Friday, March 24, 2017

Blooming Flowers Necklace - Crochet Pattern

There you go! Another week gone in a jiffy, and before I sign off for the weekend I want to show you my newest necklace which I named Blooming Flowers. Hopefully, we'll get away from the city and see/ smell/ enjoy the real blooms to the fullest.
The pattern is here and here.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 Fabulous Ideas to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Via London Bride

Are you ready to welcome spring into your home?
We certainly are!

When it comes to decorating at home and beautifying the living space, even the plainest of vases with a bright and colorful flower arrangement can instantly freshen up the room, bring positive energy and lots of happiness.

In continuation I selected five fantastic ideas how to welcome spring at home without going over the budget, and yet have a modern and eye-catching spring home décor.

Via the Waen Collection & the London Bride

These flower terrariums are gaining more and more on popularity. The perfect centerpiece for your cocktail table.

 Via Honestly WTF
How about making a flower chandelier?
Your guests will certainly be amazed with such an installation!
 Via Plump Pretty Sugar Blog
Adding colorful, floral throw pillows is another way of adding that spring touch.
 Via Crfafteberry Bush, WittanDelight & Yao Cheng Design
Then there are the flower vases. The trend has a broad use - you can arrange flowers in buckets, jars, bottles and glasses. The effect is the same - an absolutely gorgeous setting.
Via Ella Claire & The Cottage Market 

Via Pretty Designs & Farmhouse Touches
And lastly - flower hangers. Whether a hanging pot or a round hanging shelf - use them to decorate empty spaces and wide windows.
Via Topista & Industry Standard Design
I hope you've enjoyed this post and use some of these ideas to welcome spring to your home!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Wreath DIY

The first day of spring. I think the word itself is full with blooms and nightingale songs and caressing rays of the bashful sun. All this is supported by the world outside my window and to celebrate the advent of its majesty I made this adorable spring wreath. And you can make it too, because I am adding links to patterns for flowers, leaves, butterflies and beads you can use for the wreath.
To make this lovely wreath I used an embroidery hoop, a collection of flowers and leaves, yarn to cover the hoop (you can use ribbon - it's much easier), a sewing needle and thread.
If you chose to crochet around the hoop, and note that this could be awkward, take a chunky yarn so the crochet would be easier, faster and plushier.
To make the flowers, use these patterns:

Work on the arrangement of flowers around the hoop, pin and sew. I didn't want to use any glue for this step, because sometimes glue makes some projects  look sloppy, and I find it much professional and better when flowers are sewn onto a project like this particular one.
When done, add a ribbon or a thread of yarn in the center and it is ready for hanging.
This makes an adorable nursery décor too, so it is a great gift for a new mom!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Inspiration Monday: Mizzie Morawez - a Freeform Crochet Poetess


Have you heard of Mizzie Morawez?
Well, I had the pleasure to learn about her a couple of years ago, and while planning the Inspiration Mondays I thought she certainly deserves more attention and a little space to be given on my blog to showcase her stunning crochet pieces. For, whenever I come upon one of Mizzie's creations, I stop immediately to wonder in awe at her astonishing and extraordinary freeform crochet. The unbelievable and exceptional construction of her pieces, use of yarn, colors and patterns will leave you speechless. Literally.
This is what she says about herself and her crochet art:

"I´m a friendly alienated hyper-creative multimedia artist & free lance interior designer for a living. I believe we are creating our own reality, so why not make it a place of joy & fearlessness - I´m proud to be making this world a better place one room at a time & supporting other people to create their realities as well.

 One more essential aspect of my personal reality is my lifelong passion for creating wearable-art- garments of all sorts & styles for true individuals who are not afraid to self-express & show the world who they are!

To me fashion is like a stage for personal theatre - you act out your feelings and attitudes in as subtle or dramatic a way as you wish to show, and there is no better way to help you achieve that goal than through art-to-wear clothing.

 There are no two people exactly alike, why should they wear exactly the same thing? This thought convinced me of the necessity to create individual pieces which will speak to each person in a secret language understandable only to the two of them - until they meet.

So, be yourself, find yourself, express yourself, make art part of your daily life, and if I can help you on this road, it will be my biggest reward."

Find more on Mizzie's blog and Flickr

Friday, March 17, 2017

Romantic Ribbon Headband Pattern

Friday finally! Don't you just love it?
We've got a photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow so we are going to be quite busy, but if you have time on your hands and want to make something new for the upcoming spring, we've got the perfect project for you. A ribbon headband. 

To make this ribbon I used a 3mm steel hook and DK crochet yarn. 

The pattern goes like this:
Ch 6 and tr1 in the 1st st. 
Row 1: ch3, make 3dc on ch below, ch 3, sc1, ch3 and turn work.
Row 2: dc1 in ch below, ch3, go over the 3dcs of previous row and dc2 in the ch at the end.   Repeat these two rows until desired length achieved. Insert a decorative ribbon, add flowers, sequins, beads to make it prettier and voila!

The perfect ribbon in a matter of minutes!

Enjoy it and do write back to tell me how it turned out if you decide to make it!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pom Pom Necklace DIY

Hello, hello...
This is a project I had on my mind for quite a while now, and though it is a necklace more suitable for the cold(er) months - I guess because of the yarn poms, I just had to make it. Because, when I get something in my head... well, let's just say it's difficult to get out. So I had to cross it off.
Now... what do we need to make this wonderful, eye-catching pom pom necklace?
  • Piece of felt for the bib (foundation)
  • Pom-poms in various sizes and colors (maker's choice)
  • Pom-pom ribbon or any kind of ribbon for the edging
  • Silicone glue
  • Metal chain or cord or ribbon to hang the bib on
Sew / glue the ribbon on the felt piece. Work on the arrangement of pom-poms before you glue them on.
Once satisfied with the arrangement, glue them on. Also mind to glue between pom-poms to prevent them from spreading open.

When done, attach a metal chain / ribbon at the upper edges and the necklace is done!


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Farina's Handmade Interview

Scrolling through my FB feed, I came upon a pendant necklace showing a girl - but that was not an ordinary girl that captured my heart - it was the girl of my childhood - the girl that resembled my Marikas and Sarah Kays. Of course -  my heart could not resist the cuteness. I had to know who is the creator of that captivating image and that is how I discovered Farina's Handmade. I cannot tell you how happy we are to work together and now proper introduction is in order I believe.

Hello and welcome! Please tell us more about Farina's.
Farina's Handmade is a team composed of four people: Marina, Nadica, Maryan and Elena. Marina and Nadica make the clay jewelry that they shape, sand, paint and cover with resin; Maryan makes resin jewelry that he pours into unique molds he makes himself and combines the resin with wood, beads, etc., while Elena is the person behind all sewn and embroidered bags and rucksacks. When it comes to obligations that are as important as the effort we put into making Farina's a brand, we do not have strict rules who is going to photograph the jewelry, tackle social media, send out deliveries .... we mutually get things done.

How did you come up with the name for your brand?
Farina is the name of the small mischievous boy from the children's show "Our Gang" (or "Little Rascals") which is at the same time Marina's nickname. Since the very beginning Marina worked alone, while the other members joined in later, the name stuck as a synonym for the spirit of our creations.

What were your beginnings in creating jewelry like and how did you introduce to the public first?
As a team we probed several areas in the frames of handmade jewelry. First we started making jewelry using beads, wire, natural stones, etc. Our first appearance in front of the public was with our Christmas cards and decorations that we sold on the streets. Later, searching for new materials we discovered the modeling clay that opened up numerous possibilities for us to express our ideas through. Through the work process we realized it was highly compatible with acrylic paints so we started painting it, while much later we also discovered the resin that perfectly protects and preserves the drawings and at the same time gives a wonderful glazed effect that opened up endless possibilities for us to express our creativity.

Tell us more about the image of the girl that is a kind of  trademark for your brand.
That was one of the first illustrated accessories and yes, in a way we became recognizable by the striking and captivating image of that girl. We don't know why our buyers love her so much, but we guess it wakes up the inner child, also because the illustration is minimal and the color scheme intensive.
What materials you use the most and what motifs can be found in your offer?
As we already mentioned, for the jewelry we use clay, resin, acrylic paints, wood and other additions with which we spice up their appearance, while for the bags we used a variery of fabric, raw canvas, synthetic and cotton, broadcloth...
What are the most wanted products?
The products that sell the most are the ones with the girl, the houses, the clean geometric resin shapes combined with various materials, and from the bags, the ones being hand embroidered and containing ethnic elements.

Is there anything new we should look forward to?
Ideas spontaneously sprout with us, through realization of some former ideas and we rarely start working having a definite goal in the end, except the one that it should be an accessory. We wouldn't announce anything because plans often fail and it is more interesting when things happen for themselves.


Thank you for being with us today guys and for sharing a piece of your creative world. You can find more about Farina's Handmade clicking the links below.


Monday, March 13, 2017

Insta Feel: Croise Birds


We haven't had instagram inspiration here for a while now. IG is still one of my favourite social media and although I take breaks at posting updates, I follow my tribe regularly.
One of the newest members whose work captured me at first glance is croisebirds. Her work is incredible and unique. She adorns her bird brooches with beads and sequins making them paradise birds.