Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shells and accessories

Well, as it usually happens with great things, our holiday ended and we are left with many beautiful memories and a ton of pictures to remind us of it.  

While on holiday I made a lot of pieces for the shop, several for ourselves and for gifts, so I feel fulfilled. I thoroughly enjoy crocheting while on holiday during those several hours when the sun is scorching hot and I am in a deep shadow with a cup of tea or coffee, surrounded with colorful yarn. Crochet addicts completely understand me :) 

The above shell pattern is adorable and versatile in the sense that it can be used for any type of jewelry you want. I made a headband (not shown), a skinny scarf and a necklace, but it can also be used to make bracelets  / belts and it would be just the right thing to add to a simple t-shirt as a decorative edging.

I made a photo tutorial for this which will soon be available.
Until then, enjoy the end of July.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Counting the days down

Come the end of the week and we'll be heading home. I wish we could stay for another month...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beach sandals


 I always found the name "beach sandals" amusing, although I have to admit that the term is more appropriate than "anklets" since it is obvious that this piece is not wrapped around an ankle which is expected of such an accessory. 

Before I plunge deeper into "whimsical" rambling on this topic, let me just say that these turned great. I used the flowers from this post to make them.

For variety's sake, I also made this and this

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Enjoying the summer vacation

We are enjoying our holiday with full lungs and happy hearts.
Apart from the beach going and swimming madness that overcame us (all resistance excluded willingly), there's been beach combing, castle building, long walking, places visiting... etc. ...I am sure you get the idea... our favourite activity was finding enchanting spots for photoshoots.

Those who follow my blog, know that this collar necklace was made last summer but it took a year round to get it in the pictures :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adenium - free crochet flower tutorial

I have been making these flowers for years because they are easy to make and with a wide range of application. I thought it would be fun to share the tutorial. It is a great summer project. I think they resemble much the Adenium flower - hence the name. Enjoy it! 

This the repetitive pattern. Bear in mind that the pattern is crocheted in the same stitch.

 You can use this to make various pieces of jewelry, put on headbands or make pins, use as applique, etc.

 I used some to adorn Eva's tee.

 And also made her a bracelet.

 If you have any questions, do ask in the comments section.
Thank you.

It is for personal use only.
If you use it, please link to this page.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Easy as D-I-Y: 3D Paper Flower Mobile

For today I have a tutorial to share for a 3D Paper Flower Mobile. I made a couple for the Etsy Craft Party and I loved it so much I had to make some for us.

To make this mobile you need:
- a piece of cardboard
- craft / regular A4 paper
- markers
- thread / fishing line
- glue, scissors, puncher a needle

First, on the cardboard draw and cut 2 clouds and mark and cut the slits as shown.

Insert one into the other .

Punch holes on each side of the clouds and one in the middle.
{Here you may want to make tiny holes and for that you may use the needle)

Fold the paper a couple of times.

Like this.

Draw a flower. I copied it from an already made flower and that's why the drawing is a bit shaky :)

 Cut it out.  You will get a lot of them.

Take one and put a glue in the center.

Glue another one on top of it, but mind to make the petals of the bottom one show between the petals of the flower above. 

Fold the petals of the upper flower inwards and with a marker, color the center. 

Next tie a long thread through the hole. The length depends on you.

 Put glue on the back of the flower, put it on the thread, and glue another flower on top of it.

As you can see, I used different flower colors for the back and the front. 

You actually sandwich the thread with two flowers.

At a certain distance, glue another flower and so on.

At the end of the thread to actually hide it, I used a smaller flower in size than the one used. Do the same for all holes on the clouds.

Thread the needle, make two holes and make a big loop for hanging the mobile. 

Isn't this easy?
I hope you like it!