Saturday, March 2, 2013

When life gives you a sewing machine, you go buy fabric!

Maybe life didn't give me too many lemons; instead I got a sewing machine :)

Some of you may recall this warning letter my sewing machine sent to my husband - well it got fixed all right, but somehow it is not the same anymore, and that can be noticed by the sheer lack of sewing related posts. For a long time now I really haven't had the desire to sit down and sew something , except for the pouches for my shop. 

Anyhow, I spied some interesting offers of new sewing machines I am eager to check out and I desperately want to get myself a new one. You may not have known this, but I have 3 sewing machines, none of which is my own. I got them from (grand)(in-law)mothers. So you can understand the desire to actually own one. So, if the stars are aligned, that might happen soon. 
And as I hinted in the title, I did buy some fabric (mostly tulle, taffeta and organza) and some lovely lace. I will be sewing some girls' accessories. I get excited just by thinking about it!

Have a nice weekend!   


Divya N said...

I love the lace you have got...cant wait to see what you do with them

Michele Pacey said...

Best of luck with the sewing machine shopping! That'll be so much fun!

Ira Huberts said...

Happy shopping Maya, there are so many wonderful machines out there. The lace looks wonderful, how are you going to use it? Just curiosity ;-)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I never learned to sew -- a friend tried to teach me to use a sewing machine when I was in my early 20's. It didn't go so well. I will do simple hand sewing but even that isn't very good. I hope you get what you want very soon. I'm sure you will make lots of wonderful things when you do. Best wishes, Tammy

Maria Nazareth said...

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