Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Crochet Ramblings

I don't know about your part of the world, but we have been having a rainy May.
I expect to start growing mushrooms on myself any day now.
However, my shop always cheers me up, and all the colorful yarn inside make my days brighter and happier despite the horrid weather outside. And it makes me think of summer.
Which brings me to this particular thread. 
The Kordenet Flash has an amazing palette of colours and I have been eyeing  several of them for my summer project. First I wanted to make myself a dress, but the thread is thin and unless I double it, it will take forever to make it. Then, I thought that a dress as such is quite limiting as compared to a blouse and a skirt, because as a two-piece, I can combine them with other blouses, tops and skirts. 
So, a two-piece it is going to be. 
Now, I am wavering between the blues and the greens. They are both beautiful (the blouse will be in the lighter shade and the skirt in the darker), but at the moment, I am still indecisive. 
Will let you know which ones I chose. 
Wishing you a lovely day ahead!

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

New Pattern Bundles in the Shop


Boho Home Decor

After what seems like ages, I bundled up some of my patterns again. With these bundles you get 25% off of the regular price if you were to buy them individually.
By combining the patterns in each of the bundles you get numerous versatile ways to make jewelry, decorate your home, or make some amazing gifts. All it takes is some yarn, a hook and a whole bucket of wild imagination! 
To get to the bundles, click on the links under the pictures, or simply click here to get to my shop. 
Thank you!

Monday, May 8, 2023

Crochet Videos on TikTok

Happy start of the week crochet friends!
I joined the bandwagon and created a TikTok account for my small business. 
It has been a completely new, exciting and invigorating experience being able to connect with fellow crocheters and same-minded people.
I am only sad that making videos for youtube cannot be as fast as making them on TikTok. But, I'll eventually get there.

Friday, May 5, 2023

On my hook: Flower Garland

Happy Friday guys!
Today is a beautiful, warm and sunny day. My shop/ studio is surrounded by lovely green trees and bushes, and they create a wonderful, calm and relaxing atmosphere. The one that fuels creativity. So, after God knows how long, I've taken my hook again and started working on a flower garland. I worked on the sketch first, trying to transfer my mind's vision of it, and luckily, I didn't have to re-do anything because it turned out flawlessly. 
Now I have to work on the edging and I want it to be lacy, romantic and rich. 
Wish me luck!
What are you plans for the weekend? Will you squeeze some crochet?