Monday, June 29, 2015

10 Fabulous and Free Monokini Crochet Patterns

Just as I mentioned in my bikini round up, here's another selection of free crochet patterns for monokinis. They are getting even more popular this year especially the ones with the pineapple pattern. These monokinis can be worn with shorts as  tops and I find the style quite attractive as a beach wear. Enjoy the selection!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Half Doily Necklaces


Happy Saturday guys!
I thought it would be nice to spice up the weekend with a lovely pattern for necklaces that will cheer up your summer.
So I composed this tutorial to help you make them :)
To make these you will need sport yarn (4 colors), adequate hook (read the label), jump rings, metal chain, and a lobster clip.
Choose your assorted colors for the project and with (preferably) white
Chain 3, join to make ring and sc 4 in ring.

(Half) Round 1: Insert new color and sc 4. Ch4 and turn work.

 Round 2: Make a 4dc puff st in the 1st st.  


Ch 2 and make the 4-dc puff in the next st. Repeat this twice. Ch1 and make 1 dc in the last st to end the round.
(In that last st. you will make both the puff and the finishing dc. Work tails as you progress, so you'd have less work later. )

Round 3: Turn work with face up and insert new color.Ch4 and make a 4dc puff in the 1st st.

Ch3 and make the puff in the next st. 

Ch 3 and in the 3rd ch space make a puff, ch3, make another puff.
Ch 3, make a puff in next sp, repeat once more and to end ch1 and make 1 dc in the last space.

Round 4: Insert new color and repeat round 3.

Round 5: Ch3 and turn work. Sc in the 1st space. Ch 4 and sc in next sp. Repeat this to one before last where you ch 3 and sc to end the round.

Round 6: (optional) ch 3and sc in 1st chain.

Next, make a 3-ch picot...

.. ch 2 and sc in the next ch. Repeat this to nearly the end where you will ch 3 and sc to end it.

You can make round 6 or skip it - it looks nice both with the picots and without them.

Add jump rings at the sides, attach the metal chain with the lobster clip and you are ready to go.

Have fun!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Insta feel - Crochet Granny Squares

I follow quite a large group of IGs who crochet - understandably and today I have composed a selection of my all time favourites - granny squares. Feel free to check these ladies out and follow them.

@marretjeroos  @goldilocksknits   @stinhoelgaard   @crochetaholique

@knitpurlhook   @crochetheather   @betulakceylan   @pinklimecrafts     

@withmyhandz   @ireneaimsaard   @elisi_butigim  @rawrustic

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beach Party Ideas

Via amdespot blog

I believe that if I had lived near a water body, I would have made beach parties all summer long. I find them so relaxing yet exciting, with a hint of adventure peeking out.

Today I am sharing some ideas for a beach party I think you will find interesting too. 

Beach sitting - either pillows and small tables on an open plan view

 via prettypicsdelightfultipson tumblr

or an irresistible, romantic, bohemian tent.

via stylemepretty blog

Beach lighting -  either lanterns or candles in the sand - they both create magic

via badreligion on tumblr


Food - simple snacks or big sandwiches and refreshments

 via uncovet blog

via little upside down

Beach activities - telling stories around campfire and playing volleyball with a lighted net.


via allwomenstalk

Your suggestion?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Beaded Crochet Cuff -Summer Delight

Happy Sunday everyone!
As a collective nap is underway in my home, I am stealing precious minutes of quietness to show you my latest cuff.

I beaded it late last night but it was totally worth it! I adore it and decided to make one just like this for my little self.

When I was deciding on the colors I had a picture of a sunset photo I posted on IG and decided to use those same colors for this lovely cuff. So meet my new, crochet and beaded Summer Delight cuff. 

For the technicalities and a little about the story behind it visit my shop here