Saturday, November 24, 2012

Due home

Yesterday our cruise ended and we got back to Rome again!
 I must say this was an incredible experience and we were a bit sad it ended. 

That's me striking a victorious pose returning from an unforgettable tour around Valletta (Malta). Both me and my husband fell in love with it .

And this is the beautiful Splendida that was our home for a week and which pampered us to extremes!
Tomorrow we return home and next week I'd love to share some interesting photos here.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rome - the city that captured my heart

I fell in love with Rome when I first watched the Roman Holiday as a child. It had my heart then and there;but finally, my long time wish to see it in person, has come true. 
And today I concluded that a person needs to grow another pair of eyes so as not to miss anything. 

The highlights today: on our way to the Colosseum we stopped to see the Trojan's bath

Soaking up the city on foot meant we were late for the Colosseum because when we got there, there  was a mile long line which we decided not to join because with our children that would mean that we have completely lost our minds.Decided to go earlier when we return from the cruise. We took some pictures though. . .

The Monument of the Unknown Soldier at Piazza Venezia 

 At the Fontana Di Trevi
 Tossed a coin as the tradition has it... I could just sit there and look at this grandiose work of art...

The Spanish steps 

Quite a tour for one day I'd say. Tomorrow, we board in the afternoon, but before that we will head to see the Vatican. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rome from above

Aerial view of the outskirts of Rome! 
More tomorrow. Although excited I'm sleep deprived.over and out.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Readying for the winter

Amidst the heavily burdened schedule of journey preparation,  some things are not to be neglected such as making winter supplies. We did the most delicious and favourite salads in an evening - "we" meaning  husband lent a hand. Unfortunately, this year we did not make any jam simply because we have left a couple of jars from last year. The children tend to change likes to particular foods so we try to suffice the current demand. Any good tips to share? Check out my boards here andhere.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Last Minute Gifts Series - Crocheted Necklace PDF Tutorial

I've just finished my newest tutorial for a crocheted necklace. 

It was inspired by the Last Minute Gifts series I had here on my blog a year ago, although it seems as if it was yesterday. The series of PDF photo tutorials will include a variety of crochet, sewing and embroidery projects for making jewelry and accessories.

The whole process takes a lot of time, there is picture taking,  finding out a step is missing, re-writing, editing and much more...
But I am satisfied how it turned out and here are some more pictures for you to see it.

The pattern is available here

Friday, November 2, 2012

Crocheted ornament

This ridiculously easy to make ornament is the new addition to our crocheted Christmas decorations. While making a nice finish by adding felt at the back I had an epiphany! It was a perfect brooch. And now {as you might have guessed} I am hooked! I can't wait to make some more!!