Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tropical paradise dress

Although I strongly believe it should be called Tropical Hell of a dress.
What might seem as sweet, invigorating, expressive design, is in fact the greatest wrong you can afflict to your body (and soul).

The fabric is 100% polyester. It has a silk shine and looking from a distance one might mistake it for silk. It frays like crazy and it wrinkles easily. Not to mention that when worn out in the hot, your body feels like going through all of nine circles of hell. It makes you sweat in buckets and the body cannot breath. So it is advisable to be worn only on cloudy days and preferably only at night.

I knew all of this beforehand. Because I have two other dresses made out of the same polyester (equally lovable designs). I cannot pinpoint the part of my brain that was not functioning when I took out the money to pay for it.

I am also not satisfied with the pattern I chose for it. It's a Burda pattern 7/09. I made many alterations because I didn't like how the original fitted me. I widened it to make it more A-shaped. Second the bust top was gathered too much and too low. I gathered it differently and added the pink ribbon to cover the cleavage, and I think it is still exposed too much. I didn't like the snaky ties/straps that started from the center and went back and instead I added the ruffled straps. All in all I don't think it's worth the time I wasted on it.
So, out of those three dresses I like this one the least. But I am willing to give it a chance and maybe wear it once more...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Striking it the Irish way

Some more crochets in all the colors of the rainbow. Can't shake off the pattern. (Obviously!)
That is a new dress I made myself, the story to follow soon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cordovan crochet necklace

Did you know that I love crocheting beads? Well, I do.
It's a bit of a tiring job since I tend to use a small needle but when finished they bring instant satisfaction.
Sometimes I use wooden beads, other times I like to stuff it with filling because that way I can manipulate the size of the bead.

The above shown is the Cordovan crochet necklace having an Irish rose as a focal point.

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guesting How-Tuesday on Etsy

Guys ... I am over the moon!!

Remember these sweet necklaces?!
Well, several months ago the lovely Julie from Etsy liked the idea so much she invited me over to guest a how to.
I cannot describe my happiness.
Come on over and see it here.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunny lace top

(Disclaimer: I am not trying to give you a smirky smile!)

My newest addition to the summer tops.
I long wanted to make a top with rows and rows of lace coming all the way down.
When I started constructing the piece I realized that my lace was not wide enough and that I would have to make it in more rows which at the end would make the top look ridiculous, so I decided to make it like this.

Two rows below the bust and at the edge. And the neckline is biased with the lace too.
For this top I used a Burda pattern (1/2009-133).

Then I made another crocheted flower with strands which I can wear as a bracelet, a necklace or a headband - whichever suits my current mood. Love these. They are so versatile.

Have a nice week.

Giveaway winner and a short announcement

The lucky winner of the crochet headband giveaway is:

Congratulations Penny! I will be contacting you shortly.

If you are still interested you may find these headbands in my shop where by using the discount shipping code (i.e. free shipping): littletreasures you can have one in a color by your choice .
If you need to contact me about anything you can find my email on my profile page.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crochet Headbands Giveaway

Thank you all for the shown interest in the headbands.
This is a crochet headband giveaway!
You enter the giveaway by leaving a comment with your favourite color for the summer. There are no other conditions. The giveaway is international and everyone can enter regardless of being a follower or not. The winner gets to choose the color of the headband.
I hope you join the fun!

Colors not shown: white,champagne, fuchsia, baby blue, sea green and dim gray.
The giveaway ends on Monday, (20th June) at noon CET.
Update: Giveaway is closed. Thank you all for the overwhelming comments! Winner will be announced shortly. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

By Night or Having a Fabulous Swap Partner

Yesterday was a very happy day for me! My heart was filled with joy because I received Nat's beautiful gift. The lovely package we thought got lost in the mail finally arrived!

When Nat asked me if I was in for a swap I accepted wholeheartedly knowing that I am to expect a fabulous treat for the eyes and heaven for the soul.

And I was not mistaken! I danced like crazy around the house, leaping for joy upon seeing this gorgeous clutch in the softest pink to fit my romantic mood! The lovely flower on it is detachable so I can also wear it as a brooch! Isn't that wonderful?!
Nat was so thoughtful she hid a surprise inside. Chocolate!

I still cannot believe that I own this stunning belt! Nat crocheted it specially for me! It is so meticulously done with so tiny - mosaic-like stitches - it is amazing - and that orange part made out of whim is the perfect detail. I love it!!

And she also included this stunning fabric! I couldn't take my eyes off of it! I already know what to do with it!

And to top it all she has written the most beautiful letter, pouring her heart out... moved me to tears..
Nat, you are the sweetest. I thank the heavens for having you as a friend, far away yet close to my heart! Thank you for being yourself, for having the heart you have and the love you carry with you and for the courage to share it with other people. I know I am blessed to know you!

If you are still not familiar with Nat's work you don't know what you are missing! She makes fabulous clothes and accessories. And her bags< are magnificent. For more candies visit her blog and her shop.

If you like to see my part of the swap you can do so here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Crochet headbands galore!


And here's my newest collection!
Pouring down in lovely rainbow colors, just the way I like it.
My heart is full!

Hm.... would anyone be interested in a small crochet headband giveaway?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Queen Anne's Lace Headbands

I have to show you my latest creations. The headbands I made using (again?!!) the Queen's pattern. I think these will be my favourites this summer. My hair is almost always tied up and away from my face and these will not only serve the purpose but will be a beautiful detail and addition to my clothes.

They are great as chokers too...
These two have been snatched right away after the shots were taken, by my dear sister in law and my lovely niece! But I have been busy creating the palette.
You know me.. I cannot stop with just two or three :)

(Yours truly caught off guard)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Queen Anne's Lace scarf

Here is the scarf I made using the Queen Anne's Lace pattern.
It is so easy to make those lovely shells, so once you start you cannot put it down.

For the scarf I wanted to use this lovely burgundy baby soft cotton yarn and I think I chose right because the scarf gains more on richness.

Now I think I might need one in orange or cordovan perhaps...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Royal edge refashion

Here's my newest refashion.
I am eternally in love with the queen Anne's lace pattern and I thought it would be stunning if I use it to refashion a tee. The pattern is quite easy and the crochet progresses fast and smooth. I used this altered pattern for my edge.

I couldn't help and started a scarf too. But more about it when it gets finished.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Refashion it with an edge

I've been seeing all these crochet edgings on linen sheet and pillows and whatnot and I just couldn't take it any more. I decided to make some myself.

So, yesterday I rummaged through my wardrobe in search for the tees that need a face lift and I selected this three for starters (you didn't actually think I could stop with only 3?) and was so engrossed in the crochet my husband had to ward off his wardrobe with a stick in sheer fear I might attempt crocheting edges on his shirts and tees... Eva was delighted and already selected which ones are to be "adorned".

I must say I love how they all turned out with exception of the lilac one because for that I used embroidery floss, very thin so the edge is tiny... I couldn't find the appropriate shade in my crochet yarn.

But this is not the end. There's more to come.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crochet in June

A couple of months ago I became a proud subscriber of the of the digital edition of Crochet! magazine.
The deal was totally worth the money. I received a whole vault filled with crochet treasures and I didn't even manage to scroll through half of them (there are more than 25 mags), let alone make something. (Side-note: there is a jam-packed archive of e- Knitting magazines on my computer, gathering dust, with not a single project made from there.... sigh...)

But, as I always say, there will be days... hopefully...
The reason for this post was their July edition that just landed in my mailbox and reminded me of the beautiful projects I pinpointed. Here's a portion to spur ideas and creativity.