Friday, August 31, 2018

Eva's New Bralette

This is Eva's new bralette I designed myself. Started late in July it was actually finished last week, which is really funny because it can be done in a matter of hours. How do I know this? Well, I made another one.

This is actually the first in a row of "clothes" patterns that I am in the middle of designing and these reveal a new chapter in my life / family business. The only thing that dims this new chapter is that I have never before had so many wips started and going on at the same time.

There are a couple of things that I have changed with the new bralette and with the new one I've tried playing with size M, which turns my stomach up and down when I think of it, but hopefully my testers will see and prove if that playful endeavor was worth it.

Wishing you a happy weekend I wave you goodbye!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

DIY Boho Rag Necklace

I made a DIY photo tutorial for a fabric rags necklace for my">website's blog.
Do drop us a visit to learn how to make this eye-catching necklace.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Insta love: Tulle Embroidery

Tulle embroidery is something I have been insanely attracted to lately and immensely tempted to try it. I cannot possibly imagine how such a fragile canvas can endure heavily stitched images and such work leaves me dumbfounded. 

For today I chose a couple of artists with spectacular embroideries on tulle. One of them is who uses her tulle embroideries as appliques.

Below, works of linenandfredembroidery

Sunday, August 26, 2018

What I Have Pinned Lately #13

The internet was swarmed with million of fantastic creative ideas this month, some make me sad I lack time to try them myself.
Like this adorable nursery wall décor above for one. 
Rebecca gives us this amazing shawl pattern.
Then there is this stich that gives a nice texture and it's called Purl & Slip. Instructions by Jessica.

Lastly, some Casablankan squares.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

Mix & Match: Desert Rose

Happy Friday all! Are you excited about the weekend? I certainly am and want to squeeze every single atom of this beautiful although at certain points, scorching hot weather we have right now, because believe it or not, the forecast says we'll have a sudden drop of temps up to the 15 C, which is drastically low.
I have wished for cooler weather but not as cool as that, mind you! Hopefully, we'll manage to score another day at the beach and have fun - I am still not ready to end the summer...
Enough of small talk. Before I sign off, here's my newest mix & match necklace. I am not a great fan of combining yellow (ocre) and red and not that I haven't done it before, but I came out of my pleasing eye and comfort zone for this one. I worked on it absent-mindedly and alas! I forgot to snap a picture of the individual flowers. It dawned on me after I had them all piled up and sewn together.
This is how I did it:
I used a crochet trim as foundation onto which I piled that luxurious ocre rose, stuffed a daisy on top of it and crowned it with that tiny red flower.
I sewed the wooden necklace around it and voila! For this one I left that ties as are - thought of adding another row of crochet, but shrugged the idea off!
Have a beautiful, fulfilling weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

DIY Boho Dreamcatcher


Welcome to a crafty Wednesday!
I have hinted several times here on the blog that I was making girly home décor and while working on this particular dream catcher, I decided to document the process and show you guys how I made it.

If you like this, well what are you waiting for? Jump on the bandwagon and let's have some fun!
What you need:
* An embroidery hoop (size as per your liking; mine is small - 20 cm in diameter);
* A palette of colorful yarn. I chose 4 colors for this.
* Pom-poms
* A crochet rose (pattern given below)
* A plastic flower (optional) and plastic leaves / vines.
Not shown but used: sewing thread, felt patches and hot glue / silicone.


Make the tassels first. The length of the cardboard dictates the length of the tassels. Mine is 15 cm long. I wound the yarn 15 times around it since I was working with sport yarn and I wanted my tassels a bit thick. Cut at the bottom and cut another longish thread that you will need to tie the tassel with. Minding that both sides are equal, pass one side of it over the hoop, hold it all together tightly and tie it. Make a nice knot to secure it well.
Add the others in your chosen color combo. The longish threads are actually the ones I used for tying. When done with them, line them and cut the ends that peek out.

Making the mesh
Tie the yarn around the hoop and make a tight knot. Take it over to a point on the next side and yarn that over a couple of time while pulling tightly so that the mesh is tense. Work on the pattern of your mesh while securing it every time you pass it on, on the other side. When I was done with the mesh I brought the thread to the place I started it and tied a knot there, but I also planned that spot to be the one where I'd put the flower arrangement so that the knot would be covered. Plan accordingly.

Tie the leaves together and then tie them onto the hoop.
Sew the pom poms together and then glue a patch on the bottom.
Glue that patch over the leaves and on the hoop. Glue another patch over that to hide the work.

To the same for the flower arrangement on the other side.
You can use plastic, fabric or crochet flowers. I combined a crochet rose with a textile flower for the other side.

Here's the pattern for the rose:
Sport yarn, 3.00 mm hook

Ch 50. Turn work and hdc in every stitch across.
Ch3, make a picot, sk 1, sc in the next. Repeat this to the end.

Leave long tails which you will use to sew the rose together. Take one end and roll the trim you have made into a circle to get a flower like this.
And with this, you are done! I hope you like it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Bohemian Mandala Bags

I had these bags crocheted last year when I launched my Bohemian dreams collection, but somehow they didn't make it in time for the photo shoot, and I had completely forgotten about them until recently, so we had a blitz photo shoot in my most favourite street in Ohrid this past weekend.
I keep referring to them as mandala bags, although that circle ends up as a square. The color combinations are soft and attractive and although the burgundy red bag might appear slightly strong, I believe the sherbet fringes give it the right balance.
The bags can be found in my shop: burgundy & sherbet  and brown.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Insta Love & Inspiration: Folt Bolt

Today's inspiration Monday post is homage to an amazing artist, Kriszta Kemeny, who has been promoting fellow artists around the world, unselfishly and devotedly for many years, beautifying the world with the enchanting and attractive ambiance radiating from her colorful corner known as Folt Bolt.

 Kriszta Kemeny

Kriszta is a Hungarian in Australia, with a very colorful artistic background. She had run her business for 18 years, designing and producing patchwork home accessories, accessories for children's room, unique felt bead necklaces and distinctive women's and kid's clothes. Closing her business in 2012, she decides to showcase the amazing artwork of designers she admired.

Folt Bolt has grown to represent a rich, spectacular vault filled with art, colors, creativity and talent, featuring inspiring artists and designers, offering an everlasting visual stimulation every day. 

Folt Bolt Shop

Friday, August 17, 2018

Crochet Bunting Galore

The latest from our creative corner are these buntings I made for the kids' shop. I played with colors and patterns and though they are finished I somehow feel I could add something more to make them really stand out. Upgrade planned for next week.
As for this week, it went away in a swoosh! I really hate August halving itself so fast. Did it go fast for you too?
We have the weekend all planned out and I will definitely share a glimpse of it in my stories. What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Type of Crochet: Irish Crochet

I have tried and used many types of crochet. For the purpose of journaling these tries and uses I am going to start a series of posts on the types of crochet. As being immensely attracted to the Irish crochet as a way of lace making I am starting the series with it.
Irish crochet lace was developed in Ireland in the mid-1800s during the potato famine as a way to support families. Crocheting was a simpler way to make lace and the techniques were easy to learn.

Irish Crochet Lace is made with a very fine steel crochet hook and fine crochet cotton or linen thread. It begins with an outline of the pattern on a piece of cloth. Each motif is  crocheted separately, using cotton cord for volume and shaping. The finished motifs are then basted onto a cloth in the shape of the pattern. The motifs are then joined with a mesh of chains and sometimes picots. When all the motifs have been joined together to form one piece of lace, the basting stitch is removed from the back cloth, revealing the completed lace.

Lately I have been focusing more on Irish crochet lace, working on some flowers and leaves designs. Designing them is fun and a great way for me to wind off.
Irish flowers and leaves being the facets of this type of crochet, it goes without question that I have already shared a free pattern for a lovely flower.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Insta love: Eleven Handmade

Instagram is rich with phenomenal designers and Linda Skuja is one of them.
Today I am sharing her account. She loves playing with unusual patterns and creating mind-blowing creations.
Personally, I am in love with this zig-zag pattern she created - looks amazing on both sweaters and cardis/kimonos.

Friday, August 10, 2018

DIY: Pull Off a Handmade Bohemian Look

If you carry a boho sparkle in yourself, it is easy to style your bohemian looks. Pulling off the bohemian look has never been easier: you basically need a fringed top, long wavy / breezy skirt, a kimono, a scarf and a hot bag and you are all done.
Here are some ideas how to make your own bohemian clothes without breaking the budget.
Geneva offer a lovely tutorial how to make this dress. Isn't it amazing? I am in love!
This is a super tutorial. Turn a scarf into a top. Adventurous!!
Jess suprises with yet another phenomenal top!
If you missed this, a couple of weeks ago I had shared a fringed granny top.
Next, we have kimonos in line. The crochet one is quite practical because it can  be worn throughout the year. The sewn kimono - quite a big hit several summers in a row.

Lastly, I have included my repurposed bag into the selection. If you have an old pair of jeans, turn them into a boho beach bag.