Monday, October 25, 2021

The Artist I Secretly Admire - Kelly Rae Roberts


I don't actually remember how I stumbled upon Kelly Rae for the first time, but I remember I was enthralled by her art expression at first glance. Her painted angels in wonderful, mesmerizing colors, accompanied by soul-feeding quotes are the ones that always leave a strong imprint on me.

A formal social worker turned artist, Kelly Rae is passionate about creating art as a healing practice, as a form of deep level nourishment and self-care. And also as a way into radical joy and freedom. She uses her unique voice to spread a message through art for which she says is healing, unburdens joy and awakens.


Creativity -both on and off the canvas –is a healing force that allows us to embrace, tell, and own our stories in transformative, ultimately joyful ways. 

Whispers - We must make time to silence the noise, engage our hearts, and tune into our whispers. They hold our life’s possibility. We must listen. -Kelly Rae Roberts


Sophie said...

Very beautiful!!!Bravo!!!Kisses from Greece!!!!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thanks for the visit,Sophie! Kelly is unique!