Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Double Crochet Stitch Scarf - free pattern

On the Cut Out + Keep blog  for the Technique Tuesday I have a tutorial for making a double crochet stitch. If you are a beginner, hop over there to learn the stitch because I have a great scarf for you to make using a double crochet. 

What you need to make this scarf:

- 50 (or 100 gr) yarn depending on the length you want for it and adequate hook. For my scarf I used a DK yarn and 3 mm hook. I recommend you use bulky(er) yarn. Sport and fine yarn would make a small(er) and thinner scarf. 
When you choose your yarn consult the label because it gives recommendations of hooks for that particular yarn.

This is also a great project if you have a lot of leftover yarn so you can mix it up and make a colorful scarf.

Here's the pattern for the scarf:

Chain 35 and make a dc in the 7th stitch.

Next, chain 1, skip 1 and dc in the next stitch,

 Repeat the above pattern until the end of the row.

Chain 3 and turn work.

Next, make a dc over the dc from the previous row.

Repeat the pattern: chain 1, skip 1, 1 dc until the end.

Finish the row by chaining 1 and making a dc in the loop 
(the arrow is pointing to it) from the row below.

 And that is it!
Repeat the pattern until you achieve 
the desired length for your scarf.

A crocheted flower would be a nice detail.
Try wrapping it differently to choose 
the style that fits you the best. Enjoy this!
  You can download the free copy from Ravelry.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

It's lovely and very simple to make but really pretty with the addition of the flower. Best wishes, Tammy

homemade@myplace said...

thank you, xxxxx Ale

Unknown said...

Now I'd be able to do the basics Maya, which is quite something, lol! But that flower is absolutely striking and makes your scarf look awesome! What a sweet daughter you have!
Ira’s Crea Corner

Linda said...

Such a pretty scarf Maya and what a gorgeous raspberry colour, just perfect for cheering up a grey winter day x

Maria said...

Beautifully done scarf! Thanks for sharing this at my last party! Stop by this Friday for another party'
Thanks Maria