Friday, December 30, 2016

The Best of The Little Treasures in 2016

So the time has come to recapitulate the most interesting posts on the blog for 2016.

This has been a particularly interesting year and I can proudly say that according to statistics, there were a total of 29 artists, craftsmen and designers featured and /or interviewed, we have shared 24 DIY tutorials, published 18 crochet patterns,  demystified 6 crochet charts and we shared lots of other creative ideas and musings.

I chose the top seven:


A necklace I made in honor of my mother's name day.

These Lace and Tulle Rosettes we made rings with.

The amazing hair clip that turns into brooch turned out to be quite a hit.

During the summer months we embroidered this lovely apron top.

and DIYed Spartan Sandals our way.

The Wall Art Message Board reached a high peak in the DIY community.

And the crochet lovers appreciated the pattern for these pouches

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Trending in Fashion: Velvet

I have been hopelessly in love with velvet ever since my mom cut out an evening velvet dress of hers to make me a skirt.

Then, in the '90s I had a velvet vest which I made myself using a Burda pattern and it had two of (again) mom's silvery, vintage buttons which I mostly  wore with turtlenecks and jeans - until it started showing severe marks of wear and tear. Throughout the years I have had velvet dresses and skirts mostly and only one jacket.

So when the trends were announced for this fall and winter, boy was I happy to learn velvet is going to reign again. The fabric carries that highly defined royal essence in itself that makes the clothes classy, elegant and dignified.

How do you feel about velvet?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Candy Scarves and Victorian Chokers


Hi guys! We are happy to show you all the candy scarves and chokers gathered together finally. There are some more in the works, but we are taking things at a slower pace, after having too much excitement around here.
They are available in our new shop called Marika's Closet.  There is a story that goes with the name (like everything here to be exact) but we'll share that a bit later. So if you want to own any of these visit us there.
However, if you want to make it yourself, feel free to treat yourself with our digital patterns here and here.


Monday, December 26, 2016

Traveling Through Time: Records that Tell Stories


Anzelika Koleva, the featured artist today, fell in love with art when she was a teenager. She nurtured that love passionately and sought different fields to express it. Painting turned out to be her true medium, her love.

Nearly a month ago, you had an exhibition of your (vinyl) records titled "Traveling Through Time". The unique choice of "canvas" you use to portray your travels while creating an incredible visual experience with which you infuse life to old, damaged records is extraordinary.
How did you come up with the idea to use old, damaged records and what do your travels through time reveal?

I have been working on old records since 1988/89. That summer I was rewarded a record at a disco for the best dressed person. The record was from my favourite group - Dire Straits. It was a very dear gift. But I accidently forgot it in a friend's car and it melted from the heat. I didn't want to throw it away, so I started drawing on it, then poured and spread various materials from wax, to colors and make-up.... It was a gorgeous piece! After that I started painting my dad's records and created a huge number of pieces that I mostly gave away as gifts and sold some. My travelogues through time reveal my emotions, events taken from my life, some happy, some sad... To be more specific, the paintings and the records show whole stories made up of emotions and there are even several stories in a single piece.


Can you share the work process on one piece?
As I have already mentioned, each record shows my emotions. I am looking for ways to express momentary inspiration immediately so I first start by mixing colors and spread them onto the canvas or the record and I leave my mind and my fingers to lead the way. I work with liquid paints and create emotions, characters or shapes using my fingers. Sometimes I use a scraper, but somehow I work best using my fingers. That way I always achieve what I have imagined.

Beside the canvas, you also use ceramics and glass  as foundation to transfer your world onto. Which of these media are the most difficult to manipulate and which is the most favorable?

The most difficult medium is certainly the canvas because on it I apply a picture over picture. It certainly gives space to create. It drains me but at the same time it fills me up. The most favorable medium is glass and ceramics. Not that you cannot find emotions there. They show pictures too which you immediately see. But I don't turn back to add more or apply more pictures.

Do you plan an exhibition abroad in the future?
Of course. I would love to be able to present my work outside the borders and I hope this dream will come true one day. What I want to do next is a long-term exhibition where people can see how an art piece is born, and witness the emotions and the efforts that are invested in it. After that I will focus on presenting my work somewhere abroad.

Thank you for the lovely interview Anzelika!
You can see more of Anzelika's work on her FB page and her website

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Friday, December 23, 2016

Paper Trellis DIY - Paper Crafts


Happy Friday to all! Christmas is on the horizon and if you are looking for interesting crafts for last minute decorating - this is it!
We made a paper trellis for a corner of our room and it's so easy you are going to love it.
Supplies are super simple: A4 colorful paper, a ruler, a pen and scissors. And a (sello) tape to hold it all.

Take an A4 paper and fold it in half. Position it horizontally and draw lines on the opposite sides as shown, leaving about 2 cm / 0.8" between them and about 3cm / 1.2" at the sides.
Cut it as marked.

When cut, unfold it. Pull vertically and your trellis is done.

If you want to make it larger then use larger format of paper or glue several A4s together. Stick them on the wall and there's your immediate transformation. We used it to hang a sign over it.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Art Fantasy Jewelry

Nadica Zlatkova creates unique copper jewelry behind the brandArt Fantasy Jewelry.  She is a wife and a mother to precious Lea and Kaya that are her everlasting inspiration and encouragment to pursue her career in jewelry design. Art has been a constant throughout her life. She has a degree in graphic  design from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje; she loves to travel and explore the world.

Your shop is called Art Fantasy Jewelry. Is there a story  associated with the name?
The shop carries the name of of my first collection exhibition at the Lee Cafe in 2010. Since the first shop I had opened on Etsy was immediately after that exhibition, that name was most appropriate and it continued to be my trademark.


Your unique, asymmetrical jewelry often includes natural materials. What materials do you employ the most and find subject to experiments?
I want to experiment with different materials because each gives new possibilities to express myself. I adore minerals, copper, brass, wood and lately I have been excessively using and falling in love in leather.

What is the process of creating a unique piece and what part of that process is the one you enjoy the most?
The process starts with a sketch that is transferred onto the material. In most cases, the sketch changes and transforms during the process of creation, finding its true form at the exact moment of creating, because the process alone is inspirational to me.

Where does inspiration come from?
The materials I use to make the jewelry, the shape, texture and color they offer provoke inspiration and the urge to create.

Is there a special place where you like to work and create?
My favourite place is my tiny studio at home. Because of the number of tools and the space I need to work, there is no possibility for me to work in different places.

Is there a technique or other skills you'd like to try your hand at?
Of course. There are lots of jewelry making techniques I'd like to try. At the time being I am focused on the ones I explore right now; it is a kind of a cycle. I don't start a new one until I have explored it to the maximum.
Your plans for the future?
More work, exploration and mastering recent processes.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas on Instagram - @smettikage


smettikage has fairy tale beautiful pictures on instagram styled for Christmas. Visit her for a cup of inspiration.


Friday, December 16, 2016

11 Free DIY Stocking Fillers

Shabby Chic  Brooch
Granny Square Earrings

It is said that gift-giving is a form of  prayer;  it  is  a  sublime  symbol  of  love,  joy,  affection,  peace,  appreciation  and thoughtfulness. When gifts  are exchanged, God blesses both the giver and the receiver of gifts.

To celebrate the holidays and make your loved ones' hearts happy I have compiled these 10 DIY photo tutorials for jewelry and accessories. Enjoy crafting!

Yarn Bow Necklace
Rosette Rings
Cabochon and Pom-Pom Pendant

Crochet Pouches
Crochet Brooch

Embroidered Flowery Pendant
Lace & Crochet Necklace

Boho Tassel Necklace
Crochet Lariat

Happy Holidays!