Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rose bolero tutorial

I have had this sweater for a couple of years now, but with every wash it shrank bit by bit and it got so small I didn't want to wear it simply because I felt uncomfortable in it. On the other hand I didn't want to throw it away because it was pure wool. So I decided to refashion it by making a bolero with roses for decoration. This is how I did it.
Step 1: You need a sweater or a cardigan desperate for a refashioning. Start by cutting it down the centre.

Step 2: Next take the edge of it and start gathering it (roll it, twist it) to shape it into a flower. You should gather it up to the neckline (at least I did).

Step 3: When you acquire the desired look of the flower, pin it and try it before sewing it on.

Step 4: Sew it in place.

Optional: I thought it will look richer if I add other flowers. You could decorate it with ribbons, sequins, beads, the lot.

Well, now this is a different story. Much better than before.


Tuppence said...

What a fab and easy refashion! I can see why you kept the sweater- love that color!

Pascale said...

This looks great!
I've ruined a couple of sweaters over time and got rid of them - now I realize I probably shouldn't have done that... I'll keep this tutorial in mind for my next laundry mishap... ;)
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Martha Stewart had someone demonstrating how to felt wool. Martha was asked "Have you ever felted wool?"
Martha replied "Not on purpose."

Clara in Paradise said...

That was easy! Thanks for sharing, you look awesome in your new bolero.