Monday, October 25, 2021

The Artist I Secretly Admire - Kelly Rae Roberts


I don't actually remember how I stumbled upon Kelly Rae for the first time, but I remember I was enthralled by her art expression at first glance. Her painted angels in wonderful, mesmerizing colors, accompanied by soul-feeding quotes are the ones that always leave a strong imprint on me.

A formal social worker turned artist, Kelly Rae is passionate about creating art as a healing practice, as a form of deep level nourishment and self-care. And also as a way into radical joy and freedom. She uses her unique voice to spread a message through art for which she says is healing, unburdens joy and awakens.


Creativity -both on and off the canvas –is a healing force that allows us to embrace, tell, and own our stories in transformative, ultimately joyful ways. 

Whispers - We must make time to silence the noise, engage our hearts, and tune into our whispers. They hold our life’s possibility. We must listen. -Kelly Rae Roberts

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Autumnal Garden Necklace Pattern


I simply love how autumn lavishly flaunts its attire, displaying a mesmerizing palette of colors. I used that as inspiration to make my Autumnal Garden Necklace. 

The base of this Autumnal necklace is a layered bib, decorated with big and small roses. 

Pattern in my etsy, ravelry and payhip shops.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Mix & Match - Rose Brooch

Hello guys! How are you doing?
I've been a little quiet here, working on a big project that takes all of my time, and I am aware that I have not been a good blog buddy and haven't much visited your blogs, but I plan to dedicate my weekend to catch up on everything I've missed in blogland! 
Between breaks I  have been destashing my collection of flowers, making rings and brooches, and for this particular one I used the following: an Irish crochet butterfly and a rosette, two of my roses, the embroidered, crochet-covered buttons (still love them so much!) and a tiny vine.  The rosette serves as the foundation onto which I arranged the flowers, and the butterfly is not in its full glory being folded like that, but still, I like how this turned out.


Friday, October 15, 2021

Work in Progress - Clover-Field Squares

Fall has officially been cancelled here! 
I was honestly expecting a calm, caressing and warm fall, experience more Indian summer days for picnics out in nature, watch and enjoy the change of seasonal attire,  but it seems the weather had other plans, so it turned from a scorching hot summer into a raging winter.
But I didn't allow that ruin my fall-mood and bought some lovely yarn in a fall palette, and had already started a scarf. I am using a pattern with little clusters that resemble a clover (at least to me!), so I've been referring to them as my clover fields. These are just a tiny part of the scarf and will be joined by other squares and flowers. 
What fall projects are you working on? 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

My little nephew adores Halloween and he happens to love my whimsical crochet toys I've made him, so I thought I'd surprise him this Halloween with something "spooky". Searching through Pinterest to find something  interesting for Halloween, I must admit I was amazed by the creativity of some crochet peers. Here I am linking a couple of ideas I thought would be fun to try. Click on the links/words under the pictures to be taken to the relevant pattern. 




Monday, October 11, 2021

Georgia Scarf Pattern

Here's my boho Georgia. 

For this scarf I used a palette of 4 colors in Alize Diva (silk effect) yarn and a 3mm hook (UK11) (US 10/3).

                                  Georgia in pastels                                             Georgia in boho
The pastel Georgia was the first to be made and I used 100% cotton (brand Phil Cotton 3). The Alize Diva (silky effect) is a 100% Microfiber Acrylic (lace) yarn so although I used the same 3.00 hook for both, I needed to increase the boho scarf pattern a little so as to achieve the same length. 

The boho Georgia is more delicate because of its yarn content and has a lovely silky shine and pleasant feel. I would recommend it for special occasions, while the pastel Georgia is more for everyday use, and because the yarn is slightly thicker, it works faster than the boho one.

For the pastel scarf I used only 3 colors and a different colorwork: 22 rows in grey, 6 rows in baby pink (applied the fan pattern), 4 rows in coral (with the fan pattern), 10 rows in grey, 3 rows in baby pink and 1 row of coral edging (the picots). A total of 46 rows. I used about 100 grams of grey and about 20/30 for the pink and coral yarn. Hope this helps you in making your Georgia!

The pattern: etsy, ravelry, payhip