Friday, September 23, 2016

Flower Garden Crochet Pattern- How to read crochet charts


Well. I had something completely different planned for the "How to read crochet charts" series, but this lovely pattern stole my heart and I decided to write about it first.

The pattern is called Flower Garden and I had it pinned on my pinterest board for quite some time only recently giving it a try. I am making warmers with this pattern and I love it!

If you find it pleasing too, sharpen your hooks and let's start.

Flower Garden Crochet Pattern
The pattern uses multiples of 11 +7.

Ch 34+1
Row1: in 10th st from hk tr1, ch5, tr1 in the same st, ch 5 (counts as the 1st tr) and (bobble st) 2tr, sk 2 st and make a 3tr bobble in the 3rd st, next ch5 and tr2 to make the 4th petal. Sk3 and bobble 3(tr) in the 4th st. Sk 2 and in the 3rd st tr1, ch5, tr1 in the same st. Repeat flower pattern. Sk 2 and in the 3rd st tr1, ch5, tr1 in the same st.Ch 1 and tr1 in the last st.

Row 2: Ch 5 + 5, sc in the "V" chain below, ch 7 then make a 3tr bobble st in the center of the flower, ch 3 and make another bobble st (I liked the looks of the  flower with 5 petals only, so I skipped 1 in this row -instead of 2 petals, I made just one). Ch 7, sc in the "V" chain, ch 7, repeat the petals pattern, ch 7, sc1 in the chain, ch 5 and end the row with 1 tr.

With this we completed one row of flowers.

Row 3: next row of flowers. Ch 5 and repeat first row of flowers.

Row 4: repeat 2nd row of flowers.

The pattern works really fast when you get the hang of it. Using DK and bulkier yarn makes the pattern really stand out.

For my warmers I used mohair yarn and had to increase the flower pattern to 5 tr instead of 3 to gain on size and texture. I would recommend you use heavier yarn for this pattern.

Also if you are more of a visual  type and understand Spanish, Esperanza has a fantastic video showing this stitch which you can see here.



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One of these days I MUST learn the art of crocheting. Love your warmers, Maya.

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