Saturday, November 28, 2009

Burgundy cape

After two weeks of strenuous and stressful load of translation I wanted an easy project that shan't require much deciphering patterns and counting stitches.
For the easy project I had in mind I decided on this ball of coarse wool yarn that I bought simply because I liked the colour and I knew that whatever I make it will look a bit raw. And it does, but little do I care. I feel nice with it on my shoulders.

Thus, I present the Burgundy cape. It was too easy and plain even for my taste so I embellished it with a braided neckline after deciding that making a lacey edge is too much work and that it will not turn out that glamorous with this type of wool.


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Tuppence said...

I think the braid was a good choice. I can see why you love that wool- what a deep, rich color!