Friday, November 20, 2009

Refashioning a Hidden treasure


I have had this dress since I can remember. Its place was in the last drawer of my mother's wardrobe, discarded with other clothing not considered fashionable any more, yet not thrown away due to beautiful memories of past times. 
This dress was not my mom's - it was one of my aunts'. How it ended at my mother's nobody knows. I know for sure that it was made for a kind of a special occasion and not much worn afterwards.
I remember wearing it a couple of times as a little girl when dressing up with my sister -pretending we were princesses (don't tell me you didn't do that!) and I wore it once to a costume party (being a fairy queen)- pity I don't have the picture at hand.
And suddenly rearranging my stuff of old - oops!sorry! - I meant vintage clothing, this 'beauty' emerged and I instantly saw its potential and knew exactly how to redo it. 
Here it is BEFORE

The design does not deviate much from what was fashionable in the '70s. The material is not flattering at all - it's a synthetic blend and it's sturdy. The only thing I like about this dress is the cowl. I LOVE it! And that sturdiness of the fabric makes the cowl stand out. 
Here it is AFTER

How I refashioned it: First it was too long and too big for me. I shortened it, cut out the sleeves (urg!) and tightened it at the side but I also re-sewed the front darts. The cowl was left intact. 

I thought that it could do fantastically with an obi-belt, so I made one and I think I was right about that. So now, what do you think? 

Personally, I fell in love with it! I am even set on making another one with the same design but of course in different fabric.

The greatest compliment I received was from my daughter. While I was preparing the camera for some pictures, she tagged behind me saying; "Wow, mom - you are soooo beautiful" and she just kept repeating that..... My sweetheart! (Eva's the photographer of all the photos! She was so proud of making a fantastic photo session I didn't have the heart to just put one or two photos!) Thank you for the lovely photos honey!
P.S. Update: After posting this refashioned dress at Burdastyle, it was chosen to be featured. Thanks Burdastyle! 

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