Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Crochet Obi Belt - free pattern


While working on the ideas and designs for the Little Women collection, I wanted to add a kind of a wide belt that would not be too complicated to make and then I remembered an Obi belt I had sewn years ago and thought I might use that one as a pattern. Which I did and here's the result!

For this belt I used Nako's Vals variegated yarn and a 3.00 mm hook. It takes about 50-60 gr of yarn for this belt. 
Used terms for belt (American terminology): chain (ch), half double crochet (hdc), half double crochet 2 together (hdc2tog).  
Used terms for ties (American terminology): chain (ch), single crochet (sc), single crochet 2 together (sc2tog), half double crochet (hdc). 

Here's the pattern for the body of the belt:

Foundation and row 1: Ch18 and starting from 2nd st from hook, hdc1 across (17). Ch2, turn work. (Ch2 at the end of each row before turning).
Rows 2-21: repeat row 1 (above pattern in bold) (17).
Row 22:  hdc2 in 2nd st from hook, next hdc1 across up to the last st where you hdc2 (19).
Rows 23-25: hdc1 across (19)
Row 26: repeat row 22 (21)
Rows 27-28: hdc1 across (21)
Row 29: hdc2 in 1st st, hdc2 in 2nd st, next hdc1 across (23).
Row 30: hdc1 across (23)
Row 31: hdc1 across  until the last 2 st, where you have to hdc2 in both last stitches. (25)
Rows 32-33: hdc1 across (25) 
Row 34: rep row 29 (27)
Row 35:  hdc1 across (27)
Row 36:  rep row 29 (29)
Row 37-38:  hdc1 across (29)

Row 39: rep row 29 (31)
Rows 40-43: hdc1 across (31)
Rows 44: hdc1 across, hdc2tog in last 2 stitches (29).
Rows 45-46: hdc1 across (29)
Row 47:  rep row 44 (27)
Row 48: hdc1 across (27)
Row 49: rep row 44 (25)
Row 50: hdc1 across (25)
Row 51: rep row 44 (23)
Row 52: hdc1 across (23)
Row 53: rep row 44 (21)
Row 54: hdc1 across (21)
Row 55:  rep row 44 (19)
Row 56: hdc1 across (19)
Row 57: rep row 44 (17)
Rows 58-77: hdc1 across (17)
Cut yarn, tie a knot and weave tail.

Finished measurements: 60 cm across (length) 8,5 cm width at the sides and 16 cm down center at the widest point. 

Pattern for the ties: 

Foundation: Ch 3 and sl st into 1st st. Ch1 and turn work - do this at the end of each row! (2)
Row 1: sc2 in 1st st, sc1 in next (3)
Row 2: sc1, sc2 in 2nd st, sc1 in last (4)
Row 3: sc1, sc2 in next 2 sts, sc1 in last (6)
Row 4-5: sc1 across (6) 
Row 6: sc2tog, sc1 in next 2 sts, sc2tog (4)
Row 7: sc2tog 2 times (2). Ch 2 and turn work (counts as 1st hdc).
Row 8 - desired length: hdc1 across (3). 

Make the second tie.
When done, leave a really long tail which you'll use to sew the tie onto the belt foundation. The ties in this tutorial are 105 cm long.

Sewing: with belt face up, position the end  of the tie (face up) about 3 cm of tie counting from the edge of the belt. Pin it. In my pictures above I used about 6-7 cm of the tie and didn't like it, so pin first, see how you like it (depending on how long you made it) and then thread s tapestry needle and sew the tie onto the belt. Do so for the other side. 

What do you think? Would you wear something like this?


You will receive a free copy of this pattern as a gift with the purchase of the Sweet Flower Warmers.


Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

The crocheted belt looks so bright and pretty. It look great with the top and skirt. :)

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Julie!