Sunday, August 10, 2014

Notebook crochet cover


All this began when I found this wrinkled and torn notebook in the recycling box. In my home (at school too) I am very strict when it comes to using paper. Not a single sheet is used in vain. Everyone knows my lecture on paper, especially using notebooks which unfalteringly starts with: "Have you got any idea how many trees are killed every day so that you could have these notebooks?" So, I wasn't letting this one go without a purpose. Since its cover was missing, first I glued a cover I made out of cardboard.

 Then I took out my jar filled with scraps of yarn and crocheted the cover.

I used a light cotton piece to line it.

Finally I added a lovely and big button I got from my blog friend Ira and since I didn't have any elastic in the colors I used for this cover to serve for closure, I crocheted a chain which I use to wrap around the button to keep the notebook tightly closed. 

Although I used sport yarn for the main piece and DK for the trim (the red part), that DK makes it a bit sturdy, heavy and clumsy looking. However, I love it. It is quite unique. My new notebook.

This goes right on my craft table to wait for me to dot down any of the thousands ideas that struck me daily. 

Another great way to use scraps of yarn.


Miss said...

This is me, a note book with this kind of cover..
I like it.
Miss. Xx

homemade@myplace said...

brava Maya!!!!
I love this repurposing idea!!!!
xxxxx Ale

Unknown said...

Now that's what I call nurturing paper Maya! You're right, of course, we shouldn't treat mother nature's gifts lightly. Your notebook cover is perfect!
Ira’s Crea Corner

Unknown said...

I really like this - the idea of recycling the paper as well as using scraps of leftover yarn. The yarn colors you chose are really nice together, too.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I love it! Especially that it is scrappy and wonky and not so perfect. Gives it beautiful character. Lovely! :) Tammy

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Maya, wow I really love this notebook cover you made! You made the notebook look so pretty now and I'm sure will enjoy using! I love everything you create. Have a wonderful day.

OksanaB said...

What a great way to recycle the yarn. Love your notebook! And thank you for linking up with the Handmade Café.