Saturday, March 30, 2013


Just cannot stop beading! Made the beads myself, instead of using wooden ones. Enjoyed every minute of it!

Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Simple Easter Decoration 2

Easter is a very precious period celebrated in our household through  numerous enchanting traditions. A special segment of it where the kids love to take part is the creation of Easter decorations. Every year we try to create simple yet catching scenes and decorations to capture the joyous and blissful nature of Easter.

For today’s post I created an easy crepe paper rose tutorial I am sure will win your hearts.  It has been quite a hit around the internet. This is how we made it
Crepe Paper Rose Decoration
What you need:
- crepe paper                                   - a wooden stick / straw

- scissors                                           - glue or sellotape 

a) Cut various sizes of circles  - these are for the petals. The small(er) ones are for the inside petals, while the bigger for the external.
b) Fold the cut-outs in half.

c) and d) Fold 2 more times to get the conus shape.
e) Next, cut the angles to make it rounder. It should resemble an upside-down teardrop.  
f) Unfold it as shown and cut through the center.

g) You can cut once through the center here, or leave it as is.
h) If you want to gain a rich flower you need a lot of petals. Make some more.
i) and j)  Insert the wooden stick / straw inside and glue the petals together.
k) and l) Glue the petals one over the other minding to hide the gap of the previous petals. 
For the heart / inside of the rose, you might find the use of sellotape much more helpful, although I had no problems using a regular liquid glue.

Finish it by adding the large petals. When done, fold the top of each of the petals , so that it gains a nice, natural {curly) look.  As you can see from the photo I also made a white one using an ordinary sheet of paper which is also very favourable for this type of project.

The roses will certainly make your Easter decorating richer and more beautiful.

This was a post written for Homegrown and Healthy
Please visit Aubrey's place for some inspiration. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Simple Easter Decoration

This year I decided to decorate various corners of my home with simple Easter decorations with things I already have at hand. 

For this project I used satin petals to decorate the branches we collected from the yard. Added a decorative ribbon on the glass vase to ward off monotony. For the eggs cups I re-used carton caps. The "wheat bouquet" is memorabilia from my engagement party. This year it'll turn 14. It is something I treasure deeply and keep using again and again!

Hope you like it
Another project coming up in a day or two!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anemone Headbands in crochet

Spring has officially arrived, here not only by the calendar.
The temps are slowly rising and  the first blooms on trees can be seen. And amazingly how the little birdies feel it in the air. I wake up every day to their singing and chirping, something that cannot be heard in winter.

To celebrate spring, I made these headbands with my favorite anemone flower which you may remember from this post here and here.These are for Little Misses and can easily be transformed to suit mom's/girl's fancy. From a headband into a choker or a necklace onto a corsage. Tied around a ponytail or around a tote's handle for a spruce-up! Isn't that great?

That's all from me for today!    

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter Egg Crochet Basket - PDF Pattern

Easter Eggs are one of the most beautiful and appreciated symbols of Easter. They convey the everlasting notion of fertility, new life and re-birth.

So for a brighter and more cheerful Easter, I crocheted some baskets and also created a photo –tutorial for  them. The flower –resembling baskets are a wonderful way for  Easter eggs
display, decorating an Easter scene or to give them as gifts.

The pattern can be bought here and here

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vial beads storage

Last summer I bought nail beads in vials (the far left and far right ) and liked the idea so much I decided to order some to store my beads in. Truth be told, I could really use some bigger  then these, however much better then the little plastic bags they were in.
I have them displayed on my inspiration board and use them for small projects. The box with the ugly storage is tucked away, and is taken out only for big projects. 

If you have any interesting ideas how to store beads, I'd love to hear :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring{ing}to life!

On weekends we love to go out in the country, explore it and  enjoy it! After being in the suffocating city for a week, we rarely miss spending a weekend and are usually out and about. This time we went to a rural village where we knew there would be lovely forests and fields offering feast for the senses. We witnessed the nature springing to life and budding.

On the dirt road we have never previously taken, we noticed a sign saying that there was a church nearby so we went to see it.

On the way to the church we met a villager whom my husband struck up a conversation with and he readily invited us over to his pen to see his billies and nannies. 
When we entered, they ran to us happily, just like small kids (I mean children - no pun intended here:). It was an adorable scene.
The one I am holding is the youngest suckling. While I held it, it put its head onto my chest like a real baby. It was a precious moment!!

 Jacob was immensely happy  :)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

P.S. Remember the sewing machine? 
Well, I bought one!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Little Miss Jewelry - Collection for little and big girls

Here's what I've been working on lately. 
I call this the "Little Miss" Jewelry Collection. 
As previously told, our Little Miss was not much into the photo shoot, she was resilient to bribe and ignorant of our pleas, so this one's going to be a lengthy process. 
However, I made some "model-less" pics of the latest bracelets and necklaces. For these, I used my beloved crocheted beads and flowers - something I immensely love crocheting

With this, I wish you a Happy weekend! 
I am going sewing machine hunting tomorrow and hoping to return with my hands full :)