipped one for her. These seem to be quite popular right now. The funny thing is that the sleeves have to be oversized, meaning they have to cover your hands, which bears no logic with me - but who am I to question a style? 
For this shrug I used Nako Denim for the first time and I fell in love with the softness and the velvet feel of the yarn. 

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Let The Holiday Crafting Begin!


This post contains affiliate links! 

I am happy to announce that Rebecca Page's Holiday Crafting has commenced! 

Many wonderful teachers offer fantastic projects to spark the holiday crafting spirit.  From making your own letter decorations, embroidered gift envelops, sweater ornaments, to Christmas wreaths and stockings - there are projects including all crafts

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Candy Cardi

Hello friends!
I've been away for a while, but with a good reason. I am helping my daughter launch her own brand, and we've been working around the clock for a number of designs to be brought to life.
As things are getting back to normal, I hope to resume posting more regularly. 
Here's one of the projects that was started in spring, left aside and picked up again in September. 
I made this cardi for myself.  I used the granny stripe pattern and it is worked top-down. What I love most about it is the enormous sleeves. 
What I think is "meh" about it - it's the collar. Sweet Lord, I tried about 5 times to make it work with it, but didn't like the final looks, and settled for this one. I imagined it with a Peter Pan collar, but it simply didn't work. 
I am planning another post, showing it off and how to style it with other clothes.  

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Crochet Bobble Pumpkin - free pattern

One of the things that add up to my list of things I love about fall is pumpkins. I don't think I will ever get tired of them, both real or crocheted (fabric ones). 
If you want to enrich your Halloween decor more, this is the perfect weekend project.  

Before I share the pattern, please note that: The written  pattern in its entirety along with the photos are for personal use only. All property rights belong to Maya Kuzman of The Little Treasures.

Yarn and hook: Dk yarn and a 3.00 mm hook (UK11/US D) for the pumpkin and sport yarn and a 2.00 mm hook (UK14 / US B) for the handle. Note that you can use whatever yarn size/ weight (and relevant hook for that weight ) you like/have at hand. That will only influence the size of your pumpkins. Hence, smaller weights will yield tinier pumpkins, heavier weights will yield bigger pumpkins.

Stitches (American terminology): chain (ch),  slip stitch (sl st), half double crochet (hdc), hdc2tog, double crochet (dc).

Other: tapestry needle for weaving ends, filling for the pumpkin.  


Foundation and round 1: Ch4 and hdc7 in last st from hook (8). Sl st through 1st st to end round. 
Round 2: Ch2 (counts as 1st hdc) and hdc2 in 1st st, hdc2 in all rest (17). Sl st with 1st st to end round.
Round 3: Ch3 (counts as 1st dc), dc1 in next st, make a 4-dc bobble in next. Repeat this pattern (2dc, 4-dc bobble) around.  Sl st with 1st st to end round. 
Round 4: Repeat round 3. 
Round 5 to end: hdc2tog 8 times, fill the pumpkin with polyfill, continue hdc2tog to end. Cut yarn and weave ends through the body of the pumpkin.

Insert yarn through pumpkin's center and ch8. Starting from 2nd st from hook, sl st across (7). Sl st again in the body of the pumpkin, cut yarn, tie both tails into a knot. Put tails through tapestry needle and push the needle through the pumpkin body to hide them.

I hope you like this!
If you are interested in crochet fall decor, check out my patterns here and here.
Have a cozy and wonderful Saturday!

Monday, October 17, 2022

Crochet Trends in 2022/'23: Oh, my Mod!!

 Image via Pinterest
I find the crochet trends for the next year quite appealing and interesting. Apparently, the '60s will have a heavy influence, so the mod will be at its peak. 
In terms of patterns, polka dots, mosaic crochet, chevron/checkered / striped, and multi-motifs will reign the scene. 
Image via Pinterest

As for crochet apparel, vests and sweaters will boom in both variants: neat and form-fitting as well as boxy, comfy and oversized. Turtlenecks and square -neckline dresses are in the game. The emphasis is on the layered look. 
Eva has been bombing me with pictures of vests, so if I find the time to squeeze it in, I guess that will be my next project...

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Autumnal Rhapsody - pattern release


I've been immensely enjoying the change of nature's attire, and I am always left speechless watching its mesmerizing palette. 
The inspiration resulted in these gorgeous Irish roses and leafy accents.
The pattern is in my shops on etsy & ravelry

Monday, October 10, 2022

Embroidered Fabric Pendant Necklace

For this year's summit at Rebecca Page, I opted to do something different than crochet. As cross stitching and embroidery were the first crafts I tried as a child, I decided to put my floss at play and make a video class for an interesting embroidered (and beaded) fabric pendant necklace. 
To make the pendant, I used two small, different pieces of fabric, and for the embroidered "patch" I recommend using heavily patterned fabric piece that will serve as a canvas onto which the patterns/designs will be emphasized with embroidery and beading. 

Registration for the summit is free. To learn more, click here.

Friday, October 7, 2022

Baby Shell Blanket Gift

Recently my kids' godparents became grandparents to a baby boy, and I immediately knew I was going to make a blanket as a welcoming gift. I was (and still am) toying with ideas of making something shell-related (this necklace started it all), so I decided to make a shell blanket. 
I started rather ambitiously and made a really big one, because when it comes to baby blankets, I don't do tiny things. I want the mothers and babies as well to have it and use it for a long time, and not overgrew it in a couple of months.

I debated with myself about the border; tried several different, didn't like anything decorative because the pattern doesn't allow a heavily lace-y or intricate border, so I just added a plain one. In hindsight, I should've added a couple of rows more. 
Makes me sad that at the time I took the pictures the weather was awful so these pictures don't do it justice. 

Monday, October 3, 2022

Holiday Crafts Summit now Open

I am happy to announce that a FREE Registration is open for Rebecca Page's Holiday Crafts Summit!
Last year's summit had rave reviews, and this year's is lined up to be even better! You’ll learn how to sew, knit, crochet, quilt, and paper craft a HUGE range of wonderfully quick and satisfying holiday gifts!! 
I have the honor and pleasure to once again join a team of amazing crafters with a class of my own for embroidered (and beaded) pendant necklace.  
More about it later this week.
The online summit runs November 14-18th!
Register for FREE here.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

It's Poncho Season!

Happy October! 
How are you guys? Long time no post. 
I am finally fully back from taking a break in September and have so many new things to show and write about. 

Days here have become significantly colder and I will be able to wear my new poncho often. By the time I got it finished, it got hotter and I just wore it twice, but I am sure it is going to be my favourite thing to throw onto (or over) this fall. 
The pattern is in the make and I named it "Glorious Autumn". 
I am immensely satisfied with the colors I chose for it, and it makes my heart skip whenever I look at it. 
If you are a subscriber, check out for my newsletter this evening - there might be something interesting for you. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Last of Summer

Our two weeks of summer holiday have come up to a close. We literally soaked up the last crumbles of summer. And every minute was worth cherishing.

I've made tons of breath-taking pictures, which I hope will help me endure the bleak winter ahead :)

My favorite activities on the beach, aside from swimming and beach-combing are reading books and crocheting; I read all the books I took with me and highly recommend "Home Before Dark" by Riley Sager if you are a thriller/horror lover - it kept me on my toes until the end. 
When packing for our holiday, I had second thoughts of taking my crochet with me. Shocking, I know! I never leave my crochet work even when we go away for the weekend, but this time I wanted to let my brain rest. Luckily, I decided against it and have already made a pattern for a crocheted sewing kit. 

Beach-combing was not as successful as I hoped it would be, because the places we visited had hardly any shells (due to the rocky/sandy bed), and the ones that had, cradled broken ones. I am already brainstorming a craft project with the shell remnants I brought back with me. 


Thursday, September 15, 2022

Frida Top in Gray

Here is the Frida top in gray with a different flower set-up. Unlike the first top where the flowers are arranged in such a way to make (certain parts of) the bust area inconspicuous, this flower arrangement requires a strapless bra top to be worn underneath.  
For this one I also used sport yarn, but changed the hook to a bigger size. 
The pink Frida is made with a 3 mm (UK11) (US 10/3), and this one is made with a 4 mm (UK 8/US F). With a simple change to a DK yarn (150gr for the top and leftover yarn for the flowers) and a 4 mm hook, a size M is achieved. 
The pattern: etsy, ravelry, lovecrafts


Tuesday, September 13, 2022

My Office For Now

Greetings dear blog friends!
This has been the view of my office for the past several days and will continue to be for the next week :)
We are in Greece, enjoying the last crumbles of summer. We are refreshing and thoroughly replenishing our bodies, minds and souls. 
It is amazing how vitamin sea can have and immense and powerful impact!
I hope you are all well!