Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Nowadays I am too tired for anything. Long years spent juggling three jobs is certainly taking its toll and recently I started paying it off. So, I wasn't planning on putting on a costume or any make-up. But I admit. I got weak and at the last minute decided to do the fastest thing I can which is this - The Day of the Dead - make up.

So I wasn't much productive this year. For example I was dying to paint my jars like this and make a new Halloween wreath.

Instead, at home and school we made some paper pumpkin buntings and dancing witches and we also carved pumpkins online using this site
You can see Jacob's and my pumpkins. After carving them you can make the image a puzzle - Jacob loved that immensely.


And I also made this tutorial which my kids adore. Especially the witches that hang around the house :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Around The World in 80 Skeins - Montenegro, Egypt, Guatemala and Sri Lanka

Wow! We are traveling at light speed meeting so many extraordinary designers. I love learning new things first-hand and dotting down places I would love to visit once in my life {fingers crossed}.

This past week featured the lovely Elena Fedotova from Montenegro
I think her cardi here is to die for!

Faima Othman from Egypt
I adore her shrugs and shawls! 

Ana Contreras from Guatemala
 Look at those stitches!

And last but not least - Erangi Udeshika from Sri Lanka
Her Bird Nest is adorable! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Make a Rustic Button Brooch

I cannot tell you how much I missed making simple projects like this one. When I get immersed in a big crochet project and it starts to become more tedious than anticipated, I itch to make something simple yet fulfilling that will ease my mind off. 

This is such a project and it gets finished in literally 5 minutes- like in five minutes.

I named it - The Rustic Button Brooch. Isn't it adorable?
Let's make it. 

For this project you need:

- a wooden (or other button)
- a paper or fabric flower (mine is paper)
- and a piece of crochet lace (ecru for a more rustic effect would be desirable) or ribbon
- (hot) glue (I used liquid silicon glue - mind, this takes time to dry)


 Add glue on one of the sides (you can add glue all over it if you like because you will add the flower in the end)

 Add the lace by making folds. Press it so it glues nicely.


Add glue for the flower...


 Put the flower on top.

Glue a pin at the back .


And that is it! 
Stand back to admire your new, adorable brooch :)

You can pin it on shawls, cardis, hats or bags.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bohemian Bracelet #2 Crochet Pattern

I had so many request for a pattern for this bracelet, I finally decided to make it. 

You can download it from etsy, ravelry and craftsy

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Around The World in 80 Skeins - Mexico, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia and Thailand

I wanted to closely follow the travel through the 80 skeins, but you know, when life happens, things do not go as planned.
So here I am catching up on all the lovely destinations I missed to introduce and feature.  

Lili Go from Malaysia

Thata Pang from Indonesia

Michael Harrigan from Thailand

Sally Cameron from Cape Town in South Africa

Maria Isabel from Mexico

Check out all of the interviews and enjoy the work of all these amazing crochet designers!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The amazing crochet of Sophie Digard


    When I first saw the work of Sophie Digard, I was stunned.  It was the above amazing necklace which captured me with its combination of velvet and crochet flowers in gorgeous colors. 

    Beside the necklaces, her scarves are unique artwork created in her magical Madagascar workshop where she uses rustic linen, merino wool and cotton thread. Her extensive colour palette is out of this world – I learned from Selvedge - the site that sells her work - that each hue used in her creations is made up of sixty threads in merino, mohair, and velvet which gives rich, intense individual tones and makes each item unrepeatable.

    Enjoy the selection I chose!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spooktacular Bunting!


For this Halloween I made a tutorial for a crocheted witch and pumpkin bunting. The witches are so cute, especially the ones flying on a broom. The pattern is incredibly easy and so fun. You can find it here

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall trend - knee high socks


Knee high socks are trending this fall - a style I find utterly casual and romantic. To be honest, I haven't worn knee long socks since the 70s, but I am deeply in love with them.

The best way to wear these is over tights with skirts and dresses and they can be worn with boots, flat shoes and high heels depending on the preferences.

Here are some patterns I found online:
1. Red: Darlington
2. White: Blanche-Neige
3. #13 Lace Stockings

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Around the World in 80 Skeins

A while ago I was contacted by Kimberly from 80 skeins with a phenomenal idea of making a journey around the world (inspired by Jules Verne) on which she will interview designers from all over the globe and talk about how culture and environment inspires design.

I cannot describe how excited I am about this!!!
Since I want to create something special for this project my interview is scheduled for November

However the journey has already started in Kuwait and I invite you to visit Kimberly's blog and her first guest Yasmin Gamal and her stunning creations!

Also check out the following destinations here