Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vintage balloon dress

I found a little store with beautiful vintage children's scarves. I couldn't restrain myself and bought a whole bunch. Here's just a few:

Animal themed
For the little sailor(ess)

And with the most beautiful ones I made this breezy and summery bubble dress.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dragon queen dress

I have had this fabric for years. Sitting in the corner of the closet, waiting patiently to see the light of day. I always thought it was dreadful but never articulated my thoughts since it was a gift and - of course- I know my manners.
Now, when this ugly duckling of a fabric has transformed into a lovely swan I take back everything I thought earlier. It has turned out great - except for the front part. The pattern I used required a front zipper. A front zipper on a saten? No thank you. So I left it without a zipper. However, it turned out that it does not close well and it seems as if my bust is yawning. After thinking it for a while I believe that it's the frog closure it is missing. Yes, and it fits perfectly with the design of the dress. So frog closure it's going to be!