Friday, October 29, 2021

Half-Granny Rose Bookmark - free pattern

Once a voracious reader, now I stumped to find myself with one read book in a month or two. And since covid hit I've bought myself a small library. Now I plan to dedicate myself to change that and made a list of books I am to read in the following months. Having the pile on my desk, I thought it would be nice and dandy if I had a bookmark on the outside of the cover and because I want to spend this winter exploring grannies to the limit, I said why not make a granny bookmark, and here it is. It looks more like a cover hat, but let's not be hair-splitters right now :P. The yarn I used is the silky Alize Diva and because it is so soft, the half-granny cannot sit straight and tight. 

Let's go with the pattern!

Please note that: The written  pattern in its entirety and the step-by step photos are for personal use only. All property rights belong to Maya Kuzman of The Little Treasures. You can sell finished items from this pattern.


*sport yarn of your choice (I recommend Phil Cotton 3/ Tango) and a 3.00 mm hook (UK11) (US 10/3) for the bookmark
*sport yarn and a 1.9mm hook (UK 3) (US 5) for the rose and leaves 
* sewing needle for sewing the rose on, and tapestry needle for weaving ends.

Stitches: chain (ch), chain space (ch-sp), skip (sk), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc), 3dc-cluster. American terminology used.

Half-granny pattern:

Foundation and half-round 1: ch6 and join to make a ring. In ring, ch3 (counts as the 1st dc), dc1, ch3, dc1, ch3, and dc2. Ch3 and turn work.

Half-round 2: Make a 3dc-cluster in 1st st., ch2 and dc1 in 2nd st (the second dc post below), ch2 and make a 3dc-cluster in the 1st ch-sp, ch2 and dc1 in the center dc post of the round below, ch2 and make a 3dc-cluster in the next ch-sp., ch2, dc1 in second to last st. (the dc st below) and make a 3dc-cluster and dc1 in the last st. Ch3 and turn work.
Half-round 3: dc1 in 1st st., ch2 and dc1 in cluster below, ch2 and dc1 in dc post below, ch2 and dc1 in cluster st. below, ch2 and dc1 in central (dc post below) st., ch2 and dc again in same st., ch2 and dc1 again (the third st. in the same place) in same st., next ch2 and dc1 in cluster st. below, ch2 and dc1 in dc post below, ch2 and dc1 in cluster st. below, ch2 and dc2 in last st.
Half-round 4: ch1 and sc1 in 1st st. From here sc1 in all st. = sc1 in dc posts, sc1 in ch-spaces. Sl st in last st to end round. Work the tails.

Make another one. With the second piece leave a long ending tail that you’ll use to sew both pieces together. 


 Join the two pieces with the faces out. Thread the ending tail and start sewing. Insert needle through the 1st st of both pieces. Pull to tighten nicely. Next, insert the needle into the 2nd st the other side and bring yarn and needle towards you (consult the 1st picture above if what I am explaining is ambiguous). Continue sewing in this manner to the end. When you are done, make a knot and weave the tail.

Such made half-granny has quite an ample space as I imagined it putting it on the cover along with (read) pages, hence I wanted something dandy so I added a rose. If you want to use the bookmark inside the book, below I have a simple flower pattern that you can also stich on and that will not create a big bump, so as to retain the flatness of the bookmark.

Tiny rose pattern: use a smaller hook (1.9mm)   

Foundation and row 1: Ch15 and hdc5 in the 3rd st from hook. Sk2 and sl st. in next st. Ch2 and hdc5 in that same st. Sk2, sl st in next st., ch3 and dc5 in same st. Sk2 sl st in next st., ch3 and dc5 in same st. Next, sk1, sl st in next st. dc4 in same st., ch3 and sl st in last st. Leave a long ending tail that you’ll use to sew the rose together. 

Tie both starting and ending tails together, thread the ending tail. Roll the rose so that the smaller (hdc) petals are in the center. Roll the petals around to put the rose into a shape. Once done, sew through all the layers of the rose. When done, tie a knot and weave the tail.

Leaves pattern:

Foundation and row 1: ch6 and sl st in 2nd st from hook, next hdc1 in next st., dc1 in next, hdc1 in next and sl st in last st. Ch1 and work the other side of the leaf: sl st1, hdc1, dc1, hdc1, sl st in last st. Do not cut yarn – we are making the twin leaf. Ch7 (we add 1 chain more which will be left unworked and it’ll help the leaves get a nice fold). Work the same pattern as for the first leaf.

When done, leave a long tail. Thread that tail, turn the second leaf with the back up and slide the needle through the stitches (mind that it doesn’t show on the face side) and bring it to the stitch we left unworked. Fasten this second leaf on top of the first one. If your tail is long enough you can use it to sew the leaves on the bottom of the rose. Finish it off. Weave the tail once done sewing it onto the rose. And your bookmark is done!

Now for the flat mini flower click here
I hope you enjoy working on this lovely if you decide to.
The book in the pictures is "Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon" by the Brazilian writer Jorge Amado. It was a pure delight!