Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Wishes for a Happy New Year!

May you have a wonderful time with your family and may this be a year filled with good health, tons of love and great success!
I'll see you next year :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Paper filigree

It does sounds much refined than just quilling, don't you agree?
These are some of the cards we made by an idea we saw on the Internet that gradually sprouted into craze over the teardrop shaped papers.
Kids loved this activity and quite enjoyed rolling the paper with their fingers. And the shaping was not so hard after a few failed attempts.
Quite by coincidence, as I was getting this post ready, I found these quilling basic techniques on pinterest and simply had to share. Now, I want to try them all :)P
Sorry about the bad quality of pics. My android hates working at night.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crochet earrings

Well, hello everyone.
I hope you had fabulous time for the holidays and that you still have the strength, the will and the desire to see this year through (it'll be over in just four days). I feel exhausted and sleep deprived and would love to be able to allow myself the luxury of two more hours of sleep in the morning.
Anyways, we've been pretty busy in our household, each and every one of us working on separate projects (me jumping in for help). The latest grown up craftiness I indulged yesterday was to make these crochet earrings. They accompany the royal headbands as a "thank you" gift. I plan to make ones in ecru just to see what they would be like .
I 'll be visiting you soon and see your Christmas related projects you share.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last minute gifts - {A fringe necklace}

This is something I actually made for myself. The minute I saw this on the Internet I knew I would be making it sooner or later. For this project you need jersey, a metal chain and good scissors. Cut (long / short) strips of jersey and attach them on the chain. I should have worked more on the alignment, but hey - it's for me. I wouldn't mind :P
For this one I used a piece of jersey (teal / turquoise) I bought 2 years ago for a blouse but it was obviously destined for something else.Now I am wondering what to do with the rest. The black jersey strips are remnants from Jacob's Batman costume - I know, I know... I keep (s)crap(s), yes Sir!

Hoping that you are 'big' into the holiday heat I bid you farewell - for today!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last minute gifts - {Wrist warmers}

Hello and welcome to the LMG series.
For today I prepared a repurposed piece which could be a great gift for someone that appreciates refashioned / recycled handmade gifts (or you can just make them for yourselves).
This one is ridiculously easy and takes no more than 10 minutes (if you have everything ready).

So here goes:
(Woolen wrist warmers)

What you need:

* a woolen rectangle piece (I used the collar of a woolen sweater);
* silk ribbons, (crochet) flowers, decorative buttons... {run your imagination free}

"Decapitate" an old sweater. Ours being a woolen one has shrank and this was reason enough to cut the collar off.

Cut the piece into two halves, sew the sides of the newly acquired pieces and your woolly warmers are ready to go.

Next, decorate them according to your ideas, inspiration and supplies.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Notification - LT on FB

Hello everyone,

After quite a long hesitation, I decided to open up a page on facebook.
I hope you join in and "like" me :)

The ring from the intro picture can be made if you follow this pattern

If you missed the posts from my Last Minute gift series, here they are:
{Last Minute Gifts- Flower Rosette Necklace}
{Last Minute Gifts-Crochet Earrings and ring}
{Last Minute Gifts-A fabric cuff/bracelet}

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last minute gifts - {A flower rosette necklace}

This necklace was inspired by my love for vintage things and lovely roses so I combined both to make this sweet necklace.

What you need:
(and a metal chain)

Make the fabric rosette by sewing a strip of fabric, roll and twist it around to get it into shape. There are lots of fabric flower tutorials on the Internet so if you are new to this, it won't be a problem. For the rose I used gauze. I loosely sewed a tube out of it and then pulled one of the threads to gather it. I shaped it into a rose.

Then I gathered the piece of lace and sewed the flowers on top of it. I attached the chain to the lace piece and this lovely necklace was born.

Isn't it gorgeous? And it doesn't take more than 15 minutes to make it! Enjoy!

I just can bear the cuteness!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last minute gifts - Crochet earrings and ring

Today I have prepared the instructions for crochet earrings and a rose ring. I believe many of you will like this because the final result is quite appealing.

For today's earrings and ring I used ecru crochet thread simply because I like the feeling crochet jewelry in ecru conveys and it makes jewelry immensely rich and breathtaking. It also adds a vintage feel and is so romantic. The perfect ingredients for a gift.

{Crochet earrings and ring}

Supplies you need:

* Crochet thread of your choice
* For this project I used a 1.9 mm hook
* Metal parts for the earrings and ring base

Skill: Beginner
Time: Less than an hour for all three (including attachment)

1) ch 34
2) ch 3, "3 tr in 2nd st from hook, ch1, 3tr in every second st"; continue from " to" until the final stitch. Then, 2 dc, 1 sc and sl st to end it.

* Leave a long tail because you are going to use it to tie the earrings with the metal part and to stitch the rose itself and to the base of the ring.

The technical drawing:

As you work the pattern the crocheted piece will start to curl up. When you come to the end, leave a long tail which you'll use to tie the piece and attach the metal parts. Weave the ends.

As for the rose, when you get to the end, roll the piece around to bring it into the shape of a rose (flower). With the long tail, stitch trough the rose to fasten it and then sew it onto the disk of the ring. And your gift is ready to go :)

I really hope you like this and that you will make it for someone special in your life.

If you don't want to bother, you can find them here and here.

There is an interesting project coming tomorrow. Do come back!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last minute gifts - A cuff / Fabric bracelet

Welcome to my short series of Last Minute Gifts!
Many times have I found myself thorn between duties and obligations and little time to make gifts for holidays and celebrations. So I have focused on making gifts that can be whipped up in very short time. These are ideas for gifts that can be given for a number of occasions and I will be focusing mostly on accessories and jewelry. I've included sewing, crocheting, embroidering and mixed craft projects. I plan to have two weeks of sharing ideas and tutes, so without further ado, this first one is a sewn Cuff or a Fabric bracelet.

Friends of my blog know that I am deeply captivated by cuffs regardless of the material they are made or the method for that matter.
This is a project I am sure you all know, but let us refresh it a bit.It does make a lovely gift especially if the person intended likes cuffs / fabric bracelets.

{Fabric cuff / bracelet}

* two rectangle pieces of fabric
* decorative buttons (bows, flowers, charms, beads, sequins, etc.)
* lace (or lace or fabric scraps)
* elastic band

Step 1: Measure the length of your wrist adding the allowance and the width you'd like the cuff to be and cut two pieces of (mis) matching fabric. I chose a soft flowery cotton and combined it with taffeta. I chose the taffeta to be the face of the cuff.

Step2: Add whatever you like. As you see I used a small piece of the inner fabric over which I top stitched two lace ribbons.For the closure I didn't have an elastic band in a matching color, so I cut out a thin strip of tafetta and stitched for closure.

Step 3: Decorate. I used two vintage buttons from my collection. You may use whatever you like, like flowers, sequins, beads...

Step 4: Turn the fabric pieces with the facing inside, pin and sew leaving one end through which you are going to pull it outwards. Stitch the unfinished side.

Step 5: Add the closure button and you are done!

I hope you enjoyed! Do come tomorrow for another simple and easy project!
P.S. Thank you Nat and Ira for the fabric and the lace ribbon :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Japanese crochet: Flower brooches

Doesn't looking at them make you feel joyful and happy? The heavy, layered structure of the flower brooches gives richness to anything they are pinned to. The colors are soft and tender, yet the flowers appear powerful. These are my latest brooches inspired by Japanese crochet flowers. Can't describe how much I enjoyed making them.

Another thing. Starting from tomorrow I am having a short series of posts with handmade gift tutorials named "Last Minute Gifts" that will go on until Christmas. So if you are interested come back tomorrow for a sweet and easy gift making idea.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crochet treasuring bag

I have been hiding this jewel for long. I have kept it selfishly just for my eyes only. It hangs in my studio and treasures the little crochet flowers, leaves and buttons I make.
It came into my house as a surprise present for my birthday - and a very emotional one it was. The minute I opened the package and upon seeing what was inside I exclaimed: "My grandma's clothespin bag!"
But,no. It wasn't from my grandma, because she is long gone. It was from my dear blog friend KJ.

One day she had a post about installing a clothesline and sewing a clothespin bag for it.
When I saw it I immediately thought of my late grandma because she used to have such bags in wonderful flowery fabrics. I made a comment about it and KJ remembered it. And she sent it to me to treasure it forever. I was touched by her thoughtfulness!
Whenever I look at it, warm childhood memories come rushing down...summer afternoons in the back yard and I, the proud carrier of the clothespin bag, helping my grandma hang the washed sheets and clothes...

This is the bag that started it all. Isn't this the most adorable bag you've seen?
KJ you are an angel! Thank you to heavens and beyond for bringing to live old memories! I will never forget this gesture and I am eternally obliged!
And as you can see I couldn't bring myself to use it as a clothespin bag. I feared it might get ruined soon by them so I found it a far more exciting and tender use. To caress my crochets.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Queen of my castle

Since the moment Ira told me she has sent me a parcel, I was burning with anticipation to find out what it was. Because, let me tell you, Ira has a magic powder in her hands and she makes wondrous things. She manages to pour large portions of love and attention into her creations and every single detail is well thought over - I've found myself gaping into them and discovering more with every single look.
When the parcel arrived, the kids almost got into a fight who is going to open it. The most precious moment was the one of surprise whispers and wowing at the beauty in front of us.

Laying inside was this meticulously made paper shoe. The detail that took a hold of my heart was the little lace crown above the cameo. Ingenious! I couldn't stop marvel at it. It looks as if a damsel has just slipped it off. I am having it hung on the wall above my work space so that I can enjoy in it fully.
The shoe hid amazing ribbons inside (another surprise) and there was the lace. In its whole glory! I gasped at the beauty of it! {And immediately imagined it as the collar of a black velvet dress}

If you want to see Ira's work for yourself, visiting her amazing blog is highly recommended. Prepare to be smitten away ;)
Ira, you have made me incredibly happy and I am sincerely grateful to know you. Your friendship and support mean a ton to me! Thank you so much!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Warm orange wrap

Well, December came in a blink. The next thing I know would probably be Christmas. In a blink again. Does time fly for you too?

I am happy to report that in spite of bazillion things I try to squeeze in my schedule and actually make, I am more than half way through with my gifts which on their part bring a peace of mind.

A couple of these wraps in warm earth tones are being gifted and this one is for the shop.
The pattern is so easy one can do it with eyes closed and its gets finished in an evening. This also adds up points on the perfect handmade gift list.
I have also been working on the PDF pattern for these cuffs which also is a great gift if the person intended loves such, of course. Hope to finish it soon (the technical drawing is killing me).