Monday, November 9, 2009

My new blouse

If you remember the post about Eva's leggings then you know that I have a lot of this fabric left, so I made myself a cute blouse. Again I didn't use any pattern because I couldn't make up my mind whether I want a simple sweatshirt or a tunic. So I simply drew on the fabric and this is what it turned out. I didn't make any sleeves, but I made arm warmers if I feel cold in it.

The fabric is sooo soft and cute (although I have never been much in love with stripes -hated them to be more accurate in expression - however this condition curiously starts to change and these changes include a lot of other things I didn't like in the past -hmmm-) I am thorn between the desire to rush to the shop and buy some more and the reason that I don't actually need tons of it.

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