Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stacked Bracelets Pattern



Hi guys! 
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
We are enjoying the last days of August by the Ohrid lake in a laid-back setting, filling our batteries for all the mayhem September may bring :) 

I finally got my stacked bracelets pattern ready. I used plastic bangles to make these and simply have to admit I love them. Not only can these be used as bracelets - look at how lovely they are used as wreaths! Adorable, aren't they? Then I just couldn't stop right there and I tried to see what they will look like frames and finally a decor. Amazing, right?

Now, just to find some more plastic bangles...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shop notification: Bracelet Discount Pattern Pack

Just a quick note that there is a brand new pattern pack available at a discounted price for 4 of my bracelets.

If you wish to make a pack of your patterns, e-mail me with the ones you desire for a custom listing at mayakuzman(at)hotmail dot com.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Skopje - a city guide from a crafter's perspective

Wonderful Cat from Cut Out + Keep invited me to write about my city from a crafter's perspective and I was thrilled to participate. If you want to read the abridged version go to the site. If you want to read and see the whole thing, just proceed below. 


Skopje is one of the most entertaining and eclectic cities in Europe. It breaths with an interesting mix of ancient history with a modern vibe to it. It is quite unique and will make a strong imprint on any traveler. You don’t want to miss experiencing it!  More here

- Where are the top places for buying craft supplies? I always buy my yarn from Teteks’ shop which is in the center of the city and all other craft supplies from the shops at the Old Bazaar. There you can find small but well stocked shops with all kinds of craft supplies. Especially haberdashery. 

- Is there anywhere crafters can sell their handmade items? Of course. There are many craft shows organized throughout the year at the Skopje Fair. There’s the MKC (Youth Center) which organizes exhibiting and selling craft events, craft bazaars organized by various organizers and the city of Skopje.

Be Inspired
- Where do you go for inspiration? (museums, shops, architecture, etc.) Nature is an everlasting and unfaltering inspiration. I love getting out with my family and enjoy the change of seasons, so the nearest spot is the mountain Vodno and the Church of St. Pantelejmon (dating from 1164 A.D). The Old Bazaar was the hub of trade and merchants as early as the 12th century, and nowadays it represents an iconic heritage site for the city. It is a vivid representation of the country's past and its inheritance from the Ottoman empire. There are many authentic shops for jewelry and handcrafted products and it can be a paradise for collectors of original arts and products, so I often seek inspiration there.  

- What are your top non-craft related attractions? Going to the Millennium Cross by a cable car on the nearby mountain Vodno, sipping a cup of coffee at the bosom of Canyon Matka enjoying the breath-taking nature surrounding it, or strolling through the streets and alleys of the Old Bazaar. My family and I love (re)visiting historic places around Skopje, so I must mention the Aqueduct, the Fortress, The Feudal Tower, the Memorial House of Mother Teresa (Skopje being her birthplace), the city square, the Daut Pasha’s Amam, just to name a few. 

(The Old Bazaar)

(The Memorial House of Mother Teresa)

 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

 (The Archeological Museum)

 (The Museum of National Revolution)

(The Theatre)

- Are there any great places to take photos or things we must get a photo taken with? Any of the aforementioned places would be great for a memorable and one of a kind photo shoot. 

Eat and Drink
- Where are your favorite places for lunch and dinner?

Macedonian food is a feast for even the choosiest of the palates.

For breakfast I recommend you visit Мекиците од Стража (Mekicite od Straza) where you can grab a traditional and delicious fried pastry called mekica with a glass of yoghurt or one of their amazing pitas with spinach and cheese.


Have lunch in the restaurant Pivnica An situated in the captivating atmosphere of the Kapan An (pictures below), while you can spend the evening at the "Lira" restaurant where you can try one of Macedonian traditional dishes and enjoy in the fabulous atmosphere created by their live bands.


- Is there anywhere special for grabbing a sweet treat? Many sweet-shops offer great cakes and cookies. My personal favourite is the sweets and ice cream shop Eskimo – they absolutely have the best ice-cream in the country  and even wider if you ask me, and you may want to tickle your palate with some of the cakes at the Oh la la’s (

- What are your favorite bars to hang out in or grab a drink? My husband and I love going for drinks and great live music at the New Orleans café, or the Brewery (both located in the Old Bazaar).

- Craft: Where are the best places to sit and craft (parks, cafes, bars etc)? The City Park is the perfect place for this and there are also coffee shops at the Old Bazaar where people can sit, chat and craft together. 

- Are there any awesome craft clubs, groups or organizations based in your city? That would be MATA Craft and the Trade Association.

- Finally, what souvenirs should we take home with us? 
There are many souvenir shops strewn around the city center and the city square (not exclusively though) and at the City Malls (Ramstore, GTC and City Mall). Miniature versions of opinci, old type of leather footwear, is an interesting and eye-catching souvenir for tourists as well as pottery and kitchenware, clothing and jewelry depicting characteristic Macedonian motifs and colors.