Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last minute gifts - A cuff / Fabric bracelet

Welcome to my short series of Last Minute Gifts!
Many times have I found myself thorn between duties and obligations and little time to make gifts for holidays and celebrations. So I have focused on making gifts that can be whipped up in very short time. These are ideas for gifts that can be given for a number of occasions and I will be focusing mostly on accessories and jewelry. I've included sewing, crocheting, embroidering and mixed craft projects. I plan to have two weeks of sharing ideas and tutes, so without further ado, this first one is a sewn Cuff or a Fabric bracelet.

Friends of my blog know that I am deeply captivated by cuffs regardless of the material they are made or the method for that matter.
This is a project I am sure you all know, but let us refresh it a bit.It does make a lovely gift especially if the person intended likes cuffs / fabric bracelets.

{Fabric cuff / bracelet}

* two rectangle pieces of fabric
* decorative buttons (bows, flowers, charms, beads, sequins, etc.)
* lace (or lace or fabric scraps)
* elastic band

Step 1: Measure the length of your wrist adding the allowance and the width you'd like the cuff to be and cut two pieces of (mis) matching fabric. I chose a soft flowery cotton and combined it with taffeta. I chose the taffeta to be the face of the cuff.

Step2: Add whatever you like. As you see I used a small piece of the inner fabric over which I top stitched two lace ribbons.For the closure I didn't have an elastic band in a matching color, so I cut out a thin strip of tafetta and stitched for closure.

Step 3: Decorate. I used two vintage buttons from my collection. You may use whatever you like, like flowers, sequins, beads...

Step 4: Turn the fabric pieces with the facing inside, pin and sew leaving one end through which you are going to pull it outwards. Stitch the unfinished side.

Step 5: Add the closure button and you are done!

I hope you enjoyed! Do come tomorrow for another simple and easy project!
P.S. Thank you Nat and Ira for the fabric and the lace ribbon :)


harmony and rosie said...

Absolutely gorgeous Maya, and you're wearing the perfect outfit to complement!
Kate x

Unknown said...

very pretty cuff. so easy to custom-make for anyone too!

Tammy said...

This is really pretty! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Unknown said...

Such a pretty cuff! Matches your jacket perfectly!! Hugs, Ira

ByNightCreations said...

This is gorgeous! and so you ;-)
I am sorry I lack of time and almost missed this... and your crochet tutorial and those beuatiful flower brooches...