Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Crochet as Therapy

Taking care of one's mental hygiene is of crucial importance especially in these stressful times where there seems to be no end to the covid, and the shift in our lives has taken a dramatic turn.  

It has been scientifically proven that any crafts (crochet / knitting / DIY projects) have an incredibly beneficial effect on mental health. Crocheting makes people calmer, happier, more relaxed and better able to focus. What makes crochet a yoga for the mind is that it allows us to become completely immersed in the present moment and makes us achieve mindfulness, giving the mind a break from worries about the past / future, thus allowing the brain and body to rejuvenate, refresh and reset themselves. 

Most important benefits of crochet:

1) relieves depression and fights insomnia

2) reduces stress, anxiety and restlessness

3) reduces and postpones dementia 

4) boosts confidence and self-esteem  

Crochet for me has a great therapeutic effect. Being a teacher is not only exhausting, but stressful as well. Coming home to a crochet project and diving into lovely stitches and patterns lets me unload the burden of the day and unwind. The beautiful projects that emerge from these crochet sessions are even more rewarding and fulfilling.

How do you feel about crochet (or any other craft you do)? Does it help?

Monday, May 10, 2021

Artist Spotlight: Josefina Jiménez

One thing will never change. And that is: "you show me flowers, and I am all sold!"
That is how I came upon an extremely talented lady called Josefina Jiménez
Jo, as she introduces herself to the world, is a Chilean (mixed media) artist and illustrator. What draw me immediately to her work is her incredible artistry in creating embroidered flower motifs onto a previously painted canvas. What is also impressive is that she boldly explores colors and textures, as well as employing other materials as a "canvas" to pour over her creative genius.

Take a glimpse of her colorful world on Instagram


Saturday, May 8, 2021

Course Reminder

Earlier this week I posted about the course I am teaming up to commence with Class 101, so if you missed it, here's a short summary:

What will the course be about? 

This course teaches  how to master crochet stitches, patterns and techniques and turn them into a valuable tool to make jewelry, accessories and home decor, with the emphasis being on creating romantic projects with a sprinkle of vintage and a shower of charm. The most important thing is that interested parties will get to shape the curriculum on the basis of their skills and interests.

The course will commence if it attracts 200 followers, so I would appreciate your support by clicking the FOLLOW button on this link. By clicking the follow button, you just show your interest and /or support. It does not require any payment. You will be sent a short (1 min.) survey which will help me define the curriculum.

Thank you for you support! 

I just posted a short video for some ideas for the course. Watch it here

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Granny Squares for Apparels

                                                               Image by

I have repeatedly confessed here about my never ending love with granny squares.  How could one not love them when they bring immense satisfaction when making your home a warm and welcoming nest?

In a post I shared a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Afghans in TV Shows - most of them being granny squares. However, the granny squares, although being very popular for blankets and afghans, have transcended their original use and spread far and wide into other lifestyle realms with an adorable twist. 

 Image by Rowan (Designer Lisa Richardson)

My inspiration for this post is an ongoing granny project - a cardigan or a bolero (still cannot make up my mind about its future status). I've become increasingly interested in using grannies to make clothes - in fact I made a top a couple of years ago, but now I am into making more elaborate garments. The sad truth is that they require a lot of time to be made, a luxury I cannot brag I have enough of. 

But my old soul flutters upon seen granny dresses and cardies. Especially, well constructed and designed as these here in my post. 

What are your thoughts on this?

Image by Free People
 Image by Ibizabohogirl

Monday, May 3, 2021

Learn Romantic Crochet with Me

Hi guys! I have some exciting news to share!

I am teaming up with Class 101 in creating an online video course on Romantic crochet, and the course just went live!

What is the course about? 

This course will teach you how to master crochet stitches, patterns and techniques and turn them into a valuable tool to make your jewelry, accessories and home decor, with the emphasis being on creating romantic projects with a sprinkle of vintage and a shower of charm.

By the end of this course you will have numerous projects finished and you will gain the confidence and skills to start designing your own crochet jewelry, accessories and home decor. 

 Sign up for the course

How does it work? 

Sign up for the course (click on the FOLLOW button). Signing up does NOT require any payment or other info.   

By signing up you receive 25% off which you'll be able to use when the course starts, and you will be offered a survey that will help me shape up the curriculum to better suit your needs and interest.  Completing the survey will gain you an additional 5% off. 

However, the work on the course will not commence until I get 200 followers. 

 Sign up for the course

I am immensely excited to dive into teaching crochet online and would love to have you as followers.

If you have any questions about the course, please share them in the comments.