Friday, December 21, 2018

Loopy Crochet Capelet and Warmers

This winter, along with the bobbles, loops became my favourite thing too. And from what I see in the shops and the magazines, they are all the hit right now.
Using an acrylic mix, I made a capelet and warmers to go with it and added a pom pom ring to top the whole look up.
Winter doesn't have to be colorless, dull and dim if you add a little color to it.




Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I love how pretty and colorful the items are that you made! Coral is the new color for 2019 and your daughter looks great in everything. I love that pom pom pink ring she is wearing.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas Maya.
Julie xo

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Julie! I too, love how pretty this set turned out and what fun it was to work on a whim with such a pleasing result.
Marry & joyful Christmas to you and yours.

Alhana said...

These pictures are gorgeous, Maya! I love the whole air you created, the calmness that they convey and the mix of grey clothes with soft pink wool accessories. It is my first time seeing loopy crochet items and I am pleasantly surprised by how charming they look. :-)

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Alhana! I had this place in the woods envisioned for this particular photoshoot and I am thoroughly satisfied how everything turned out :)
As for the loopy crochet, I am so addicted I don't think I will let it go for a while :)

Sum of their Stories said...

That's lovely, I've seen quite a few people wearing little caplets with party outfits over the holidays. They are so useful and pretty.