Wednesday, August 30, 2017

DIY School Gift Cone (Schultüte)

I have always admired the German tradition of giving children a Schultüte as a gift on their first day of school.
As it happens, my niece is starting school, and instead bringing her a boxed present where I also include school supplies, this time I decided to make a paper cone and add up a little bit to the overall excitement.
For the paper cone (and its content), I used the following:
1. A cardboard (50 x 60 cm)
2. Gift wrapping paper.
3. Crepe paper
4. Glue (white Elmer's) and sellotape
Minnie being her favourite we didn't overdo it, but added some highlighting this character and things we thought would be useful because one cannot have enough of school supplies, right? Right! We also added some adorable mini picture books (my kids have like a ton of these we collected during the years) and there is one with a paper cone and a story for the first day of school.
I glued both sides of the cardboard paper and holding the bottom I rolled the upper part to the point where it met the other side, then stapled the upper part and sellotaped it  centerwise.
Applied glue 4 cm / 1.6' on the inner upper part and glued the crepe. After it dried, we added everything inside. I glued shredded paper on the brim of it (to hide the staple) and for effect of course.
Tied the upper part of the crepe with a silk ribbon and that was it. The cone may look small but in fact it is 90 cm (almost 3 feet) top to bottom. It will be almost as big as her. Cannot wait to see her expression when she gets it!


Monday, August 28, 2017

Inspiration Monday - Dottie Angel

Tif Fussell is a Brit transplated to the suburbs of America, wife and mother of four. Dottie Angel is her crafty alter-ego, with whom she indulges in crafting, thrifting, pottling and pondering. Beautiful photographs and a unique voice invite the reader into this peachy, perfect world.
She stopped writing her blog a long time ago and it was a heartache for many of us, to be deprived of her unique writing style and whimsical bohemian dreams and adventures in transforming textiles or as she says: "Do embrace all that is granny chic and give it a forever home".
I still revisit her blog seeking for inspiration - it is a true gem in the art of crafting and a wonderful journal that should be kept for years to come.
She runs a fantastic shop with her son called curious.and.coe and you can also catch up on their IG accounts here and here.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Free Oya Crochet Flower Pattern

Before I wave you goodbye for the weekend - and we are having a prolonged one due to a national holiday - I made a free tutorial /pattern for a cheat oya flower.
I say cheat, because I didn't use the traditional technique to make an oya flower by using a sewing needle; instead I used a regular crochet hook and DMC embroidery thread.
Now again, the crochet hook isn't as small as it should be for the thread. It is a 1.7 mm hook, but it worked well for me and I like the size of the flowers I got with it. I  used 3 complementary colors of thread.
Let's make it.
This flower is not worked in rounds, but in rows.

Ch 6 and join to make a ring. Sc 8 in ring.
Row 1: Sc2 in 6 st. Leave 2 st as are. (12)
Cut thread and work it.
Row 2
Insert new color. Sc1 in the 1st st, sc2 in all other st, except the last one where you sc1 again. (22)
Do not cut thread.
Row 3
Insert new color. Sc1 in Ch 4 and turn work. Sc in 5th st from hook. Ch 4 and sc in 4th st. Repeat this pattern 2 times more, next ch4 and sc in the 5th st. You will get 5 chains.

Row 4
Insert new color. Ch 3 (counts as the 1st dc)and dc 4 in chain. In the next chain hdc1 and then dc4. Repeat this pattern for all the chains.
And the flower is done!

You can use this as applique to decorate whatever suits your whimsy, use it as a pin, in necklaces, etc.

I made a lariat with these :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How to Read Crochet Charts: A Flower Motif

A new how to read crochet charts guys! This one's taken from pinterest. Sharpen your hooks!
For the motif I used sport yarn (5 colors) and 1.9mm hook.
Pattern reads as follows:
Ch 4 and sl st in 1st ch to make a ring.
Round 1: Sc 8 in ring. Ch5 (3 as the 1st dc and 2 for the chain), dc1, ch2. Repeat the pattern in bold 6 times.

Round 2: Insert new yarn and sc over the dc below, sc2, make a (3-ch) picot, sc1 on the chain. Repeat the pattern in bold around. Sl st to end round.

Round 3: Insert new yarn and make a sc. Ch 6, skip 3 stitches and sc in the 4th st. Repeat this pattern for the whole round.

 Round 4: Insert new yarn. Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc of the cluster) and make a 2dc cluster. Ch 3, dc1 in chain below, ch3 and make another dc in the chain, ch 3 and make a 3dc cluster over the sc (between the chains) below. Next, ch 2, sc on the chain and ch2 more. Repeat these two patterns to the end of the round Sl st to end it.
Round 5: Insert new yarn and sc over the cluster below. Sc 3 on the first chain, ch 2 on the center chain make a trefoil (see picture explanation below) and sc 1 more. Sc 3 on the last chain.  Next, sc1 over the cluster below, ch1, dc1 over the sc below, ch3 and dc1 (again on the sc below), ch 1 and sc over the cluster below. Repeat these two patterns consequently to the end of round. Sl st to end it.

I already know how to use mine. Do you have any ideas?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Afionas - The Edenic Garden of Corfu


Afionas is the Edenic Garden of Corfu. It is a traditional village nested on cliff tops and when you enter it, it is like entering another world. You are greeted by lovely whitewashed houses with Hellenic blue doors crowned by purple and magenta bougainvilleas which are like a trademark of the village.
Stone paved alleys embraced by canopies of flowers hide lovely houses with amazing gardens. A peek through the gates reveal breathtaking and well kept gardens, while the whole village, offers staggering views wherever you turn.
There are many charming shops in the village with unique products and souvenirs.  Restaurant sand cafes with exquisite panoramic views.





Porto Timoni
From the village there is a path that leads through the hill to the extraordinary Porto Timoni. The path is very rough, steep and narrow and passes between exceedingly thorny bushes. It should not undertaken by anyone unsteady on their feet, because there are loose rocks and stones so hikers are advised to wear suitable footwear. But when you come to this spectacular view of it above, all pain is instantly forgotten.
We suggest you rent a boat or a paddleboat to get here and bring a lot of refreshments and a parasol. Once there, be ready for the most clear water and unique marine life near and inside the cave (on the left). The left bay is way better than the right one.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Insta love: Crochet shalws by polle_vie

Just like everyone else I suppose, I too have instagram eye candies I love to follow.
One of them is polle_vie.
I don't believe an introduction is necessary; once you enter her magical world, no further words are needed.
Her colorful ponchos and shawls are like extraordinary picture books that tell captivating stories. Care to read one?


Sunday, August 20, 2017

What I Have Pinned Lately #4


Ah... in the past two weeks I found so many mind-blowing, beautiful crochet projects it was really hard to pick just a few for this post.
The above top was the latest find and sadly there is no pattern for this, but it can serve as a fantastic inspiration.
Next, there are these adorable flowers for which Mollie Makes generously shared the patterns. I can imagine a ton of projects with these!
On bloglovin' I immediately fell for this lovely hexagon afghan and there is a free pattern for it, thanks to Mijo Crochet.
And I simply couldn't resist pinning this absolutely gorgeous  little elephant!

For more crochet and craft ideas follow me on bloglovin' and pinterest too.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Flower Crochet Earrings - free pattern


Happy Friday guys!
I have the perfect weekend project if you could spare a little time. We are going to make flower crocheted earrings spiced up with beads.

Get ready!


1. Crochet earrings (pattern below)
2. Beads and jump rings (optional and depending on earrings' length)
3. Earring hooks
Crochet Earrings Pattern
Thread and hook: I used  doubled ecru thread (40) and a 1.7 mm hook.
Crochet stitches: chaining and slip stitching only!
Length: optional (ours - 11 cm / 4.3").
Ch5 and sl st in the first st.  First petal made. Ch 5 and sl st in the 1st st of the second petal. Repeat this 3 more times to get 5 petals.

When all 5 are made, sl st in the very first petal you made.
Next, chain 10. Five for the body and five for the petal of the next flower. Repeat pattern until you achieve desired length of earrings. Ours have 7 petals and are 11 cm / 4.3".
Tie knots, cut tails and weave ends. Get the hooks and beads ready.

Earrings type 1: Attach the hook. Take the bead and using a jump ring attach it on the "neck / body" in the stitch immediately below the flower. Attach the other beads.

Earrings type 2: Instead of attaching below the flower, attach the bead on the petal that comes center down of the length of earring. Choose type that suits you best. We chose the second.
And that is it! Needless to mention that besides easy and fast to make, they are also a perfect last minute gift.