Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Carnival Scarf - take two

I just cannot get enough of the beautiful spring temps! We used Eva's day off work to visit our favourite place in the park and take some pictures. 
Nothing can replace good natural light and I am glad we took the Carnival scarf for the shoot, to show off these gorgeous colors matched together. 
I am currently writing down the pattern for this scarf, but this time I am using cottons instead of acrylics.  
How's your week going? 

Monday, March 28, 2022


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March is counting its last days off, but this does not mean we are going to let the grannies go so easily. The granny universe is so vast, one month is certainly not enough to cover it. In this post you can learn about great offers Leasure Arts have on the topic of granny squares. The Great-Grannies e-book by Judy Sajewski show the transformation of the concept of crocheted grannies. The books shows you how to create granny bars, wheels, and pie wedges along with new ideas for assembling them. 

When is an afghan more than just something to keep you warm? When it is itself a piece of art. And the 4 afghans in this collection are indeed works of art. These beautiful crochet designs by Kathleen Garen will add color and excitement to any room. Whether you choose to make the Postage Stamp afghan (a traditional scrap afghan in a modern guise) or the warm and comfy Double Puzzle, Heritage Quilt, or Rainbow Circle, The Artsy Afghans e-book is certain to enhance your reputation as an artist.

This wonderful collection of 50 innovative square designs  will quickly become a much-used volume in your personal crochet library. Whether you are looking for a colorful square for a child's afghan, a square suitable for your favorite man, or a dramatic flower design, you'll find it here. The squares, ranging from 5 to 12, are all shown crocheted using worsted (medium) weight yarn. However, you may make the squares in any weight yarn or thread you choose, which will of course change the size and appearance. You should also feel free to change colors to suit your own taste and decor. Different colors can completely change the way a square looks. Patterns include Water Lily, Coral Coneflower, Ruffle-Go-Round, Pineapples, Whirligig, and more.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Flowers of Eden Hexagon

Would it be immodest if I say that I am madly in love with my flowers of Eden?
I am obsessed with them, and my brain is literally swirling with ideas of different uses. First, I am sure a blanket will be quite a satisfying project. Only if I had the time...

Although 7 colors are used for the layered flower motif, it works up fast. The finished hexagon is quite big - it measures 15 cm (5.90”) across and 18 cm (7.08”) down, so it is the perfect choice for a big project. Hexagons are mostly used for blankets/afghans and throws. However, the flowers can be used without the hexi frame to decorate cushions and blankets, maybe attach on hats and bags, or use for other decoration. They also make beautiful brooches. Which is something I'll leave for my next post.
The pattern is in my etsy and ravelry shops.  


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Crochet (Granny) Hexagons

Crochet hexagons, or popularly called "hexies" are perfect for beginners, and they can be used for variety of things, most often blankets, rugs and bags, but they are also popular as potholders and table runners. The same as for  grannies, and triangles, by adding additional rounds, hexies can be expanded to different sizes which makes them suitable for grand projects. 

The most favourite hexagon type in the past was the African flower (free pattern here), while nowadays, I believe the ones with 3D flowers at the center are gaining on popularity. I have one such ready to show you on Friday. 

Have you made anything with hexagons? 
This is a granny inspired month, so if you missed it, here we tackled granny squares, and here we talked about triangles.

Monday, March 21, 2022

🦋🌹Happy Spring!🌹🦋

I already imagine long walks in nature under the warm sun, having  lots of picnics, picking flowers, listening to bird songs, soaking up spring in all its glory! 
May it be beautiful for you too!

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Field of Roses Scarflette - pattern release

I have a new scarflette pattern. It is called Field of Roses and although this week revolved around triangle grannies,  this pattern does not involve the granny stitch. 
I wanted to make a visually interesting triangle and settled for budding roses. 

Again, I used Austermann’s Soufle yarn with a 6mm hook. The scarflette is composed of 7 triangles joined together with a "scalloped" collar. 

It's in my shops: etsy and ravelry.


Thursday, March 17, 2022

Granny Triangle Projects Inspiration

Since we are tackling granny triangles this week, here's a very dear project to me - a granny triangle collar. And I cannot believe I made this a decade ago! 
I don't have the pattern for this, because I worked it on a whim (it happens a lot with me!), but I am reconsidering making another flowery one. 
So making a collar is an interesting way to use triangles, and I also dug into internet to find other examples of their use aside from buntings, but to my dismay, there were so little projects it's truly sad the triangles are overshadowed by the traditional granny square. 
Below I added imaginative use of triangles for bags and hangings (the last ones could be transformed into pouches, paper weights or door stoppers).  
The relevant links are under the photos.