Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Autumnal Jewelry Collection - Leaf Necklaces


My newest autumnal collection consists of simple leaf necklaces and earrings and a bit of a more playful pins which I will show in another post. I got hooked on this particular  leaf pattern and it fast became a dear favourite. 

Intertwining two different colored leafy strands resulted in a beautifully textured and eye catching necklace.



A couple of necklaces already left home before I had the chance of taking pictures and I am particularly sad I cannot show you the burgundy one which was extremely luxurious,  so I suppose I will be making another one like that soon.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday guys!

Have you started the week feeling exhausted? Well, I have. 
Had a pretty tightly packed weekend, working on my blog content for the upcoming weeks in the mornings and going to parties and hosting ones at home in the evenings, and although I am emotionally satisfied, I feel completely  drained out. Is this an oxymoron?

So I am skipping insta Monday today because I have no idea where I misplaced todays' post (one secret about me- I hate making drafts!)  so here's a glimpse of Skopje's central park in autumn!

Be well and enjoy your week ahead!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Vintage Bib Necklace - free pattern

I retired another pattern. I still do have the necklace and I am quite attached to it and wear it dearly. Still cannot believe I made it five years ago!! It feels as if I made it yesterday :)

Working with ecru has always been special to me maybe because it reminds me of my grandma - she made all her lace tablecloths with ecru. And it does give a piece a vintage feel. 

So, without further ado, here's the pattern:

Skill level: easy
Yarn and hook: For this project I used ecru crochet thread, size 30 (20 tex).
For the trim I used cotton yarn and 1.7/1.9 mm (B1-E4) hook. You can by all means also use light and medium crochet yarn. If you do, please consult the label of your yarn/thread regarding yarn sizes and hooks because the labels always give information about recommended hook sizes to use with particular yarn. For the mustard trim I used DK yarn.
If you need more information regarding yarn sizes, this could be very helpful ( as well as this one for the WPI: (
Used yarn: less than 20 grams (for flowers, necklace and leaves)
Used terms: chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), the “V” stitch.
Other materials: jump rings and metal chain 

Vintage Bib Necklace

Foundation and row 1: Ch18. Dc1 in 4th st from hook, then sk1 st and dc1 in the next. Next, ch2 and dc1 in the same st. We’ve just made a “V” stitch.  From here we are going to repeat  the same pattern for the whole row, which is: *skip 1, in the next stitch make 1 dc, chain2 and 1dc (both in the same stitch). Repeat from * to *. When you make the last double crochet set (“v”), skip 1 and end it with a single dc. Ch3 and turn work.


Row 2: (work turned with a 3-ch made which counts as the 1st dc) In the 2-chain space between the 2dc from the row below, dc2, chain 2 and dc3. In the next such space crochet *dc3, chain 2, dc3*. Repeat this pattern for all ch-spaces to the end. For the final set, remember to dc 3, chain 2, dc2 and make a 3-chain or to end the row.

Row 3: Ch4 and turn work. In the 2-ch space from the previous row make 6 dc. Repeat this for all the ch-spaces of this row. To end it chain 4 and join with the chain of the row below. 


The border pattern uses the last ecru row.
Row 1: sc1 all through the row.
Row 2: Ch3  and repeat the pattern from row 1 of the body (*skip 1, in the next stitch make 1 dc, chain2 and 1dc – all in the same stitch).


Row 3: Ch4 and make 6 dc in the 2-chain space. Repeat this pattern for all the ch-spaces across. In the last set, dc5 and ch 3 and then sl st in the ch below to end the row. Cut long tail, tie a knot and weave it through. 



Foundation: Chain 5 and join with 1st chain to make ring.
Round 1: sc 5 in ring
Round 2: *chain 4 and (in the same chain space), tr 2, chain 3 and make a sl st*.
Make another sl st into the next chain (space) and repeat the pattern from*to*. Make 5 petals.

Sew the flower onto the bib.
Add jump rings at the sides and attach a metal chain.
If you don’t like adding metal to it, crochet the ties. And that is it! Have fun with your new necklace!

For a downloadable copy of the pattern, go to my ravelry.  

Happy weekend!