Friday, August 30, 2013

My Craft Cupboard


Here's my craft cupboard / Yarn storage place. It is on a wall with two big windows at the sides so taking a picture of it is difficult.
But, what's important is that finally my yarn has its own home and it does feel great having it all in one place. The bottom "pigeon boxes" are currently filled with what I call inspiration boosters, but there will be some changes. Because of the renovating work we had, I had to just fill the drawers and  bottom cupboards with ribbon / lace / supplies boxes, which I will probably reveal some other time.

Wishing you a lovely evening, I am signing off!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Japanese Flower Headband

Those who follow my Facebook Fan Page have already seen this headband featured there. I fell in love with the flower the minute I saw it and I even made a mini version of it with a "microscopic hook" I inherited from my grandmother and equally spider web-like cotton thread.

Today is a holiday in my country celebrating the Day of the Virgin Mary. It has been a relaxed and lounge around (not all) day and I must say that I always feel strange lounging in the middle of the week when we should be bursting with or at least at the top of our energy and as a matter of fact I burst it in my kids' room and did some "summer cleaning". It's much easier to do it when the kids are not around (mine are still on vacation at their grandparents) in the sense you can get rid of the stuff they won't let go of. Maybe I am not one who should say this being on the "let's keep this one - we might need it one day" side. 
My husband absolutely hates it when in midst of throwing something I'd say "I need that - I might use it in a project". However, I tried to be reasonable today, not get attached to things and actually filled two big boxes to the brim with unnecessary things. So speaking of decluttering, I did my best.

Tomorrow I am going to re-arrange supplies in my craft cupboard  and show you some pictures of it. Maybe you remember my husband promised to make me one a while ago. Well he kept his promise. Needless to say I am in love with it!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bracelets galore

Romantic bracelet by Little Treasure
Romantic bracelet, a photo by Little Treasure on Flickr.

Hi everyone! It's Friday finally and we've just said  "bye, bye" to the guys that replaced all our old wooden window frames. The house is bathed in fine, super miniscule dust - the one that gets everywhere so smoothly and that is so persistent on staying on things you just cannot wash it / wipe it away to save your life!

Amidst all the chaos I managed to finish a bracelet (the mustard one) because I am to participate in a craft show in early September and I've been making some new things. These are some of the bracelets I will take with me. Hope to finish a zillion things until then.

Have a lovely weekend - I'll be tackling some dust :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Mini Flower - a photo tutorial

Hi guys!

Today I have prepared a photo tutorial I am sure you are going to like. As the name says, it's about mini flowers. The pattern is quite simplistic, but hey - don't count them off. These are perfect for making last minute gifts and you can use them to make tons of stuff. 

You can see from the pictures above that they are also the perfect project for that left over yarn lying about.
So, grab some yarn and onto the pattern.



 Or just in good ol' words:

Chain 5 and join with the last chain from hook to make ring.
Round 1: make 4 sc in the ring
Round 2: *chain 5 and join with the next st by making a sl st" 
Repeat from * to * for the remaining stitches.

Let's throw some ideas how to use the mini flowers. 
They are perfect to make some accessories (barrettes, pins, headbands even little girls' necklaces and rings), decorate clothes, make garlands, etc.  

Hope you like them!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

African Violet Bracelet - a photo tutorial

If you love African violets just as much as I do, then you'll understand my urge to crochet one. This is a pattern I used a couple of years ago to make corsages for a certain occasion. The photo tutorial contains instruction for the African violet, the Rose, the bracelet (foundation),  crocheted loop and crocheted button.  Find it here.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Creating and collaborating - The Flower Girl Headband

As you already know, I had the pleasure to work with wonderful Jill of Lune Lens on a styling project resulting in amazing photos each shaped and lined with a story of its own. 

Go to Jill's place to read her thoughts about it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sea Shells PDF Pattern

Sea shells are the jewels of the sea.

All unique in their beauty they are an endless source of fascination and delight for all who love these little treasures.
With this photo-tutorial you can make cotton shells to bring you joy all year round.

More info here


Some ideas how to use these adorable shells:

* make a mobile
* use as appliqués and sew onto pillows, blankets, dresses, cardigans and other pieces of clothing
* make children’s jewelry with them like brooches, pins, beautify headbands
* use them as ornaments (summer sea –themed party) or maybe to decorate your beach hats and bags
* make banners and garlands, etc.

You just need to let your imagination run wild!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Beads Necklace

One of the best things about being a blogger is that you get to meet a lot of wonderful people and make friends across countries, mountains and oceans. 

The above treasures were sent to me by my blog buddy Ira for my birthday. There was no end to my joy!

I couldn't let these lovelies sit in the box for long  and made myself a lovely necklace!
Thank you so much Ira!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Little Treasures and Lune Lens

I cannot tell you how happy I am! It's beyond measures :)
I recently partnered with the amazing Jill from Lune Lens and she made an incredible and breath taking photo session with some of my crocheted accessories!

Her aesthetic is inclined towards capturing simple, natural elements crowning them with a vintage feel. Her photography is timeless bearing the quality of an enchanting fairy tale!

Here's a short introduction of Lune Lens by Jill:

"Lune Lens Product Photography is about telling the story of handmade, independently created products through signature styled imagery. Lune Lens produces images which combine modern simplicity with natural elements and the mellow tones of vintage film photography. We know first hand what it takes to create a handmade business from scratch and how difficult it can be to attempt being a jack of all trades. Visual components such as styling and photography are strong factors in deciding how many customers will be drawn to your products among a sea of handmade creations. Lune Lens will add the glow and magic your editorial images require to capture the attention your business deserves."

There is an opportunity for you to work with Lune Lens. Lune Lens accepts a variety of subject matter to style and photograph including jewelry & accessories, cuisine, apparel, children's wares, home decor and lifestyle items. So contact Jill for an amazing deal.


Thank you so much Jill!!
Product photography courtesy of Lune Lens Photography

This headband is available here