Free Crochet Patterns




Home crochet

Flower Necklace

How to read crochet charts

Slipper patterns

How to read crochet charts

Asymetrical Cardigans

Crochet necklace and bracelet

Mandala Pattern

Beach crochet

Bikini Pattern

Crochet Wall Hanger

Crochet flower headband

Crochet skirt charts

Cathedral Granny Square

crochet stitch pattern

crochet flower pattern

crochet greanny square

Valentine crochet

Crochet wall ornament

Crochet granny squares

Christmas crochet

Christmas Crochet

free crochet charts

crocheted squares

Crochet earrings

Crochet mini doilies

St.Patrick Shamrock

Crocheted Headband

Christmas Crochet

Crocheted Banlges Tutorial

Crochet Necklace Tutorial


buzzwaffle said...

Thank You for all the free patterns and inspiration!

Maya Kuzman said...

@ buzzwaffle: You are most welcome!

Anathea Rose said...

How have i never found this amazing blog?! Thank you so much for all of your free patterns! Im excited to explore the site more and can only imagine what more you have to offer! Keep up the great work :)