Monday, August 28, 2017

Inspiration Monday - Dottie Angel

Tif Fussell is a Brit transplated to the suburbs of America, wife and mother of four. Dottie Angel is her crafty alter-ego, with whom she indulges in crafting, thrifting, pottling and pondering. Beautiful photographs and a unique voice invite the reader into this peachy, perfect world.
She stopped writing her blog a long time ago and it was a heartache for many of us, to be deprived of her unique writing style and whimsical bohemian dreams and adventures in transforming textiles or as she says: "Do embrace all that is granny chic and give it a forever home".
I still revisit her blog seeking for inspiration - it is a true gem in the art of crafting and a wonderful journal that should be kept for years to come.
She runs a fantastic shop with her son called curious.and.coe and you can also catch up on their IG accounts here and here.



Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Shouldn't be surpriced you like Dottie Angel too... I've got some of her dresses pinned. Simplicity and understatement but soooo lovely! Just my cup of tea!

Maya Kuzman said...

Oh... I am in love with her frocks. And her wool stitching. She makes extraordinary everything she puts her hands on.

Anonymous said...

I love Dottie Angel!! I've got a book of her, I never get tired of it! Wish I had an interior like she has, not to mention her crafts!

Kim said...

I too love Tiff Fussell of Dottie Angel and all things Granny Chic. I have her book and revisit it often. Her dresses and pretty aprons, come to think of it, everything she touches turns into a whimsical and beautiful creation.