Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DIY a Boho Tassel Necklace

Hello and welcome to a new DIY! Today we are making a long tassel necklace. It is a fast project and will take you no more than 10 minutes to make it if you have everything ready.
What you need:
1. A fabric piece / strip (rectangular - the shorter - the cuter);
2. A fabric bead (use this tutorial to make it);
3. Embroidery floss;
4. Metal jump rings, chain, 2 clasps, eye pin and a cap.  
>Fold the fabric strip and press the clasps.
>Fold the floss in half. Take a thread and tie the floss tightly. Make a strong knot.
> Insert the thread through an eye pin, and tie another knot around it, to secure it well.
>Next push the pin through the center, add the cap. You can push the thread under the cap and hide the ends on the inside.

> Using round nose pliers, cut the pin to the desired length and make an eye.
>Cut the lower part of the tassel and trim it.
> Add a jump ring to the tassel, a very short chain and attach the bead. Next add a longish chain to the bead and attach the clasped fabric piece.
> And finally add the chain. I made it quite longish - you work on the length that best suits you.
And that's it. In no time you have a perfect necklace for you and the best gift for somebody that you love!

If you make it I would certainly love to see it, so tag me!



Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hi Maya, what a beautiful necklace you made! It looks old fashioned. :)

Divya N said...

I love the colors and the print of the fabric, goes really well with your bohemian themed series

Maya Kuzman said...

Oh, thank you so much Julie!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Divya! The fabric is vintage and I love to use it whenever I can :)

Lazy Gastronome said...

I love this project!! Would love to have you join the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party!

Mrs. R said...

Maya, this is beautiful! I love BoHo Chic and tend to always gravitate there when I'm shopping for new clothes. This would be the perfect accessory especially with a fringed cardigan, don't you think?! xo

Carla a.k.a Mrs. R @

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Helen. I 'd love to!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Carla. I believe this piece can be worn throughout the year and style completely different outfits. Yesterday Eva said she'd have to try it with her favourite turtleneck when it get colder. And you know what? I think it it would look great with it! Fringed cardigan? Fab!

Alhana said...

Oh thank you very much for this tutorial! Last spring I was given some fabric straps, metal jump rings and clasps as part of a crafts exchange and didn't know how to put them together. The lady told me to make bracelets with them although a necklace is a great option too. Now I know how to use my kit! :-)

Maya Kuzman said...

I am glad this is helpful Alhana!I love fabric jewelry very much :)
I hope you enjoy making your piece!

Mimi said...

Maya, this is just beautiful! Even better, you've given me an idea for my Inchies which I just linked at The Charm of Home. Come and visit. I think you'll like them too! Mimi xxx

Kim said...

What a gorgeous and hip necklace. The fabric is divine. Love how you made the tassel.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you so much Kim! I've tried making them in a couple of ways, but this seems the easiest when you use a long piece of floss or yarn.

Mary K. said...

Maya this is a gorgeous piece. Very unique and so pretty that it can be worn by anyone at any age. Love all the details.