Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall trend - knee high socks


Knee high socks are trending this fall - a style I find utterly casual and romantic. To be honest, I haven't worn knee long socks since the 70s, but I am deeply in love with them.

The best way to wear these is over tights with skirts and dresses and they can be worn with boots, flat shoes and high heels depending on the preferences.

Here are some patterns I found online:
1. Red: Darlington
2. White: Blanche-Neige
3. #13 Lace Stockings


Linda said...

I have to agree Maya they do look fabulous. I have just one pair of over the knee socks in my sock drawer. I bought them to wear under my trousers (so hidden from sight) at work as I needed extra warmth from the cold. But showing them off with a nice Winter skirt would be lovely x

Unknown said...

They do look awesome, don't they! (provided one has the right pair of legs, that is, lol!) Especially the lacey ones are stunning, I'd wear them with a nice tunic!
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Jamie Morton said...

These socks are amazing! And the dresses are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Great pics.

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Agy said...

Very pretty socks and I love the look of them. A pity that it is too hot over here to wear them, although the lacey type might work!

Purfylle said...

I have a whole drawer full of knee high socks, my knees don't look like those though. I wear them just for me under long skirts in the middle of winter with my favourite boots. I'm glad to hear I'm also fashionable - who knew?