Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Native American Inspired Crochet - free patterns

I have been always attracted to foreign, far-away people and their cultures and traditions, and back in middle school, I became obsessed with the Native American civilization.  I was entranced and bedazzled by the vividness and color explosion of their patterns both in jewelry and textile making. I have retained that love until today, and have promised myself to make myself a Native American inspired blanket one day (whenever that might be in the near or far future).
For this post I have hand-picked several free patterns for pillows and blankets although I have found some mind-boggling patterns on etsy as well, but I will leave those for another time. 


Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I like those pretty pillows and all of the detail on them!

Kim said...

I too have always loved the textiles of Native Americans. The Navajo Indian Diamonds reminds me of tepees.