Monday, November 30, 2020

Shopping Handmade for the Holidays #2

This is NOT a sponsored post.
Happy Monday!
First of all, thank you for all your sweet and warm feedback on the first post of this series! It's lovely to know you guys appreciate and support indie artists and designers! 
Alisa Burke is one of my favourite artists and I am deeply in love with her art, whatever the shape and form (pottery, jewelry, accessories).  Everything she creates is amazing and I am truly addicted to her online classes.

Annie-France from Wovvven creates vivacious and effervescent handwoven wall hangings with a bohemian touch.

Danielle Pedersen is an artist that creates the cutest wee ceramic beasts and other animal pendants.

While on the subject of pottery and ceramics, I simply cannot miss Iva Brkic. She has the most fairy tale pottery that is out of this world. 

Alyssa, the person behind Solipdiy, creates flowers that last forever that get to life by combination of multiple fiber art techniques like weaving, macrame, needle-felt and crochet.

Friday, November 27, 2020

The "Waves" Scarf

Hello dear friends! Another week has gone by swiftly and I cannot wrap my head around at the speed time takes to slip through my fingers. 
This is the newest scarf I have made and I thoroughly enjoyed working on it  - in fact I squealed in delight with each added color, because I just loved the way those waves were evolving. I used a total of 7 colors and for best effect I recommend using at least 6. I also added about 20 color-coding boards in the pattern as inspiration. You can see my board here, and the pattern is here.  
There is a 10% discount on all of my patterns up to the 20th of December (the code is Christmas) or just click here to get it and 15% on all my physical items in the shop using code TLT2020 (or just click here).
I also ship via DHL express and you can get your purchases in 3 days. Message me for quotes.  
Do drop by next week, as I have some new things to show you. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Floral Headbands


I created a new headband pattern for my kids shop and it is as flowery it can get :)

The beauty of it that it can be worked for both baby to adult sizes. It was quite refreshing working on these two after all those massive projects I've undertaken in the past two months that have to see the light of day yet.

I hope you are having a wonderful start of the week!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Anemone Necklace

So, I designed a piece having a particular palette in my head, set to work and when I ended up with a bunch of anemones (there are 3 more colors besides the ones shown here),  I simply didn't like what I ended up with. I put the other flowers in the box and chose these 3 to make a necklace. 

However, I tripled the numbers of the anemones in a fall palette and they worked their magic with the design I planned in the first place. More of it soon.

How are the days rolling out for you?

Monday, November 16, 2020

Shopping Handmade for the Holidays


This is NOT a sponsored post!

Buying handmade from indie designers, means quite a lot because you are supporting not just their work, but also their dreams. 

This year I have a couple of posts planned to feature some of my blog/instagram friends whose work I admire, and I hope you find something that catches your eye.

Elena from the Foxy Chest creates clothes, knitted mitts and mittens, leather bags, notebooks and natural treasures. She usually posts her products on Sundays and everything is sold out in a matter of minutes. However, she also has some amazing digital embroidery tutorials, you might want to try your hand at. 

Hand-dyed yarn

Marjan from Atelier Marie Lucienne creates magic in her witch's kitchen when it comes to yarn. Her shop is also filled with some phenomenal goodies like crocheted baubles, stitch markers and patterns. 

                                             Up-cycled floral scarf

Julie from A Sum of Their Stories hates waste and strives to give old things a new life and new purpose whenever practical. Most of the items in her shop have had a previous life as something else.

                                 Copper Elephant Earrings

Michelle from My Bijou Life, who has wonderfully summed up her creative musings as Life is Art, creates lovely jewelry with a bohemian flair.


Anna from Lovaniidesign masterfully carves and paints hooks and uses them to transform yarn into mesmerizing shawls and wraps.   

T'onna from Sew Crafty Crochet as the name suggests, loves to sew and crochet, but other crafts are not unknown to her. Check her shop for some amazing, whimsical scarves. 
Lila from Accessories Lilit offers an exceptional world of art. In her shop you'll find adorable and unique accessories and jewelry for any occasion.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Charlotte Scarf


Happy Saturday! Meet Charlotte!

This is another idea of a scarf I had on my list for quite a while, and I finally managed to bring it to life. I am happy I crossed this off. 

I envisioned it as a short neck-scarf breathing with a gentle Parisian chic and emphasized femininity. The design is such that it has a strip (concealed with the flower) where the other end is slipped through so as to tighten in around the neck. 

It works up fast and makes for a wonderful handmade gift. 

The pattern is in my etsy shop.



Monday, November 9, 2020

Lena Hoschek - my favourite fashion designer

This is NOT a sponsored post.
The first time I got introduced to the work of Lena Hoschek, an Austrian fashion designer, it was a love at first sight. She got me with her dreamy, vintage inspired feminine designs, and enchanting fabrics and ribbons. 
The child that sewed clothes for her dolls instead of playing with them, Lena Hoschek is the born dressmaker! She learnt the basics of sewing, knitting and crocheting from her grandmother Aloisia, who was from the Mölltal valley in Carinthia in the eastern Alps. Her parents taught her the value and quality of true craftsmanship. Today, she is sharing these values through her fashion and is a true representative of the nostalgic return to traditional craftsmanship. 


Each collection begins with a visit to the international fabric fairs, where Lena personally seeks out the most stunning fabrics, the most distinctive buttons and the most unusual braids and ribbons.

"I decide the theme of each collection based on gut feeling, inspiration and my personal Zeitgeist. I can find inspiration anytime and anywhere - on my travels, outside among nature, while reading ancient literature or strolling around flea markets. Throughout the creative process, I collect my ideas on mood boards that gradually grow larger and larger. These mood boards are particularly important for me, as they help me to filter my inspiration and organise my ideas." - Lena Hoschek

More about her designs and slow fashion here.

Friday, November 6, 2020

The Penelope Scarf - pattern release

I am immensely happy and overwhelmed the stir my Penelope scarf has made, so I wrote down the pattern for it. The pattern is very easy to follow and creates an interesting texture. Needless to say that the puff fringes make an extra effect and are the cherry on the top of the cake.  It is definitely becoming my favourite scarf pattern.
The pattern is in my etsy and ravelry shops