Monday, December 31, 2018

The Best of TLT: 2018 in Review

The last day of this year has come and it is time to show the highlights of the year in review.

This year I am showing closely picked posts that got more than 3k of views, the flower bookmarks being the leader and that post made quite a stir in the crochet community.

Next in line is the Granny top, closely followed by the Unicorn Headbands. Boy, did I enjoy making both!

Then there are the Larksfoot Warmers Pattern and the Rose and Bead Necklace which was also the most popular on instagram.

We had 4 major features this year:

1.  Artful Blogging

2. Craft Business

 3. Folt Bolt

4. The Urban Tag Show on a national TV.

Some small statistics:
In 2018 we had shared 21 DIY tutorials and 25 crochet patterns and tutorials. In retrospect, an incredibly successful year for my blog and small business.

What was hot in the past years:

Friday, December 28, 2018

Faux Fur Mori Collar


The making of this faux fur collar was inspired by the Mori trend. It is an enchanting accessory with which you can add that extra something to a plain winter coat or a dress. It will make you feel like coming out of a winter wonderland fairytale; feminine, seductive and romantic, bewitchingly fascinating with a sprinkle of mystery about yourself.

The collar is dark coral pink in color. It is 102 cm long and 25 cm wide. Its length allows you to experiment with wearing styles - wear it hung down over your coat / jacket, wrapped around your shoulders or wrapped around your neck. It is lined with a gorgeous, vintage resembling linen. It has lace ties.


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Loopy Warmers and a Mori Kercheif

Here's another set of of accessories I made recently. Though they may look like a match, they are not part of a set, because the burgundy yarn I chose for both headscarf and warmers is not only different in shade but also in size.

For the warmers I used a soft, acrylic mix. They are big and comfy with the loops making quite an effect.

For the scarf I returned to my  inspirational (and a little bit forgotten) mori style, using granny squares for the front part of the headpiece. It is also made of an acrylic mix and bulky yarn. It has long crocheted ties, so it can be tied behind the neck, or under the chin.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Friday, December 21, 2018

Loopy Crochet Capelet and Warmers

This winter, along with the bobbles, loops became my favourite thing too. And from what I see in the shops and the magazines, they are all the hit right now.
Using an acrylic mix, I made a capelet and warmers to go with it and added a pom pom ring to top the whole look up.
Winter doesn't have to be colorless, dull and dim if you add a little color to it.



Wednesday, December 19, 2018

DIY: Festive Crochet Bracelets

This is our last tutorial from the Xmas gift making series. The pattern is easy to follow, which makes a fast made bracelet and giving wings to your creativity topped with all sorts of sequins, beads and other shinies you can create a wonderful, festive bracelet.  
Roll your sleeves and start hooking!
Pattern for a custom made bracelet:
I recommend DK yarn and adequate hook with which you ch5 and join with 1st st to make a picot, ch5 and repeat the picot making session until you can wrap / make ends meet of your picotted crochet piece. 
Row 1: Next, dc1 in each picot across.Ch 3 and turn work.
Row 2: Dc2tog. Repeat this across. 
Row 3: Ch 5 and make a picot, sl st in next st. Repeat. 
Cut yarn and leave a long tail which you'll use to sew the ends together. 
Use your bling to make your bracelet shiny. 

I hope you enjoyed the series and made some lovely gifts!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas


Gift wrapping season is approaching fast. I just love browsing the internet for new, fresh ideas and I am never disappointed. As a matter of fact, there are so many inspiring, yet inexpensive ideas, one is pleasantly perplexed which one to use.
My selection this year looks like this.


Monday, December 17, 2018

Bohemian Knits


I am transfixed by these astonishing designs that have an immense visual grasp and seduced by their colors, the patterns that create these mind-blowing textures... textures that break away from the traditionalist's knit and crochet shell, truly gasping and bewitching.
Kudos to the designers! All respective credits on my Crochet board here. 

Friday, December 14, 2018

XMAS Pattern Sales

Hello and Happy Friday!
We are having a sale at the pattern shop on etsy and everything is 20% off. Use the coupon code XMAS2018 or click here and it will be directly applied. We have more than 150 patterns so feel free to browse through!

We have new plans for the pattern shop and many of our existing patterns will retire. Hope to make the new year more exciting!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

DIY: Flower Edged Crochet Scarf

Welcome to our third edition of Xmas gifts making!
We are going to make a simple, flower edged scarf.
I made this yarn using Nako's gorgeous yarn. The pattern for this one is simple. I used 3mm hook for this yarn.

Scarf pattern:
Ch 36 and starting from 3rd st from hook, dc, across (34).
Row 1 to end (maker's length desire): ch3, turn work, dc across (34).

Flower pattern:

Round 1: Ch 6 and join to make ring. Sc6 in ring.
Round 2: Ch6 (counts as 1dc+ 3 ch), dc1 in next st. Ch3 and dc1 in next st. Repeat this pattern 4 more times.Sl st to end round. There should be 6 dc posts around.

Round 3: In the chain space, hdc 3, then hdc1 in the dc post. Repeat this pattern around. You should end with a hdc over the last dc post.

Round 4: ch3 and in the next st make a 5-dc puff st, then sc in the next st. Repeat this pattern across. Sl st to end it. There should be 12 petals.

The width of my scarf is 16 cm / 6.3" and I needed just three flowers on each side / edge. Pin them and sew them onto the scarf.
You can also "sprinkle" some flowers all over it to make it more flowery and interesting.

If you are first time here, we've already made earrings and a necklace.