Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Queen of my castle

Since the moment Ira told me she has sent me a parcel, I was burning with anticipation to find out what it was. Because, let me tell you, Ira has a magic powder in her hands and she makes wondrous things. She manages to pour large portions of love and attention into her creations and every single detail is well thought over - I've found myself gaping into them and discovering more with every single look.
When the parcel arrived, the kids almost got into a fight who is going to open it. The most precious moment was the one of surprise whispers and wowing at the beauty in front of us.

Laying inside was this meticulously made paper shoe. The detail that took a hold of my heart was the little lace crown above the cameo. Ingenious! I couldn't stop marvel at it. It looks as if a damsel has just slipped it off. I am having it hung on the wall above my work space so that I can enjoy in it fully.
The shoe hid amazing ribbons inside (another surprise) and there was the lace. In its whole glory! I gasped at the beauty of it! {And immediately imagined it as the collar of a black velvet dress}

If you want to see Ira's work for yourself, visiting her amazing blog is highly recommended. Prepare to be smitten away ;)
Ira, you have made me incredibly happy and I am sincerely grateful to know you. Your friendship and support mean a ton to me! Thank you so much!


magdamagda said...

that's so sweet and unique!

Unknown said...

Oh sweetie! You give me far too much credit here and I'm sitting behind my laptop with big blushes on my cheeks... I was just so happy to make this for you and I'm utterly pleased to see you like it ;-) Would love to see your black dress when it's ready!! Sending you big hugs, Ira xox

Papgena Made It said...

I think Cinderela should have a word with her godmother! 'No more glass shoes,godmother, Ira's shoes are the ones for me!'

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

oh i LOVE this project! so gorgeous!!!! thank you so much for sharing!!! hugs and enjoy your day...your newest follower