Monday, April 20, 2020

Crochet a Round Pillow - free pattern


I wanted to make some round pillows as a refreshment for Eva's new room look, so I thought a bit of sturdy and heavy looking pillows might help, so I used t-shirt yarn. I used 2 sizes of this yarn - the yellow is much sturdier and heavier than the bluish one. But since they came without a label, I cannot exactly tell you what size they are.

The pattern is very easy and here it how it goes:

Foundation and round 1: Ch8 and join to make a ring.  Ch 3 (serves as 1st dc and you start every round with it),  and dc11 in ring (12).
Round 2: Ch 3 and dc1 in the same st. Dc2 in every stitch in the round (24). 
Round 3: Ch 3 in 1st st., dc2 in the next. Repeat this pattern around: dc1 in one st., dc2 in the next (35).
Round 4: Ch3, dc1 in second st, dc2 in third one. Repeat this pattern around: dc1 in next two sts, dc2 in the third (48).
Round 5: Ch3, dc1 in second st, dc in third one, dc2 in forth. Repeat this pattern around: dc1 in next three sts, dc2 in the next one (60). 
As you may have noticed, we have increased the number of single double crochets for 1 each round, so if you plan to make it bigger, then remember this increasing pattern.  

Make 2 pieces. For the side I crocheted a strip. For the side strip, chain 7 and then starting from the 4th st, dc1 in all (5).
Ch 3, turn work and dc1 in all sts. Work this pattern until the strip can go all around the crocheted circle. Now, you can use filling to fill this pillow, but I used an ordinary round pillow which I stuffed inside and when washing I would like to wash separately, so instead of closing / sewing the ends of the strip, I made a button closure - for that in the last row I ch3, dc1, chained 4 (depends on the size of the button), sk1 and dc1 in the two remaining stitches. I made the button from the same yarn. Sew the strip on both sides of the circles, and sew both ends together when done. 

I didn't sew all the way to the end - I left just enough space to put my hand inside to pull out said pillow.  


This is a great pattern to make a rug and a bag even!
Have fun!


Lalka Crochetka said...

your pillows look very nice :) the pattern looks easy to follow and can be use for many things :)

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you! Two summers ago I made a round bag usimg this same pattern :)

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

You are so talented. The pillows came out great and I love the colors.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Julie!

Reidland Family said...

Those look like pillows my grandmother used to make. Fond memories!

Our Hopeful Home said...

These are beautiful and remind me of pillows my mother used to make! Thanks for sharing with Vintage Charm Party. xo Kathleen

Anonymous said...

I have never used t-shirt yarn, but I can imagine the possibilities!

Thanks for sharing on Creative Compulsions!